環烷化 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huánwánhuà]
環烷化 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (環子) ring; hoop 2 (環節) link 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(圍繞) surround; encircle;...
  • : 名詞[化學] (有機化合物的一類) alkane
  1. The latter arises from abstraction of the somewhat lesser activated c-h bond in the dioxolane.

  2. The technical character of two kinds of chemical synthesis process from ethylene oxide and acrolein as raw material to produce 1, 3 - propanedi - ol as well as compared with the production process which using glycerol and glucose biological produce 1, 3 - propane - diol is analyzed

    重點分析了以丙烯醛和氧乙為主要原料的兩種學合成工藝的技術特徵,並與以葡萄糖甘油為原料、生物法和一1 , 3 -丙二醇的生產工藝進行了對比。
  3. Adamantane and bicyclo (222) octane are predominantly chlorinated at the bridgeheads by this procedure.

  4. Through orthogonal design experiments on synthesizing p - tert - butylcstechol from hydroquinone and isobutylene by using a new catalyst prepared from cobalt naphthenate and zinc chloride, the optimum technology parameters were obtained : mole ratio was 1 : 1. 15 for hydroquinone and isobutylene, mass ratio was 100 : 20 for hydroquinone and catalyst, and the reaction temperature was 100 5

    摘要用酸鈷與氯鋅復配的新型催劑,以鄰苯二酚、異丁烯為原料合成對叔丁基鄰苯二酚,通過正交實驗確定的較佳工藝參數為:鄰苯二酚:異丁烯(物質的量比) 1 : 1 . 15 ,鄰苯二酚:催劑(質量比) 100 : 20 ,反應溫度100 5 。
  5. In the solar energy transfer and storage system, the isomerization of norbornadiene and quadricyclane is an important reaction

  6. The methods - three dimension fabric - enforced laminates, and sparse fabric - enforced laminates, layer - enforced laminates ? to enhance the interlaminar toughness of fabric - reinforced laminates were discussed in this paper. the stitching method to enhance interlaminar toughness of stitched - laminates was mainly discussed in this paper based on our research and experiment. the middle - alkali glass fabric used as enforced - material with thickness of 0. 2mm, 3 section 600 deniner kevlar yarn is used as stitching thread in this research, which improved lock stitching way and different kinds of stitching mode were adopted

    以提高層合板復合材料的層間斷裂韌性(能量釋放率)為目標,採用中堿玻璃布為增強材料,對疊層后的玻璃布,採用凱芙拉縫合線、改進的鎖型縫合方法、不同的縫合工藝進行了縫合;基體採用的是不飽和樹脂,固劑為過氧甲乙酮,促進劑為酸鈷液;在室溫下採用真空輔助rtm ( resigntransfermolding )成型固方法,製作了不同縫合工藝的玻璃布增強復合材料層合板。
  7. By way of integrating the relative theories of marketing strategy and the present market situation of rubber oil and liaohe lube oil plant, it is concluded that naphthene type rubber oil shall take part in the middle - grade rubber oil target market competition while the aromatic type rubber oil shall take part in the low - grade rubber oil target market competition. the reason is that the former has the advantage of advanced total cost and the later has a variety of products

  8. Monofunctional alkylating agent n - methyl - n ' - nitro - n - nitrosoguanidine ( mnng ) is a widely spread environmental mutagen and carcinogen that targets dna and proteins to generate adducts. among the adducts, o6 - alkyl guanine is the predominant mutagenic lesion because of its mispairing properties, which can eventually lead to chromosomal aberrations, point mutations, and cell death. this lesion also appears to be involved in tumor initiation, particularly in gastric carcinogenesis

    單功能劑n -甲基- n -硝基- n -亞硝基胍( mnng )是一種在境中廣泛存在的學誘變劑和致癌劑,它能和dna及蛋白質等生物大分子形成加合物( adduct ) ,其引起的與突變有關的主要dna損傷類型是o ~ 6 -甲基鳥嘌呤,這種損傷與腫瘤尤其是胃癌的發生密切相關。
  9. Manufacturer in china of 1 - aminoanthraquinone and 1 - nitroanthraquinone, used primarily as dye intermediates. also offers a pulp digestion product, magnesium sulfate, and potassium permanganate

  10. The substrates modified by polylysine ( polylysine - substrate ), 3 - aminopropyltriethoxylsilane ( apts - substrate ) and 3 ' - glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane ( gops - substrate ) were imaged by atomic force microscope ; the microarrays, which were printed by microspotting device or microchannels on the modified substrates, were observed by fluorescence microscope

    摘要應用了多聚賴氨酸以及硅試劑3 -氨丙基三乙氧基硅和3 - ( 2 , 3氧丙氧)丙基三甲氧基硅修飾硼玻璃襯底,並用微點陣點樣儀和微通道在其上印刷微點陣。
  11. Abstract : the synthetic method of pentaerythrito naphthenate by n on - acid catalyst sno was studied. the influences of mole ratio of ethanediol and naphthenic acid, a mount of catalyst, reation time, reation temperature etc. on est erification were discussed and the suitable processing conditions were found

  12. According to the features of naphthenic base oil ( i. e., high nitrogen and low sulfur content ) and based upon theoretical analysis of the h2s concentration needed for phase equilibrium of nickel sulfide and tungsten sulfide in hydrogen, the most economic quantity of sulfiding agent injected into the reactor for supplement of sulfur in lube oil hydrogenation catalysts was obtained

  13. 2 petroleum crude oil : refers to naturally occurring crude oil that is mixtures of hydrocarbon compounds that contain mainly paraffin hydrocarbon, cycloparafin hydrocarbon, and aromatic hydrocarbon

  14. The neutral bio - oi1 can be separated into three fractions : the fraction washed down by cyclohexane ( c1 ) mainly contains aromatics with up to four rings ; the fraction washed down by benzene ( c2 ) mainly contains alkyl - substituted aromatic hydrocarbons and polyphenols ; and the fraction washed down by methanol ( c3 ) mainly contains ester polar components

    中性油層析分離為3個餾分:洗脫餾分( c1 )主要為四以下純縮合合物;苯洗脫餾分( c2 )主要由單基芳烴和多酚組成;甲醇洗脫餾分( c3 )主要是酯類極性合物。
  15. Abstract : a series of techniques producing lube base oil developed by ripp, including the technique for production of naphthenic lube oil, high viscosity base oil from sour crude and the api group base oil with viscosity index more than 120 from hydrocracking tail oil, were introduced

  16. After the organic modification of montmorillonite, the interplanar spacing of montmorillonite increased from 1. 21nm to 1. 78nm. up ( unsaturated polyester ) mmt ( montmorillonite ) nanocomposites were prepared by dispersing organically modified montmorillonite in prepromoted up resin and subsequently cross - linked using methyl ethyl ketone peroxide catalyst at several different clay concentrations

    將有機蒙脫土分散到不飽和聚酯中,加入引發劑(過氧甲乙酮) 、促進劑(酸鈷) ,使不飽和聚酯交聯制得納米復合材料。
  17. Recent advances of chiral metal catalysts for cyclopropanation are reviewed in this paper. the chiral catalysts include metal complexes with schiff base, oxazoline, porphyrin metal, bipyridine, terpyridine, carboxylate, etc

  18. The modification of ( alkyl ) phenolic resins via epoxidation or with rosin, petroleum resins, and other organic compounds or polymers containing unsaturated double bond were discussed respectively, mainly dealing with modification mechanism, modification methods and their applications

  19. The novel title compound was synthesized with benzaldehyde, isobutyraldehyde, phosphorus trichloride as raw materials. the total yield was 40. 8 %. the structure was confirmed by 1h nmr, 31p nmr and elemental analysis

    摘要以苯甲醛、異丁醛、三氯磷為原料合成了新型的1 , 3 , 2 -氧磷雜合物2 -苯羥甲基5 , 5 -二甲基4 -苯基2 -氧代1 , 3 , 2 -二氧磷雜,總收率為40 . 8 % ,並對其進行了nmr研究和結構表徵。
  20. Studies on the asymmetric aziridination