中文拼音 [yīng]
名詞1. (穗狀飾物) tassel 2. (像纓子的東西) sth. shaped like a tassel 3. (泛指帶子) ribbon
  1. ( 4 ) fluorescent investigation shows that pollen started to germinate about 20 hours later after deposited on the stigmas, only 1 or 2 pollen tubes can penetrate ovary to micropylar end on the fifth day. callose plugs evenly formed in the pollen tube, and sometimes callus deposited randomly along pollen tube wall and even the whole tube wall. ( 5 ) 16 species of insects visited c. praecox in nanjing, belonging to hymenoptera, diptera, coleoptera, thysanoptera and spiders ( arachnoidea ) ; apis cerana cerana fabricius, aldrichina grahami ( aldrich ), epistrophe balteata de gee, musca hervei villeneuve are its main efficient pollinators

    ( 5 )南京地區蠟梅的訪問昆蟲約16種,分屬膜翅目hymenoptera 、雙翅目diptera 、鞘翅目coleoptera ,翅目thysanoptera 、及蛛形綱arachnoidea ,主要傳粉昆蟲有4種:膜翅目蜜蜂科東方蜜蜂中華亞種apisceranaceranafabricius 、雙翅目蠅科muscidae黑邊家蠅muscaherveivillcneuve 、麗蠅科calliphoridae巨尾阿麗蠅aldrichinagrahami ( aldrich )及食蚜蠅科syrphidae黑帶食蚜蠅epistrophebalteatadegeer ;亮葉蠟梅的訪問昆蟲約18種,分屬鞘翅目coleoptera 、半翅目hemiptera 、翅目thysanoptera 、膜翅目hymenoptera 、雙翅目diptera 、鱗翅目lepidoptera ,另外有蛛形綱arachnoidea的蠟橄ch儷ononthuspr口ecox ( l
  2. When geraldine and chia stepped down from their posts as directors three years after kp first opened its doors to the public, four people immediately manifested and volunteered their services as the new directors tiki, joann tan, henry and sio chian

    當geraldine及chia在kp服務3年後卸下理事的職務時, tiki , joann tan , henry及siochian四位熱心的成員自動請加入,貢獻他們的力量。
  3. The result indicated that there wore mainly 91 species distributed in all the cropland, woodland and wasteland in hainan island, and the most harmful species were praxelis clematidea, eupatorium odoratum, parthenium hysterophorus, mimosa sepiaria, wedelia trilobat, lantana camara, eichhornia crassipe, its impact on agriculture was severer than forestry

  4. Fringed - micelle model

  5. Fine feathers and scarlet cloaks would not be excuses for baseness and deception.

  6. Weng tong - he family was one of the distinguished families in changshu in qing dynasty

  7. One was in a black uniform with a white plume, on a chestnut english thoroughbred, the other in a white uniform on a black horse

  8. By comparison of k - l change and k - t change, this paper thinks tasseled cap change can separate vegetation from soil better

    比較cbers - 01圖像k - l變換和k - t變換的兩個主要成分,發現帽變換能較好地分離土壤和植被。
  9. While the apsheron battalion was marching by, miloradovitch, a red - faced man, wearing a uniform and orders, with no overcoat, and a turned - up hat with huge plumes stuck on one side, galloped ahead of them, and saluting in gallant style, reined up his horse before the tsar

  10. After analysis of tm / etm + data ' s advantage over the forest change detection, tasseled cap transformation, principal component analysis and normalized difference vegetation index were chosen to enhance the vegetation spectral information. expert classification system was adopted to extract the main tree species in the littoral shelter forest

    在分析etm +數據在森林資源監測中的優勢的基礎上,通過帽變換、主成分分析和植被指數法增強植被光譜信息,結合專家分類系統對沿海防護林主要樹種進行提取。
  11. On the basis of geometric correction for remote sensing images data, detailed character analysis was conducted for the tm images. several image transformations which are linear scale transformation, ratio processing, principal components transformation, tasseled - cap transformation and minimum noise fraction rotation ( mnf transformation ) were then implemented

    在對研究區數據進行幾何精校正的基礎上,對tm數據進行了詳細的特徵分析,並對其進行了有利於植被信息提取的幾種圖像變換:線性拉伸、比值增強、主成分變換、帽變換以及最低噪聲分離變換( mnf變換) 。
  12. Yes, it is true. i am the murderer of samuel childs

  13. From boston to maine, roads, homes and businesses are underwater

  14. Ying wah chinese opera

  15. R. russatum, r. primulaefolium, r. tarpetiforme, r. cuneatum, r. fastigiatum and r. traillianum, etc

  16. These insect visitors are important for reproductive success of the two species because their seed - set is not high without pollinators " visiting

  17. The real white flag is one of three flags of emperor, which is rare at home. this helmet is covered with oxskin and lacquer, and the tassel seems not so accordant

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  19. To find out, raudenbush had a group of volunteers eat 85 grams of milk chocolate

  20. Kuk fung quickly falls in love with carlily kuk fung s friend. meanwhile, little kuk - ku has met a new friend, wo who is working at the noodle bar