萬眾 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wànzhòng]
萬眾 英文
millions of people; the multitude
  • : 萬數詞1 (數目; 十個千) ten thousand 2 (比喻很多) a very great number; myriad; many; all Ⅱ副詞...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(許多) many; numerous; a lot of Ⅱ名詞(許多人) multitude; crowd; the masses
  1. Universal celebrations are held and the whole nation is in elation.

  2. Warezone bamboo & wood craftwork co., ltd. main product ? “ bamwood ” chopping block the submitted samples comply with the limit as stated in the german food & commodities acts lmbg, section 30 & 31. and have applied for the national patent

    萬眾竹木業工藝製品有限公司主導產品? 「柏運達」竹砧板已通過德國食品與日用品法的lmbg測試,並已申請國家專利。
  3. The flanerie in lens, the indifference in eyes, the sound and fury, the emptiness and mess, the rambling images, possibly, all that bring to you is not entertainment, not reflection, but further confusion : the seemingly serious birthday, the no - nonsense sales promotion, the violence in broad daylight, the apparently naive adult games, the nationwide whoopee, the spookish fireworks and the trembling blowout : as if it is a sacrifice for the riproaring time

    鏡頭中的漫無目的,眼睛里的司空見慣,喧鬧暴戾的噪聲,空寂凌亂的畫面,略帶散漫的影像,給你帶來的也許不是享受,不是思考,而是進一步的混亂? ? ?你會看到煞有介事滿月,一本正經的促銷,光天化日下的暴力,不動聲色的悲哀,看似天真的成人游戲,舉國歡騰的萬眾狂歡,幽靈一般的焰火和讓人戰栗的爆裂? ? ?像是祭奠著這個喧囂的年代。
  4. Millions of people rejoiced at the news.

  5. The chinese people are of one mind in the struggle to realize the four modernizations of china.

  6. To them, the heartbeat of many people moves beyond the mind of the one ; the actions taken in the heat of frenzied dance reflect basic human impulse unfettered by reasoning or prudish mores

  7. He announces the victory, aroused from dream the multitudes prays for him and those who have fallen before the long missing light return

  8. The management of park island today june 27 staged a media preview of the development s chic chic club to complement the existing blue blue and green green clubs. park island is large, low - density residential project on ma wan developed by sun hung kai properties. the property is well equipped with the most comprehensive collection of facilities to provide residents a relaxing, resort - style living environment

    新鴻基地產新地悉心策劃,位於馬灣的大型低密度住宅珀麗灣,為了進一步提升物業的度假式生活享受,提供最完備的設施,發展商特訂於今天6月27日隆重開放萬眾期待的天色會所chic chic club予傳媒率先參觀,親身感受其集藍色會所及綠色會所精萃於一身的設施及服務。
  9. Threatened by the spread of sars, hong kong people united themselves to fight the once - a - century epidemic virus

  10. During the difficult days of our anti - sars campaign, leading cadres at all levels took to the frontlines, the people throughout the country united as one, all sectors of society pulled together, large numbers of medical workers faced danger fearlessly, and the chinese nation withstood a severe test

  11. The god of gambling zhou runfa defeated numerous rivals. though he was insurmountable and adored by people, he was tired of the affairs of the world and decided to wash hands of gambling

  12. Upon the japanese invasion, china ' s sons and daughters, here or there, old or young, rich or poor, gather together with one mind and build up an insurmountable great wall in resistance, with their flesh and blood

  13. Upon the japanese invasion, chinese people, here or there, old or young, rich or poor, gathered together with one mind, the rich donated money, while others contributed efforts, and built up an insurmountable great wall of resistance, with their flesh and blood

  14. The knowledge of our victory caused great joy.

  15. Yet distant and soft the night breeze is blowing, clouds there are none, and clear stars beam mild, god, in his mercy, protection is showing, comfort and hope to the poor orphan child

  16. He believed in the power of buddha and make vows as well. he has to accomplish his vows to spread tao and testament of tao. now he has thousands and millions of followers

  17. Members of the university will work together to realize the full benefits of the college system

  18. Shanghai, china ? january 30, 2007. the9 limited ( nasdaq : ncty ), a leading online game operator in china, today announced that it has entered into an amendment to the original license agreement with vivendi games, inc. and blizzard entertainment, to rollout the burning crusade, the highly anticipated expansion pack for the world of warcraft game in mainland china

    美國東部時間1月30日8 : 00 (北京時間1月30日21 : 00 )消息,已經同維旺迪游戲公司和暴雪娛樂就《魔獸世界》原始授權協議的補充條款達成一致,即將推出萬眾期待的魔獸世界資料片《燃燒遠征》 。
  19. The producer as well as the boss of the movie eric tsang did even dare to say that

  20. The attention of many of the world cup matches began approaching, but the titan cup mysterious figures were stolen. world cup mascot as you shoulder the great trust of all the fans, it is necessary to missing the titan cup to come back