cell poison 中文意思是什麼

cell poison 解釋
  • cell : n 1 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。2 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。3 (大修道院附屬的...
  • poison : n 1 毒;毒藥。2 毒害;弊病;有害的主義[學說、風氣(等)]。3 〈俚語〉劣酒。4 抑制劑。vt 1 放毒于;...
  1. Magical fire ( eye doctor ) looks at well - being cream of sticking drawing tradition traditional chinese medicine formula famous and precious in tsinghua, is tied in wedlock modern up - to - date medicine result of scientific research, the various chinese medicinal crop famous and precious being carefully chosen, adopt the modern nano - technology and target to poison a technology to being given to, let various active material, tiny molecule, nutrition factor glutathione etc. guide medicine it is all right for to go ahead, the brute force passes through blood eye parclose, make pesticide effect reach nidus directly location, prompt the nutrition replenishing an eye with the part ( include ciliary muscle, retina, crystalline lens, optic nerve ), active eye part cell, improve eye part immunocompetence and oxidation resistance, boost an eye part organizing an assimilation of the new and excretion of the old, microcirculation improving and restoring an eye part, thereby reach eliminate look at strain, purpose improving and improving sight

  2. People ' s blood vessel and lymphatic gland are served as by certain degree squeezing and are loosened, meeting boost blood and the lymph cycling, make the body arrange poison, and energy activation cell effectively, make the obstinate fat change into fatty acid, reach the towline body effect reducing weight thereby

  3. Two hours before his turn would have come he swallowed a vial of poison that had been smuggled into his cell.

  4. The security of cp i according to the experiments of mice accute toxicity was evaluated, guinea pig sensitization and cytotoxicity experiment in integer level and cell level. it showed that : the mice had no toxic reaction ; the guinea pig ' s points of injection had no erythema and dropsy ; the cytotoxicity was lower than i class. the results proved that cp i had no poison side effects

  5. The result showed that muscle cells is damaged by exposure in low dosage of cd2 +. so cadmiun is a very important poison substance in the environment. section two : effects of lead on ultrastructure of myocardial cell in freshwater crab sinpotamon yangtsekiense from may to june in 2002, the effect of pb2 + on ultrastructure of myocardial cells of sinopotamon yangtsekiense was studied by using transmission electron microscopy ( tem )

    體外暴露鉛對長江華溪蟹心肌細胞超微結構的影響於2002年5 6月,採用體外暴露鉛的方法處理長江華溪蟹( sinopotamonyangtsekiense ) ,應用透射電鏡技術( tem ) ,觀察了鉛對心肌細胞超微結構的影響。
  6. Chitin is a kind of polyglucosamide extracted from shells of crustacean and cell walls of fungus. it is one of the richest natural macromolecular compound on the earth. it is biodegreeable, without poison and possesses well biocompatibility