duralumin 中文意思是什麼

duralumin 解釋
n. 名詞 (制飛機用的)硬鋁,都拉鋁。
a duralumin bird 鐵鳥[飛機]。

  1. Cold extrusion and precision extrusion forming technology for duralumin drive wheel

  2. Eliminating noise and controling vibration, gold plated brass pin, male plug, with duralumin to cut vibration

    消除雜訊制震,銅鍍金插片,公插, duralumin抑震材質使用,防磁體
  3. Based on a duralumin flexible beam with piezoelectric films attached, distributed parameter modal described by partial difference equations is builded, and then turned into a set of two order systems with the method of modal analyse. state feedback control and independent modal control is investigated. and simulation of the closed - loop system with thest two methods is performed in matlab