現期船 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiànchuán]
現期船 英文
spot ship
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (現在; 此刻) present; now; current; existing 2 (現款) cash; ready money Ⅱ副詞(臨時; ...
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  • : 名詞1. (水上的運輸工具, 船舶的通稱) boat; ship; vessels 2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Somewhere and the fictitious addressee of the missive which made him nourish some suspicions of our friend s bona fides, nevertheless it reminded him in a way of a longcherished plan he meant to one day realise some wednesday or saturday of travelling to london via long sea not to say that he had ever travelled extensively to any great extent but he was at heart a born adventurer though by a trick of fate he had consistently remained a landlubber except you call going to holyhead which was his longest

  2. The polyester fibre of resisting bacterium is one without which people can t live in modern times, but how to restrain the bacterium propagating excessively and keep people in health is a most important goal that fabrics and clothing industry are striving for. fibre of resisting bacterium can kill the bacterium effectively with the ratio of more than 99 % and it can restrain microbes. the polyester fibre of resisting ultraviolet radiation is also widely used. with the decreasing of ozonospheres in the atmosphere, there are more ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight which do harm to our skin, especially for those men working outdoors, it is more important to think about the way to lessen the harm. the polyester of burning - resisting has attracted more attention at home and abroad and burning - resisting textiles has been advanced definitely by law in many countries. our nation has also made strict claims in some special areas, such as fabrics in vehiciles and vessels, decorative fabrics in hotels. the everlasting burning - resisting fibres and textiles are badly needed. infrared ray fibre is also a new functional one that can absorb and reflect infrared ray after being processed physically. it s functions include physical therapy wet - ejecting and bacterium - restraining. this warm - preserving material can absorb the emitting heat from our bodies, at the same time it can also absorb and reflect the needed 4 - 14 urn wavelength ultraviolet radiation and accelerate netaboiism. fibre of resisting infrared ray is important in military areas

    抗菌纖維具有永久的抗菌性,對金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌殺菌率大於99 ,能有效抑制細菌繁殖,起到抗菌防臭作用;抗紫外線聚酯纖維的用途也是異常廣泛的,隨著大氣層中臭氧層的日漸稀薄,日光中的紫外線日益增加,對人體皮膚形成極大危害,尤其對于長從事野外工作的人,因此設法減少紫外線對人體的傷害顯得尤為重要;阻燃聚酯纖維則是一種倍受國內外人士密切關注的纖維,紡織品阻燃在許多國家已有明確法令規定,我國也逐漸在某些特殊使用范圍做嚴格要求,如車內用紡織品,高級賓館的內裝飾織物等,而且具持久性阻燃性的纖維和織物是在更為需要的,真可謂用途非常廣泛;遠紅外纖維也是一種經過物理改性后具有吸收並反射遠紅外線的新型功能性纖維,是一種具有優良理療功能、熱效應功能和排濕透氣抑菌功能的新型紡織材料及保溫材料,能吸收人體自身向外散發的熱量,吸收並反射回人體最需要的4 14 m波長的遠紅外線,促進人體的新陳代謝;抗紅外線纖維,則在軍事上有著重要的作用。
  3. The house was ready, and the sloop which had arrived a week before lay at anchor in a small creek with her crew of six men, who had observed all the requisite formalities and were ready again to put to sea

  4. Nasa scrambles to see if materials dangling from discovery ' s belly may endanger the spaceshuttle during re - entry

  5. For the receiving and delivering operation and inventory management in no. 8 and no. 9 stockyards directly affect products " circulating capacity in no. 3 operating district and the loading / unloading efficiency of ships which eventually postpone the delivering time to customers according the tenth five year ' s planning of wisco, wisco will produce 9 million tons annually and outselling products will highly exceed the designed 1. 2 million tons circulating capacity of no. 3 operating districts

    8 、 9碼頭庫場是進出口鋼材集散和換裝過程中短堆存的場地,庫場的大小,尤其是管理水平的高低,影響著舶裝卸效率的高低和在港停時的長短,直接影響到三區碼頭的通貨能力,影響到武鋼產品的外發能力。根據武鋼「十五」規劃,武鋼將實每年鋼產量900萬噸,外發產品將遠遠超過工業港三區碼頭的設計通貨能力120萬噸。
  6. Provided that when damage to the ship is discovered at a port or place of loading or call without any accident or other extraordinary circumstance connected with such damage having taken place during the voyage, then the wages and maintenance of master, officers and crew and fuel and stores consumed and port charges incurred during the extra detention for repairs to damages so discovered shall not be admissible as general average, even if the repairs are necessary for the safe prosecution of the voyage

  7. The setting up of salt production plant, oil production plant, chemical plant, ship construction plant and western style education schools were indicators of anpings modernization during the japanese occupation

  8. The space shuttle discovery will dock with the international space station later monday

  9. I ' m sorry to tell you that we are unable to give you a definite date of shipment for the time being

  10. At last, the paper solves the depreciation problems of the vessel that is sealed up for keeping and port and dock, bringing forward that the parts that are still worn down during the sealed period should be depreciated and the parts having no or less spoilage should not be depreciated according to the theory of parts measurement. the port and dock, able to be wholly renewed through locally overhauling in turn, should apply the method of replacement accounting to process accountancy. xin dawang ( finance and accounting ) directed by professor : shao ruiqing

    上海海運學院jn :學位論義最後論述了封存舶和港口碼頭的折舊問題,本文提出:在部件計價基礎上,舶封存應只對封存時仍繼續損耗的部件計提折舊,其餘未使用或者損耗很小的部件則不計提折舊:港口碼頭可以通過局部輪番大修實整體更新,每個泊位根據大修制度定進行大修,等到所有泊位都經過大修以後,則整個碼頭都同新建的碼頭泊位發揮的效用相同,進而應運用重置會計對碼頭固定資產進行會計核算,以正確處理港口碼頭的修理支出以及折舊計提問題。
  11. This article has been divided into five chapters, the contents of five chapters respectively are : the contents of the first chapter are about pollution compensation that oil leakage of the ships lead to in " maritime law " ; the contents of the second chapter are about delay delivery of the goods in " maritime law " ; the contents of the third chapter are about the cargo lien that the marine carriers have in " maritime law " ; the contents of the fourth chapter are about the rights that the shippers can change and terminate the contract unilaterally in " maritime law " ; the contents of the fifth chapter are about the limitation of liability for maritime claims system in " maritime law ". the contents of each chapter of this article are about a flaw of " maritime law ". as a result of the limit of article length and the limit of author ability, it is impossible to analyze the article of " maritime law " gradually, the article is only about five quite important flaws of " maritime law " to form five chapters, then we will introduce them gradually

    但是,隨著我國加入wto ,國際貿易和海上運輸迅速的發展, 《海商法》在實施中暴露出很多不足。因此,有必要遵循科學性、適時性和法制統一性等立法的基本原則,對《海商法》及時進行修改。筆者認為,應當認真總結《海商法》成功的經驗和失敗的教訓,從目前和今後一個時海上和與海相通的內陸水域的運輸和經濟貿易的實和發展對法律的需要出發,參照和借鑒其他民商立法、國際海事條約、民間規則和合同格式,以及國外先進的立法例,吸收海商法理論研究成果,並考慮國際海事立法的發展趨勢,在舶油污損害賠償的規定,遲延交付的規定,海上貨物留置權的規定,托運人變更解除合同權利的規定,海事賠償責任限制制度的規定等幾個方面修改行《海商法》 。
  12. A crack was found in the shuttle ' s insulating foam, and nasa is trying to figure out if they can go ahead with the plan for the july launch which has already been delayed twice

    因為他們在飛的絕緣泡沫上發了一道裂縫, nasa也在思酎他們是否還要按計劃進行七月的發射任務,這項任務已經延兩次了
  13. Based on the urgent need that pier protective device primarily designed needed to be tested its crashworthiness by the impact of ship in multi - situation, etc in multi - angle and multi - water, the writer analyzed the critical elements that affect the simulation of the collision between ship and pier protective device, and found the feasible way to deal with the conflict between calculation efficiency and precision. using this method and employing ansys / ls - dyna program, which is the universal nonlinear dynamic analysis software, a head - on collision between ship and pier protective device designed for guanzhou river bridge is simulated and presented, the simulation of time history course of full - scale mini - collision between ship and pier protective device was taken into reality with a spot of elements ( less than 21000 ) and scanty time ( 9 hours on p4 pc )

  14. Coa is a contract of carriage of goods by sea in essence, under which the carrier, during the agreed period, against payment of freight undertakes to carry the goods in agreed amount for divided shipments by the shipper from the agreed loading port to the discharging port. during implementation, the specific voyages should be governed by the agreed voyage chaterparty which is agreed upon between shipper and carrier after the conclusion of coa

  15. The article analyzes the frame time planning of shipbuilding system, introduces the concept of flexible plan, realizing channels, and also the establishing principle and methods of long - term planning, middle - term planning, center planning, monthly plan, weekly planning, and daily planning under center production model

  16. 6 the permit holder shall inform the antiquities and monuments office, home affairs bureau immediately should any antiquities or shipwrecks be found during the construction, including dredging of the seabed

  17. The coastal harbors, the keys in the coal transportation system, have been invested in last 15 years by center government. so that the bottle - neck of the coastal coal transportation system has been broken. the capacity of harbors and ships can meet the demand of coal transportation to the national economy development

    煤炭海運港口作為該運輸系統的一個重要環節, 「七五」 、 「八五」間國家投入大量資金對其進行建設,目前沿海煤炭運輸的瓶頸象已基本消失,港口吞吐能力、舶運力基本可以滿足國家經濟建設對煤炭海上運輸的需求。
  18. It further supports the argument that government should offer the favorable policies to the investment and financing of marine ships. chapter v analyses the environment of the policies of china in the future, and then puts forward the goal and principle when making out future policies of china. finally it puts forward the concrete policy recommendations on the basis of referring to the policies of other countries, zhang han ( finance and accounting ) directed by professor shao ruiqing

    第五章「未來一個時我國應確立的國際海運舶投融資政策」 ,本章在分析與明確未來一個時我國國際海運舶投融資政策的環境后,根據我國國際海運隊的狀與存在的問題,提出未來一個時我國國際海運舶投融資政策的目標與制定原則,並在借鑒世界海運強國的政策的基礎上,提出了我國國際海運舶投融資的具體政策建議。
  19. We are now looking for several suitable vessels for transporting coal for a long partnership. we are the consignee and have 20000 to 30000 metric ton coal each month

  20. Looking ahead, a complete upgrading of the existing vts system is planned for 2001 to cope with anticipated growth in marine traffic into the next century