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  • cell : n 1 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。2 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。3 (大修道院附屬的...
  • current : adj. 1. 通用的,流行的。2. 現在的,現時的,當時的。3. 流暢的;草寫的。n. 1. 水流;氣流;電流。2. 思潮,潮流;趨勢,傾向。3. 進行,過程。
  1. A white led driver circuit is presented in this paper. the circuit drives up to four white leds with regulated constant current for uniform intensity. by utilizing proprietary adaptive 1x / 1. 5x modes and ultra - low - dropout current regulators, it maintains the highest possible efficiency over the full 1 - cell li + battery input voltage range

    整體電路以恆定電流驅動4隻白光led ,利用1倍/ 1 . 5倍分數型電荷泵和低壓差電流調節器,在整個鋰電池供電電壓范圍內保持最高的效率,並使四個白光led獲得均勻的亮度。
  2. A solid electric conductor through which an electric current enters or leaves an electrolytic cell or other medium

  3. Electrode a solid electric conductor through which an electric current enters or leaves an electrolytic cell or other medium

  4. The method of obtaining high concentration of na2feo4 solution by quick electrolysis mainly contains four aspects : adoption of either a diaphragm or an ionic membrane electrolytic cell in which a thin anodic cell lying between the two cathodes, ( 2 ) using an iron anode that has larger specific surface area, ( 3 ) keeping suitable concentration of naoh in the anodic cell, adoption of lower current density and higher electrolyzing speed. the practical technique parameters follow a s below : the naoh solution of 14 - 16mol / l, the temperature of 303 - 308k, the surface anodic current density of 300a / m2, the unit electrolyzing speed of efficiency larger than 6. 0a / l

    快速電解獲取高濃度na _ 2feo _ 4溶液的方法,主要包括四個方面:採用兩陰極室夾一厚度較小的陽極室的隔膜(或離子膜)電解槽;使用比表面積較大的鐵網陽極;保持陽極室中有適宜濃度的濃naoh溶液;採用較低的電流密度和較高的電解速度。具體工藝參數是: 14 16mol / lnaoh溶液、溫度303 308k 、表觀陽極電流密度300a m ~ 2 、有效單位電解速度6 . 0a / l 。
  5. The morphological feature of the somatic cells in the testis of siniperca kneri, such as fibroblasts, sertoli cell and leydig cell are also described in the current paper, meanwhile, both of sertoli cell and leydig cell possess some structural characteristics of typical endocrine gland cell and we have discussed their functions respectively

    理學碩士學位論文:大眼撅精巢及精子發育大眼鰓精巢內體細胞包括成纖維細胞、支持細胞、 leydig細胞等。支持細胞、 leydig細胞具有典型內分泌細胞的結構特點。
  6. Another area of current interest concerns the possible role of cell surface glycoproteins in cell adhesion.

  7. On the conventional whole cell patch clamp mode. howevef, under the perforated whole cell patch clamp mode, l00 ll m snp caused a efficient increase in ik (. ) by 20 ' 2 % t4. 5 % at 60mv 4 - ap l0 mm, a kind of selective inhibiter of delayed rectifier potassium current [ ik ( v ) ], can not inhibit the snp - induced increase of ik ( c. )

    應用相同的刺激模式,一在傳統全細胞模式下s pnovm 0卜m于m00vm對ik ( c一尤影啊… o仍)然而在穿孔模式下當細胞膜去極化至均0 v時, 1皿卜m p可明顯增加人0川達zo二士牛5 … 8廠選擇性延遲整流型鉀電流阻斷劑10mm個ap不能抑制snp對ik ( c 。
  8. In general, there is a measurable difference in potential between the two electrodes whether the cell is passing a current or not.

  9. Using the particle - in - cell ( pic ) model, a 8 millimeter relativistic backward wave oscillator underlying superradiance mechanism was gotten, the influence on both operation frequency and radiation efficiency of the guiding magnetic field, the diode voltage, the beam current and the beam radius as well as the corrugation structure were also presented

  10. Among them, selenocosmia huwena and selenocosmia hainana belong to theraphosidae while macrothele raveni belongs to hexathelidae. all of them could kill insects and some small vertebrate with their venoms. in this article, using whole - cell patch - clamp technology, we observed the effects of the venoms from the three kinds of spider on the voltage - activated tetrodotoxin - sensitive ( ttx - s ) sodium current and delay - rectified potassium current of undifferentiated ng108 - 15 cells

    虎紋捕鳥蛛( selenocosmiahuwena ) 、海南捕鳥蛛( selenocosmiahainana )和雷氏大疣蛛( macrotheleraveni )均是在我國近年來發現的蜘蛛新種,前兩者屬于捕鳥蛛科,而後者屬于異仿蛛科。
  11. A review : current international research into cell wall mechanics of tracheids

  12. That the current cell has uncommitted changes

  13. In 1800 volta made his experiment cell and produced for the first time a steady electric current

  14. The calculation method of ln ( / tan # ) index widely used is the multiple flow direction algorithm developed by quinn et al. it can been seen that, in the algorithm, the contour length normal to the direction of flow flowing out the current cell is used to determine both a and tan #, and that the calculated total cumulative contributing area of downslide grid cell does not include the area of the current cell

    目前普遍使用的計算該地形指數的方法為多流向法。方法中計算和tan用的均是與流出單元網格流向垂直的等高線長。另外計算下坡單元網格累積匯流面積時沒有考慮欲計算ln ( tan )值的單元網格的面積,這些是不合理的。
  15. The purposes of the present study were to investigate ( 1 ) the hemodynamic effects of agmatine in anaesthetized dahl salt - sensitive ( ds ) hypertensive and dahl salt - resistant ( dr ) rats ; ( 2 ) the effect of agmatine on vascular tension in the isolated aortic artery of rats and the underlying receptor mechanism ; ( 3 ) the effects of local injection of agmatine on femoral, renal, and mesenteric vascular beds by constant flow perfusion method ; ( 4 ) the effect of agmatine on l - type calcium current ( / ca - t ) in rat ventricular myocytes with whole - cell configuration of the patch - clamp technique ; ( 5 ) the effects of agmatine on free intracellular calcium concentration ( ca2 + d of isolated rat ventricular myocytes

    ( 3 )採用後肢、腎臟和腸系膜動脈在體恆流灌注法,觀察向灌流環路中直接注射胍丁胺的血管效應。 ( 4 )應用全細胞膜片箝技術,觀察胍丁胺對大鼠心室肌細胞l -型鈣通道電流( i _ ( ca - l ) )的影響。 ( 5 )用fluo3 - am負載分離的大鼠心室肌細胞后,由激光共聚焦法測定單個心室肌細胞[ ca ~ ( 2 + ) ] _ i的熒光強度,觀察胍丁胺對分離大鼠心室肌細胞內游離鈣濃度( [ ca ~ ( 2 + ) ] _ i )的影響。
  16. The patch clamp experiment : the cell - attached and inside - out configurations of the patch - clamp techniques were used to investigate single channel properties of nmd a receptors in the actuely dissociated neurons of the marginal division in the rat striatum, recording the current amplitude. long / short term opening / closing times indexes and the effects of incitants and agonists of the nmd a receptors on those parameters. we find that two types of conductance of 42ps and 20ps were recorded, the 42ps was the advantaged conductance

    本研究是在本實驗室以前研究的基礎上,通過膜片鉗( pachclamp )觀測sd ( sprague - dawley , sd )的mrd上nmda受體通道的電生理特性;繼而對青壯年sd大鼠的mrd 、海馬進行毀損並腹腔注射nmda受體阻滯劑ktm ( ketamine , ktm ) ,觀察其對大鼠學習記憶能力的影響:對于學習記憶能力下降的老年鼠進一步做顱內定位注射nmda受體激動劑與抑制劑,觀察其在特定部位的作用;最後,應用fmri ( functionalmagneticresonanceimaging ; fmri )對注射ktm的志願者做學習記憶與痛覺的對比觀察。
  17. Compound polysaccharide has the biology active of many sided, it is current world go up high grade and the immune conditioning agent of side - effect of extremelying he du, promote human body immunity effectively force in the round, it is cell and cell implement structural substantial, it is human body cell or viscera hold together the main component with normal indispensable function

  18. In this paper all kinds of fuel cell, the current research situation and working principle of proton exchange membrane fuel cell ( pemfc ) are outlined. mathematical models in relation to electrochemistry reaction and transfer process in direct methanol fuel cell ( dmfc ) are compared and analyzed. latest progress of membrane materials and instrument analysis technique in dmfc has also been described

    介紹了燃料電池的分類以及質子交換膜燃料電池( pemfc )的工作原理和研究現狀,並對直接甲醇燃料電池( dmfc )中有關電化學反應及傳遞過程的數學模型進行了比較和分析,描述了適用於dmfc的膜材料以及儀器分析技術的最新進展,認為直接甲醇燃料電池是目前較理想的燃料電池,有著廣闊的發展前景。
  19. Oxygen diffusion transport and electrochemical reaction in the oxygen cathode of direct methanol fuel cell ( dmfc ) have been expressed with the tffa model. model calculation has been carried out to investigate the effects of structural parameters of the dmfc cathode on the electrode performance, which is respectively represented by the curve of cathode overpotential versus current density. much attention has been paid to parameters including the porosity of the reaction layer, the thickness of the thin - film on the flooded - agglomerate, the radius of the flooded - agglomerate, the volume fraction of the flooded - agglomerates in the reaction layer

    本文首先運用tffa模型描述直接甲醇燃料電池( dmfc )陰極氧氣的傳遞和電化學反應過程,研究了過電位-電流密度曲線受陰極結構參數變化的影響程度,其中著重考慮了以下幾個參數:催化層的孔隙率,浸漬聚集體薄膜的厚度,浸漬聚集體的半徑,浸漬聚集體在催化層中的體積分數。
  20. Moves the focus to the cell directly above the current cell