字體改變 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gǎibiàn]
字體改變 英文
fc font change
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (文字) character; word 2 (字音) pronunciation 3 (字體) form of a written or printed ...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (改變) change; transform 2 (修改) revise; alter; modify 3 (改正) rectify; correct 4 ...
  • 字體 : 1 (同一種文字的各種不同形體) form of a written or printed character; script; typeface2 (書法的...
  • 改變 : change; alter; transform; turn; convert; mold; modify
  1. Virtual reality technology can provide " participants " with a feeling of being personally on the scene. as a main actor in the virtual environment, userscan control any objects in the virtual environment arbitrarily and can get reaction in time. in the hyperspace of the information, he can get acknowledge with their own percipience and cognition, and, seek the solutin, and form the new conception. the association of the virtual reality technology and java technology intensify the interaction between the users and viryual reality technology. with the interface provided by java, the user can control any objecs and change the attributes ( such as position, angle, color and etc. ). this paper formulizes application of the virtual reality technology in the system of the building seilling which uses the real three dimensions models to replace of static picture ' s and word ' s description. in the process of the practice, the paper analyses the difference between javascript, java claa and java applet, and formulize the their applications in this system

    用戶在多維信息空間中,依靠自己的感知和認知能力全方位地獲取知識,發揮主觀能動性,尋求解答,形成新的概念。虛擬現實技術與java技術的結合增加了虛擬現實技術與用戶的交互功能,用戶可以通過java提供的界面,操縱場景中的任何物,並相應的屬性(如:位置,角度,顏色等等) 。本篇論文闡述了虛擬現實技術應用在售樓系統中,用真實的三維模型來代替原有的靜態圖片及文描述,在實踐過程中,分析了javascript , java類,及javaapplet實現功能中的利弊,分別闡述了它們在本系統中的應用,從理論上講,本課題所研究的虛擬現實技術不只適用於售樓系統的電子商務中,同樣可用於軍事和演習、醫學、教育、娛樂和工程設計等領域。
  2. A : okay, what if i want to change the typeface

  3. Copy - paste should not change the contrast in your typeface

  4. Firstly, we generalize and analyze the advantages and present research of elliptic curve cryptography ; secondly, we study the basic theory of the ecc ; thirdly, we illustrate the safety of the ecc and discuss the elliptic curve key agreement scheme, elliptic curve encryption scheme and elliptic curve digital signature algorithm ; fourthly, we study fast algorithms of the multiplication and inversion multiplication of the element of in the underlying finite field f2m whose characteristic is two represented by the two basis of optimal normal basis and polynomial basis. we make improvements to the fast algorithm of the polynomial basis multiplication by hankerson and base on the experiments, we describe the properties and compare the advantages of the multiplication and inversion multiplication of the elements in f2m field under optimal normal bases and polynomial basis. results concluding from the study car be used as references in the realization of the elliptic curve cryptosystem ; fifthly, we overview the current fast algorithm of point multiplication, improve the fix base point comb algorithm, advance the speed of the whole system and remark the advantages and disadvantages of the popular algorithms based upon the experimental datas ; sixthly we realize the algorithm library of elliptic curve cryptography based on the f2m. only change slightly in our algorithm library can we realize the ecdh, eces, ecdsa based onf2m of anysize ; seventhly, we realize the ecc on two secure elliptic curves, including ecdh, eces, ecdsa

    本文首先介紹並分析了橢圓曲線密碼制的優點及研究現狀;其次研究了橢圓曲線密碼制的基本理論;第三,分析了橢圓曲線密碼的安全性並介紹了密鑰共享,加密,數簽名等橢圓曲線密碼制;第四,深入研究了特徵為2的有限域f _ 2m中的元素在多項式基和最優正規基表示下的乘法運算和乘法逆運算的快速演算法,並對hankerson等人提出的多項式基下的乘法運算的快速演算法作了進,而且在實驗的基礎上不僅分析研究了f _ 2m域中元素在多項式基和最優正規基表示下的乘法和乘法逆運算的性能,還對這兩種基表示下的f _ 2m域中元素運算效率的優劣作了比較和研究,所得的結論可供在實現橢圓曲線密碼制時參考;第五,研究了目前流行的計算橢圓曲線標量乘法的快速演算法,同時進了固定基點梳形法,提高了整個系統的速度,並在實驗的基礎上分析研究了流行演算法的優劣;第六,實現了基於f _ 2m的橢圓曲線密碼制的演算法庫,在我們的演算法庫中只需稍微便能實現基於任意尺寸的f _ 2m上的ecdh , eces , ecdsa等橢圓曲線密碼制;第七,實現了兩條安全橢圓曲線上的橢圓曲線密碼制,包括ecdh , eces , ecdsa 。
  5. A faithful translation, however, should not be confused with a literal translation, the fidelity of a translation not excluding an adaptation to make the form, the atmosphere and deeper meaning of the work felt in another language and country

  6. With css you can change the color and size attributes by rewriting one line of code

    通過css ,你可以書寫一段代碼來顏色和尺寸的屬性。
  7. Then we use shuowenjiezi as well as the three standard books of chinese characters in tang dynasty, ganluzishu, wujingwenzi, jiujingziyang, as the criterion to correct the wrongly written characters, and divide the compiled common chinese words into seven categories : simplify the font, complicate the font, change the strokes, change the goujian, alternate the yifu or yinfu, alter the structure and kuaihuacaoshu. on the basis of that, we illustrate with the quantified data connected with the specifically speaking method that in the seven categories only two categories which are alter the yifu or yinfu and alter the structure maintain the reason of the standard form of chinese characters, the category of complicate the font weaken the reason, and the other four categories destroy the reason. through this, we can see that the reason of the common chinese words is much weaker than that of the standard form of chinese characters, so the common words are mostly excluded by the standard form system and are gradually obsoleted

    本文以《吐魯番出土文書》為材料,採用窮盡式的方法輯錄其中的俗(以種數計) ,以《說文解》以及《干祿書》 、 《五經文》 、 《九經樣》三種唐代正書作為正標準,將所輯錄的俗分為簡化形、繁化形、換筆畫、換構件、更替意音、換結構、楷化草書七種類型,並進一步以量化數據和具分析相結合的方法說明七類俗中保持正理據的僅更替意音、換結構兩類,繁化形類弱化了正理據性,其他四類則破壞了正的理據,說明俗的理據性要比正弱的多,因而俗多被正系統所排斥,逐漸被淘汰。
  8. For section 508 accessibility compliance, but it is surely appreciated by those that wish to choose a larger font because of a visual impairment

  9. This thesis presents a new audio digital watermark algorithm based on has model. the steps : first, it classifies the signals through fft ; second, calculating the tones, noise and the overall masking threshold of different phases through has, and changing the energy value of tones which are more than that of the overall masking threshold to embed the watermark information

    提出了一種基於人類聽覺系統( has )模型的音頻數水印演算法,該演算法首先對信號進行分段離散快速傅立葉換( fft ) ,再根據人類聽覺系統模型計算出各段的類純音、類噪音以及各段的總掩蔽閾值,通過大於總遮蔽閾值的類純音的能量值來嵌入水印信息。
  10. The staged word processor designed for educational use with nine different faces to suit curriculum requirements. stage menu selector allows features to be enabled progressively

  11. Due to the sole - designed of the low voltage startup and power testing, for combined with the other four modules, we built the hardware and software flats, it was also convenient for continued extension. but, if there was different system wanted to combined in this system, we must redesigned all the hardware and software, it was a very hard work and could bring incompatibility. for this instance, the text designed a suit of number discriminating embedding system

  12. With the change of industrial structure, economic structure and international environment, japanese series manufacture system shows the trends of opening, deviating, internationalization and conversion from pyramid - type to network - type

  13. You can change the font used to display text in the button, its size, color and style

  14. The css font properties allow you to change the font family, boldness, size, and the style of a text

  15. Don ' t use too many different fonts, and stick to a simple design ? unless you have particular design skills

    不要頻繁,設計簡潔? ?至少你要堅持一種設計樣式。
  16. Psiloc font magnifier is a unique application which lets you change the size of all system fonts on your mobile phone

  17. I learned about serif and sans - serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great

  18. Parameters that the output cache will use to vary the user control

  19. Apf control realization can be either digital or analogical. the advantage of digital compensating control ( dcc ) is that it can compensate harmonics to a precision level and is independent of the surrounding environment. but dcc needs high - speed real - time chips to deal with digital signal processing, so has high price ; analog compensating control ( acc ) demands hardware very rigidly

  20. It adopts both modern multimedia and computer, the latest technology in most advanced field of 21st centery. it has so much editing function. this changes people ' s concept of editing in turn of time and overcomes the fault of bad quality in video multi - tapes compounding and image copying