長門市 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhǎngménshì]
長門市 英文
nagato, yamaguchi
  • : 長Ⅰ形容詞1 (年紀較大) older; elder; senior 2 (排行最大) eldest; oldest Ⅱ名詞(領導人) chief;...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (房屋、車船等的出入口 ) entrance; exit; door; gate 2 (形狀或作用像門的東西) switch; va...
  • : 同 「黻」[fú]
  • 門市 : retail sales門市部 retail department; sales department; salesroom; 門市價格 retail price; 門市商...
  1. Xiamen overseas exchanges association deputy chairman

  2. The development of information service industry is very fast, so the city was designated as a city on trail of information popularity in the country, one of the three big junction stations of long distance call of guangdong, one of the four big cores of the internet

  3. From xiamen music school, study flute

  4. Based on results of a lot of practical investigations, academic researches and comparisons of situations of real estate industry in changsha with that in other cities, this paper analyzes the present situations and existing problems of changsha ' s real estate industry and points out that the competition of foreign enterprises, the low degree of openness in renting system, the inefficiency in management, the conflicts of administration and practice, the lack of legal consciousness for agent serv ices, the nonstandardization of real estate management companies and the distemperedness in supervisory systems pose the outside threats ; ill managerial system, low technical level, small scales of companies, few measures for financing and marketing, poor quality and high prices of products pose the inside problems

  5. Add : unit c, floor 15, changan building, no. 75 - 77 lvling road, xiamen, china

    公司地址:廈呂嶺路75 - 77號安大廈15樓c單元
  6. The group president general manager mr. liangping cai right in the upper picture and the group vice president ms. yueming cai left in the lower picture were awarded " honored citizen " by xiamen municipal government

  7. That decline, along with foreclosures, will elongate the housing inventory adjustment, exert downward pressure on prices, keep builder s on the sidelines, and shrink employment in construction and the home finance sector

  8. Xin xing liang electric - optics of jilin province, co., ltd. it has evolved into a unique company, specializing in the manufacture of cylindrical lens etc. we employ some experienced engineers and technical personnel from chang chun institute of optics, fine mechanics and physics, which is part of the chinese academy of science

  9. The set keeping fitness tickets are the best choice for recreation, rmb188 per person, you can choose a set of meal at will in the golden palace restaurant after you enjoy keeping fitness swimming sauna bath

  10. The relation which is among photosynthetic of three kind lawnx dateable and yearly transpiration rule and environmental factor is found by analysis. it is gotten account water consumption of lawn in certain unite area and ecological water requirement by accounting. all the result provides basic - 2 - data for park and garden department in changchun and offer scientific and logical advice

  11. He joined the macau government in 1980 and has served as the head of the department of public health and environment on the municipal council

  12. Cast : kawarasaki chojuro, nakamura kanemon, ichikawa utaemon in the second half, oishi kawarasaki, leader of the forty - seven loyal

  13. The number of digital tv channels almost tops 80, including seven professional channels on movies, drama series, and trends, etc. changsha, the provincial capital of hunan, took the lead to launch advanced digital broadcasting in mid - 2003, followed by the availability of digital tv in shaoyang, another major city, on january 9, 2004

  14. In july 2002, former standing member of the provincial party committee and secretary of the municipal party committee of xiamen mr. lizhong zheng second from the right in the front row visited donglun group with other municipal and district leaders. third from the right in the front row is the group president mr. liangping cai

    省委常委廈委書記鄭立中前右二, 2002年7月到東綸集團調研前右三為公司董事蔡良平,前左二為副董事蔡月明
  15. During the press meeting for ifma in january, journalists from all over europe were generally very positive about what they saw : 11 - metre - high halls flooded with daylight, every alternative covered for exhibitors and elegant open spaces. the new ifma is also attracting accolades from exhibitors. there has been an increase of around 30 per cent in the rented stand space

    在全臺設有10家直營與10家租賃處的捷安特, 2006年自行車內銷數直逼20萬輛,締造近9億臺幣的營業額,較前一年成了15 % 。
  16. From 1981 to now, xiamen city absorbed the experience precept, and continuously enhanced the environmental protection measure, and actualized in earnest continuable development strategy, and acquired the following results : with gross domestic product, gdp and per capita gnp increasing quickly, the atmosphere quantity still reached the first class nation standard, and the sea water quantity also reached the first class standard ; the city was successively rated " national park city ", " the model city of national environmental protection ", and " china excellent tour city " etc. ; the city obtained the tallest prize in all kinds of synthesis assessment of chinese cities in 2003 - the chinese reside environment prize ; it had already stepped in the circle of the synchronously development and regular cycle of environment and economy now, becoming the model of china city walking on the road of sustainable development

    1981年至今,廈不斷強化環保措施,努力實施可持續發展戰略,獲得的成果有:在國內生產總值快速增,人均產值突飛猛進的情況下,大氣質量仍達國家一級標準,海水質量達到一類標準;先後被評為「國家園林城」 、 「國家環保模範城」 、 「中國優秀旅遊城」等; 2003年榮膺中國城各類綜合評比中的最高獎項中國人居環境獎;現已步入環境與經濟同步發展、良性循環的軌道,成為中國城建設走可持續發展道路的楷模。
  17. Deputy secretary general of chongqing government wang yinfeng and his suite, officials from general office of the people ' s government of chongqing municipality, education commission of chongqing municipality, financial services office, chongqing municipal bureau of finance, inspected our university

  18. 605, xiamen ramada hotel, no. 430 changqing road xiamen, china

  19. Address : rm. 605, xiamen ramada hotel, no. 430 changqing road, xiamen, china

  20. The number of digital tv channels almost tops 80, including seven professional channels on movies, drama series, and trends, etc. changsha, the provincial capital of hunan, took the lead to launch advanced digital broadcasting in mid - 2003, followed by the availability of digital tv in shaoyang, another major city, on january 9, 2004. altogether there are some 10, 000 digital tv users in both cities and the number of subscribers is growing fast