瑞澤 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ruì]
瑞澤 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(吉祥) auspicious; luckyⅡ名詞1 (瑞玉) a jade tablet used as a token of authority and g...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (聚水處) pool; pond 2 (金屬、珠玉等的光) lustre; radiance 3 (恩惠) favours; benefice...
  1. Carnelian is found mainly in britain, india, czech republics, slovakia, peru, iceland, and romania. the legend : in the middle ages, carnelian was used for its calming effect on anger

  2. The residents of two of hungary s larger cities - debrecen and szeged - had never been introduced to supreme master ching hai or the quan yin method. so on january 18 and 19, 2003 fellow initiates from the budapest and gyor centers decided to hold two truth - sharing video seminars there. it was the first time the initiates had ever visited these cities, where previously no fellow initiates or convenient method practitioners resided

  3. Founded on this english channel island in 1959 by zoologist gerald durrell, the jersey trust zoo ( now called durrell wildlife ) protects and breeds more than 100 endangered species, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians

  4. University college of the fraser valley

  5. The red swamp crayfish, for example, has tucked into the paddy fields of the iberian peninsula with gusto, eating rice seedlings and burrowing into the banks of drainage channels, causing them to collapse

  6. Tritons, nereids, and nymphs will always have a meaning on a fountain

  7. The sculpted silhouettes of hopewell rocks rise from the muddy waters of the bay of fundy in canada ' s new brunswick province

  8. " one branch of it, " according to the historian of concord, for i love to quote so good authority, " rises in the south part of hopkinton, and another from a pond and a large cedar - swamp in westborough, " and flowing between hopkinton and southborough, through framingham, and between sudbury and wayland, where it is sometimes called sudbury river, it enters concord at the south part of the town, and after receiving the north or assabeth river, which has its source a little farther to the north and west, goes out at the northeast angle, and flowing between bedford and carlisle, and through billerica, empties into the merrimack at lowell

    「它的一條支流」 ,據研究康科德河的歷史學家說(我喜歡引用權威) , 「發源自霍普金頓的南部,另一條支流來自西區的一個池塘和一大片雪松沼, 」它們從霍普金頓和南區的中間流過,途經弗萊明翰,然後穿過薩德伯里和韋蘭(在這一段它有時被稱為薩德伯里河) ,從南部進入康科德鎮,在與發源自較遙遠的北面和西面的阿薩貝斯河交匯后,從東北方向流出,然後從貝德福德與卡萊爾中間穿過,流經比勒卡,最終匯入洛厄爾的梅里馬克河。
  9. Former spice girl victoria came 49th in the list while big - spending coleen managed 92nd place. modern - day hollywood stars in the top 10 were angelina jolie, catherine zeta jones, halle berry and scarlett johansson

  10. Hopefully, it will also refer readers back to sir wilfred ' s two great books, and to sentences as lovely as this : “ memories of that first visit to the marshes have never left me : ( 8 ) firelight on a half - turned face, the crying of geese, duck flighting [ 16 ] in to feed, a boy ' s voice singing somewhere in the dark, canoes moving in procession down a waterway, the setting sun seen crimson through the smoke of burning reed - beds, narrow waterways that wound still deeper into the marshes

    但願這本傳記也能讓讀者重新想起威福那兩本偉大著作,想起這些動人的語句: 「沼地的第一次旅行始終縈懷:映照在側頭而望的臉上的火光,群鵝的鳴叫,結對飛入覓食的鴨子,黑暗某處男孩的歌聲,順水而行的獨木舟,透過蘆葦墊燃燒發出的濃煙看到那緋紅的落日,狹窄的河道蜿蜒而入沼深處。 」
  11. Aldaris : with all due respect, zeratul, the protoss do not run from their enemies. aiur is our homeworld. it is here that we shall make our stand

  12. The university of lethbridge

  13. The rest are hk team members : chan yun to, wong kwong sun, so ming hei, lo shui chung, chan yee kin, chan ka chun, kan hing lung, lam chak leung, wong chi wai, fung shueng kam, looi chi yiu, chan ming yin, lau hing ching, chung chi hung, lee pui kong, tang yiu cheung, tsui chi fai, lau siu fung, wong chi sing, wong kwan ping, lo kit ming

  14. There is strong evidence that in many cases bed - wetting can " result from delayed neurodevelopment, " said the report from the robert wood johnson medical school in new brunswick, new jersey

  15. On july 31, the new brunswick, n. j. - based company announced plans to cut its work force by up to 4 percent, or 4, 820 jobs, because of the stent decline, as well as slumping sales of a key drug and looming patent expirations

    7月31日,這個位於新西州新不倫克的公司宣布,因為支架銷售的減少、一個關鍵藥物的銷售量降低和即將到來的藥物過期,公司計劃裁員4 ,也就是4820個職位。
  16. For drug - coated stent makers such as natick, mass. - based boston scientific corp. and new brunswick, n. j. - based johnson & johnson, the shift has been costly, since drug - coated models cost around $ 2, 100 apiece compared with $ 850 for bare - metal ersions introduced more than a decade ago

  17. He hopes subsequent similar programmes will bring further and more necessary fundings for local tertiary institutions in the future. among the donations received, there are large amount donors who each contributed hk 600, 000 or more. they include : dr thomas chen tseng - tao through si yuan foundation, dr chiang chen, drs richard charles esther yewpick lee charitable foundation, prof ip po - ting, mr timothy lam kwok, dr lau sui, dr lee shau - kee through lee shau kee foundation, mr michael leung kai - hung, dr liu lit - mo, dr luk kin - yuen, lingnan foundation, dr william mong man - wai through shun hing education and charity fund ltd, sterling foundation, mr tam kwong - lim, dr wu james - tak, sir gordon wu ying - sheung as well as the wong s family comprising dr wong bing - lai, dr abraham wong tat - chang, dr samuel wong tat - sum and dr david wong tat - kee

  18. Huang r x, and x. jin, 2002 : sea surface elevation and bottom pressure anomalies due to thermohaline forcing, part i : isolated perturbations. j phys oceanogr., 32, 2131 - 2150

    張學洪,李薇,金向,黃新, 2002 :壓力坐標海洋環流模式的發展和應用前景,自然科學進展(已付印)
  19. It became clear to me that i was being punished for disappointing reizl.

  20. Dalian ruize pesticides shareholding co. ltd