長葛 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhǎng]
長葛 英文
  • : 長Ⅰ形容詞1 (年紀較大) older; elder; senior 2 (排行最大) eldest; oldest Ⅱ名詞(領導人) chief;...
  • : 葛名詞1. [植物學] (豆科藤草本植物) pueraria lobota; kudzu vine 2. (表面有花紋的紡織品) a kind of textile fabric
  1. After like near future arrowroot continent dam flies a shop sign afresh go situation and to the limit of one ' s capacity rises should notice early days goes situation, if be pulled considerably, magnify again quantity, be about vigilance is banker shipment ( this time may be a few longer, banker is sucked prepare time to grow more, shipment time is long ), island visitting extensive region goes situation ( be about in first time to the limit of one ' s capacity first shipment ) if early days is to pass dish of full share, ( at present the individual thinks to have treasure new the sources of energy ) in the to the limit of one ' s capacity when breaking through strong line or resistance line but follow - up, that ability is really true the quantity adds valence to rise dropping is not must to the limit of one ' s capacity, and shrink the volume drops consequence is more serious, because early days banker already gave money, basically be, use odd amount to be bungled again dish, medicinal powder door meet disastrous

    如近期洲壩重新開牌后的走勢而放量上升要注重前期走勢,假如大幅拉升后再放大量,就要警惕是莊家出貨(這個時間可能比較一些,莊家吸籌時間越,出貨時間就) ,看看寰島走勢(在第一次放量就要先出貨了)假如前期是經過盤整的股票, (目前個人認為有寶新能源)在突破勁線或阻力線時放量就可跟進,那才是真真正正的量增價升下跌不是一定要放量,而縮量下跌後果更嚴重,主要是因為前期莊家已出完貨,利用剩餘數量再砸一下盤,散戶就會損失慘重!
  2. She may be faustina, wife of the emperor and stoic philosopher marcus aurelius, according to angela marinazzo, director of the provincial archaeological museum in brindisi

  3. Gray, following close behind me, had cut down the big boatswain ere he had time to recover from his lost blow

  4. Xi lin cumberland presbyterian church pastor rev. william yeung converted to jesus christ in billy graham crusade in 1975

  5. There is some uncertainty about this entanglement with the city treasurer which you say exists.

  6. I don't want to have any difficulties with the governor.

  7. Gus in his red jacket and patent-leather boots, whip in hand, stepped to the door of the cage.

  8. Mr wang yuangong, deputy director of tsinghua science park development center and deputy director of green pharmaceutical : " in recent years, puerarin has been widely used for treating various ailments such as hypertension, coronary diseases, angina and myocardial ischaemia etc. green pharmaceutical has the self - developed patent technology for extracting the essence of puerarin at low cost

  9. Alexander smollett, master ; david livesey, ship s doctor ; abraham gray, carpenter s mate ; john trelawney, owner ; john hunter and richard joyce, owner s servant, landsmen - being all that is left faithful of the ship s company - with stores for ten days at short rations, came ashore this day, and flew british colours on the log - house in treasure island. thomas redruth, owner s servant landsman, shot by the mutineers ; james hawkins, cabin - boy -

  10. Soils in its habitats were enriched with phosphorus and contained more microbes than those without its distribution

  11. " my image of myself is as a reserved, retiring, even shy person in my personal relationships … i don ' t like to display my heart on my sleeve like lost of people do.

    [紐約市長葛德華說] , "我自認是一個保守、退讓,甚至在與異性來往感到羞怯的人… …我不喜歡像很多人那樣輕易表露感情。
  12. Welcome remarks by ait deputy director david keegan at breakfast meeting for delegation from new england board of higher education

  13. Toastmasters international president jon greiner, a toastmaster for 32 years, credits his own career advancements in large part to his toastmasters training. “ while the idea of speaking in front of an audience intimidates most people, it ' s a skill anybody can learn, ” says greiner, who is a product support manager for caterpillar inc ' s global mining division. “ our organization is full of people who have changed their lives for the better thanks to becoming more confident communicators, ” greiner says

  14. Nearly 65 specialists and experts from the domestic institutes, the studies, and the catalyst manufacturers carry on the full technical introduction and communication regarding to the research results about the application of the rare earth material in the petroleum chemical industry, the clean fuel, the vehicle catalyst, the catalytic combustion, the fuel cell, the sewage treatment and so on in the recent years

  15. The naming ceremony of s. h. ho centre for gerontology and geriatrics was held today. dr. david t. c. ho, chairman, the s. h. ho foundation limited, professor lawrence j. lau, vice - chancellor, cuhk, professor t. f. fok, dean of the faculty of medicine, cuhk, professor joseph sung, chairman of the department of medicine & therapeutics, cuhk, professor sian griffiths, director of the school of public health, cuhk and professor jean woo, director of the s. h. ho centre for gerontology & geriatrics officiated at the ceremony

  16. Professor gilmore, president of the royal college of physicians, addresses the medical profession on the risks facing human health

  17. According to dr elizabeth quat, president of iproa, the web care award receives enthusiastic response from 100 organizations with more than 200 websites being awarded the recognition in 2006

    網際網路專業人員協會會長葛佩帆博士表示, 2006年度的無障礙優異網站大獎反應非常熱烈,共有100間機構參與及支持,超過200個網站獲獎。
  18. And he ( new york city mayor koch ) watched, curiously subdued, as his friend, bess myerson, was dragged through the mud ? until he finally avoided a major political embarrassment last week when a jury found her innocent of all charges

  19. " this is a tragedy and we express our condolences, " boris gryzlov, speaker of russia ' s lower house of parliament, told journalists

  20. He also met ministry of commerce vice - minister yu guangzhou and vice - minister ge zhirong from the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the prc aqsiq