追訴權 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuīquán]
追訴權 英文
power to prosecute
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (追趕) chase after; run after; pursue; catch up with 2 (追究) trace; look into; get to...
  • : 動詞1. (說給人) tell; relate; inform 2. (傾吐) complain; accuse 3. (控告) appeal to; resort to
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [書面語] (秤錘) counterpoise; weight (of a steelyard)2 (權力) power; authority 3 (...
  • 追訴 : prosection
  1. The ancient accusatorial model in the criminal procedure is characteristic of the equal status of the plaintiff and the defendant who take the predominant position in the trial procedure in which the public organ is not entitled to the prosecution

  2. Constructing the connection between the procurator and the police scientifically and constituting the effective controlling mechanism can not only make for texturing the detection footing suitably, but also prevent the organ of investigation from abusing and assure the attainder not be encroached illegally

  3. Through comparative analysis, which focused on the victim ’ s dissentient in the stage of censor prosecution, the stage when the decision of the first trial doesn ’ t take effect and already took effect, and on the basis of using the legislative and judicial experiences of other countries, the plan of specific relief system on the victim ’ s right to prosecute was brought out

  4. To add " there are many loopholes in the operation and sales practices of telecommunications service providers, " after " that, as " ; to add " and such complaints from the public are often not followed up effectively by government departments, " after " in recent years, " ; to add " stipulate corresponding penalties " after " to cover pay television, " ; and to add " ; furthermore, as the hong kong housing authority has signed agreements with pay television operators, these operators can enter the buildings to set up and maintain communal aerial systems and can deploy front - line promoters to approach the residents to sell other various commercial services, using the provision of exclusive maintenance and supply services as a selling point and adopting unscrupulous means to entice or mislead the residents into signing an agreement with them, causing great disturbance to the residents ; in this connection, the government must adopt measures to combat such sales malpractices, take the initiative to inform public rental housing tenants of the rights and responsibilities of the operators and, when the operators resort to malpractices or malpractices are reported by residents, take immediate action to investigate the matter and issue warning to and penalize the operators concerned ; the government must also review the problem of inequity in accessing system information by consumers and the telecommunications service providers, whereby consumers have no means or right to obtain true and accurate information about the systems that they are using and can only pay the fees according to the volume, system and time slots of their calls shown on the records provided unilaterally by the service providers, and in case of queries about such information, the decision of the service providers prevails and there is no channel for the consumers to dispute or verify ; to this end, the government should expeditiously study how to ensure that consumers have the rights to know, choose, verify, appeal and claim for compensation in the provision of telecommunications services including pay television, local and cross - boundary telecommunications and internet services " after " in the contracts "

    在"鑒于"之後加上"各電訊服務提供者的營運和銷售存在不少漏洞, "在"不斷增加, "之後加上"而市民的投又往往得不到政府部門的有效跟進處理, "在"收費電視, "之後加上"訂定相應的罰則, "及在"標準合約條款"之後加上"此外,由於香港房屋委員會與收費電視營辦商簽訂協議,該等營辦商可進入大廈鋪設及維修公共天線系統,並調派前線銷售人員,以獨家提供維修及供應服務作為招徠,向住戶推銷其他各種商業服務,以不當手法誘使或誤導住戶與他們簽約,對居民造成很大困擾就此,政府必須採取措施打擊上述違規營銷的手法,並主動告知公屋住戶該等營辦商的責范圍,遇有營辦商作出違規的行為或居民舉報營辦商的違規行為時,須立即查,並向有關營辦商發出警告及作出處分政府亦須檢討現時消費者與電訊服務供應商所獲系統資訊並不對等的問題,即消費者無從及無得知他們所選用系統的真實資料,令他們只能按服務供應商單方面提供有關通話量通話系統及通話時段的記錄繳交費用,遇有消費者質疑上述資料時,往往只由服務供應商作最終決定,消費者無從申辯或查證就此,本會促請政府盡快研究如何就各類電訊服務包括收費電視本地及跨境電訊網際網路等的提供,確保消費者享有知情選擇覆核及索償" 。
  5. This thesis mainly used the methods of comparable investigation and comprehensive analyze to make a preliminary research : shareholders derivative suit refers to such a suit : when a company ' s legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon by other people, especially the people having control powers, such as shareholders, parent company, directors and management personnel, and, while the company is slack to exercise its litigation rights, the shareholder being up to the standard can institute a proceeding to the infringer for the sake of company ' s rights and interests by his / her own name to holder the infringer subject to legal liabilities

  6. To balance the right to prosecute of the state to realize the procedural justice, c. to make the action more effective to guarantee the highly skillful and specialized criminal proceedings be smoothly carried out, e. to expressly and legislatively regulate the concrete system for lawyers to protect the legal interests of the suspects and accused and to highlight the concept on the protection of their legal interests

  7. A probe into the perfection of lawyers ' right to defense

  8. It also answers the difficult legal question of who is in supervision of the supervisors, and analyzes the legal fallacy of one supervises himself

  9. Any action that oversteps the authority entitled by the constitution and laws will give rise to the abusiveness of the right to prosecute and will encroach upon the rights of the accused

  10. Chicago tavern said it will begin selling chicken wings coated in one of the world ' s hottest peppers - - a dish so hot that patrons first have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue for injuries

  11. A chicago tavern said it will begin selling chicken wings coated in one of the world ' s hottest peppers - - a dish so hot that patrons first have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue for injuries

  12. The former two contradictions are the main topic of this paper, and such issues as the right to prosecute, the victim ’ s right to prosecute and the relief system of the victim ’ s right to prosecute are also involved

  13. In criminal litigation, the victim is a part. however, in public prosecuting case, he / she doesn ’ t enjoy a complete right to prosecute, and the right is mainly executed by state institute. being different subjects which exert the right to prosecute, the state organs for legal supervision and the victim stand on different behalves

  14. The former features in the initiative of exercising the right to prosecute, the higher speed of prosecutors holding case facts and evidence in addition to the higher efficiency of litigious proceedings, but it is likely to bring about clashes between investigative and prosecutorial organs, in turn, weaken the function of prosecution as a whole

  15. Because of this, the legislation should provide the accused with practice and effective right to defense and right to relief while foreclosing undue infringement

  16. On the accused ' s right of cross - examination

  17. Any unauthorized alteration, forgery or falsification of the content or appearance of this report is unlawful and offenders may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

  18. On the right to know of the accused

  19. Preliminary research on the defendants ' right of selecting criminal procedures

  20. On how protecting the property right of the person investigated in criminal suit