naacp 中文意思是什麼

naacp 解釋
NAACP =National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 〈美國〉全國有色人種協進會。

  1. Naacp and other militant negro groups counseled resistance.

  2. The naacp is hoping to finally lay the n - word to rest

    美國全國有色人種協進會希望「 n 」字最終停止使用。
  3. Butyou ' re also getting a tag as unpatriotic by the naacp,

  4. President bush attended the naacp convention today for the first time since taking office

  5. Harlem renaissance ( from the cover of the april 1923 issue of the crisis : a record of the darker races, the official monthly publication of the naacp ( 1910 - present )

    哈林區文藝復興(圖片為出版於1923年四月的刊物?緊要關頭:有關有色種族之紀錄之封面。此刊物為美國有色人種促進會官方月刊) (成立於1910年~迄今) 。
  6. " bills, bills, bills " was cowritten, in part, by destiny s child s beyonce knowles and kelly rowland and kandi burruss of xscape. destiny s child was awarded the coveted naacp image award in the outstanding duo or group category for the writing s on the wall. destiny s child s videos have become mainstays on mtv and vh1, who featured the group on " divas 2000 : a tribute to diana ross.

    2000年一開春, destiny s child便經歷了團員的變動,原來的latavia與letoya更換為18歲的farrah franklin以及19歲的michelle williams ,其中18歲的farrah franklin又在不到半年後離開,但destiny s child在beyonce knowles及kelly rowland這兩位樂團原創始者及靈魂人物的領導下,不但絲毫不受影響,反而成績更加突飛猛進。