阿左右 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [azuǒyòu]
阿左右 英文
  • : 阿Ⅰ助詞(用在稱呼前面) Ⅱ(用於音譯外來語)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (面向南時靠東的一邊 與右相對) the left side; the left 2 (東) east 3 (姓氏) a surname...
  1. Kodiak bears, native to the kodiak archipelago near alaska, are ominvores that live up to 30 years in the wild. their lifespan increases to about 50 years in captivity

  2. Albert had already made seven or eight similar excursions to the colosseum, while his less favored companion trod for the first time in his life the classic ground forming the monument of flavius vespasian ; and, to his credit be it spoken, his mind, even amid the glib loquacity of the guides, was duly and deeply touched with awe and enthusiastic admiration of all he saw ; and certainly no adequate notion of these stupendous ruins can be formed save by such as have visited them, and more especially by moonlight, at which time the vast proportions of the building appear twice as large when viewed by the mysterious beams of a southern moonlit sky, whose rays are sufficiently clear and vivid to light the horizon with a glow equal to the soft twilight of an eastern clime

  3. We reached morocco around 10∶00 that evening, for my first step on arab soil.

  4. Introduce according to the relevant data, persian cat is in around 16 centurieses, from the himalayas cat and angola cat miscellaneous hand over, lift through several years to breed but grow purely. persian cat ' s figure is bigger, wering grown by the hair and thick and airtight, head circle big, the face is flat even, sum breadth the ear is small, circle the eye snub - nosed tone short breadth, the body feels round and smooth because the hair grows, the arms and legs is thick short soft, the tail is fluffy and bulky, giving person a kind of noblest felling. persian cat ' s pressing is canned is divided into a white, black, red by the hair color ' s dissimilarity, yellow, dark gray, blue, double color, tortoise shell color, miscellaneous color, tiger spot color etc. species. take species of the red as among them valuable

  5. The pakistani seismological bureau says the quake hit at around 6 : 00am local time, 200 kilometers north of peshawar in the mountainous hindu kush region straddling the afghan - pakistani border

  6. 3, a doses of residence change location lie and black hills south buddhist nun inferior to visit snow line nearby in accordance with rucker river sweat, county of field, the elevation is about 5000 meters

  7. Through incompetence, conviction, or overconfidence in his manipulative skills, allende never faced up to that dilemma.

  8. Aryabhatta an indian mathematician who lived in the 5th century a. d. has referred to bijaganitam in his treatise on mathematics, aryabhattiya

  9. Foreign labourers, mainly from the asian sub - continent, make up around 85 percent of the united arab emirates " 4 million population

  10. They had a thriving culture along the mississippi and arkansas rivers as far back as 500 a. d

  11. “ almiron is valued at something around ? 6m and empoli would like to sell the player in june, ” stated the player ' s agent claudio vagheggi recently

    爾米隆的身價應該在600萬英鎊,恩波利可以在六月把他賣出, 」球員的經紀人克勞迪奧?瓦蓋基最近表示。
  12. This paper makes a professional research on the spatial organization of harbin metropolitan area. through extensive field survey information, define the geographical scope of harbin metropolitan is harbin as area center, an area of about 35, 000 square kilometres in size, with a radius of 100 kilometres around the region of radiation, including at the harbin city and the surrounding wuchang, shuangcheng, acheng, shangzhi, binxian and zhaodong. social - economic development, urbanization and rural development zone building contributed to the development of common harbin metropolitan area formation ; with the reform and opening - up program and the continuous deepening of global economic integration, harbin metropolitan area will face in the future development of more opportunities and challenges

    本文對哈爾濱都市圈空間組織進行實證研究,通過對大量的實地調查資料,界定了哈爾濱都市圈的地域范圍是以哈爾濱為中心,幅員面積約3 . 5萬平方公里,區域輻射半徑為100公里,現階段包括哈爾濱市及周邊的五常市、雙城市、城市、尚志市、賓縣和肇東市;社會經濟的發展、開發區的建設以及鄉村城市化的發展共同促成了哈爾濱都市圈的形成;隨著改革開放的深入和全球經濟一體化的不斷深入,哈爾濱都市圈在未來發展中將面臨更多地機遇和挑戰。
  13. Studies in human fetuses note opioid ( enkephalin - like ) immunoreactie fibers as early as 10 weeks ; moreoer, mu and kappa receptors predominate at birth, with low densities of delta receptors

  14. Studies in human fetuses note opioid ( enkephalin - like ) immunoreactive fibers as early as 10 weeks ; moreover, mu and kappa receptors predominate at birth, with low densities of delta receptors

  15. The market rate for locally - grown human hair is around per five ounces, a company official said

  16. The market rate for locally - grown human hair is around $ 11 per five ounces, a company official said

  17. In order to reach as many arabic speakers as possible, the work team also offered arabic flyers and sample booklets and other information to visitors at the arab pavilion, where more than 3, 000 books on the arab world and many works by arab authors and poets were exhibited, and a number of cultural events took place

  18. The big three - stringed is san a branch of yi and axi peoples particular musical instrument. the diameter of the vocal tube is about 30 centimeters

  19. Rosicky joined arsenal yesterday in a deal thought to be worth ? 7 million

  20. Eh ? and anatole, with that peculiar partiality common in persons of dull brain, for any conclusion to which they have been led by their own mental processes, repeated the argument he had repeated a hundred times over to dolohov already