赤德 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chì]
赤德 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (紅色) red 2. (忠誠) loyal; sincere; single-hearted 3. (光著; 裸露) bare Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (道德; 品行; 政治品質) virtue; morals; moral character 2 (心意) heart; mind 3 (恩惠)k...
  1. The main contents include : water environment, marine sediment and the trend monitoring of marine life quality ; at the same time, to consolidate the monitoring of the functional zones, such as seashore bathing places, oceanic reserves, marine aquafarms ; to set up the seashell monitoring and controlling zones in the sea areas of both pingtan and yunxiao at the first time ; to carry out the statistical monitoring of polder, exploiting sea sand, spartin aallerni flora, terrestrial sewages, etc., to carry out monitoring of the total quantity of pollutants into the offshore marine areas in the min river, the jiulong river as well as the municipal sewages of xinlin industry in xiamen and jiaocheng in ningde ; to carry out the red tide monitoring in the offshore marine areas of fujian province ; to implement time - lapse, pointing and continuous red tide monitoring of high frequency and high intensity in the sandu gulf, the min river estuary and offshore marine areas of xiamen

  2. Bloom in an oatmeal sporting suit, a sprig of woodbine in the lapel, tony buff shirt, shepherd s plaid saint andrew s cross scarftie, white spats, fawn dustcoat on his arm, tawny red brogues, fieldglasses in bandolier and a grey billycock hat

  3. It was anybody s race then the rank outsider drew to the fore got long lead, beating lord howard de walden s chestnut colt and mr w. bass s bay filly sceptre on a 2 1 2 mile course. winner trained by braine so that lenehan s version of the business was all pure buncombe

    隨后這匹沒有獲勝希望的「黑馬」竟沖向前去,遙遙領先在二英里半的賽程中,擊敗了霍華沃爾登勛爵的栗色公馬和w .巴斯先生的褐毛小母馬。
  4. Over against dame gate tom rochford and nosey flynn watched the approach of the cavalcade. tom rochford, seeing the eyes of lady dudley on him, took his thumbs quickly out of the pockets of his claret waistcoat and doffed his cap to her

  5. On a handsome mahogany table near him were neatly arranged the quartering knife, the various finely tempered disembowelling appliances specially supplied by the worldfamous firm of cutlers, messrs john round and sons, sheffield, a terracotta saucepan for the reception of the duodenum, colon, blind intestine and appendix etc when successfully extracted and two commodious milkjugs destined to receive the most precious blood of the most precious victim

  6. The epicentre appears to have been that part of the metropolis which constitutes the inn s quay ward and parish of saint michan covering a surface of fortyone acres, two roods and one square pole or perch

    震中好像在首都的客棧碼頭區至聖麥昌教區一帶,面積達四十一英畝二路一平方桿或波爾639 。
  7. It was in this costume, and bringing back to jacopo the shirt and trousers he had lent him, that edmond reappeared before the captain of the lugger, who had made him tell his story over and over again before he could believe him, or recognize in the neat and trim sailor the man with thick and matted beard, hair tangled with seaweed, and body soaking in seabrine, whom he had picked up naked and nearly drowned

  8. “ jude ” included probably the most painful scene in literature ? in which a small child hangs his siblings and himself ? and though ms tomalin shows some exasperation with her subject over this maudlin melodrama, his reasons for being drawn to such frankly sadistic imaginings remain mysterious

  9. Aldrich bay oi tak street - stanley fort gate

    愛秩序灣(愛街) -柱炮臺(閘口)
  10. 14 aldrich bay oi tak street - stanley fort gate

    14愛秩序灣(愛街) -柱炮臺(閘口)
  11. Concerned about the dangerous global imbalances represented by america ' s ballooning current - account deficit, rodrigo de rato, head of the international monetary fund ( imf ), has also pressed for more flexibility on the yuan

  12. Their debut single " ya soshla s uma i lost my mind became a massive hit in the girls native russia, owing in no small part to a video featuring titillating footage of olegovna and sergeevna acting out the song s sapphic storyline. the video became an instant hit on mtv europe, encouraging shapovalov to hire noted uk producer trevor horn to oversee the recording of t. a. t. u. " s english language debut. featuring reworked versions of songs from the duo s russian debut, the album was premiered by a new ve rsion of " ya soshla s uma " retitled " all the things she said "

    但是兩人的確會唱歌,年月第一支單曲我瘋了一出街就登上「俄羅斯廣播」 「 」 「 」 「 」等多個電臺榜冠軍,一上榜就是幾個月,這首歌的歌詞說的是裸裸的女性對女性的「傾慕」 , 「我瘋了,我需要她,爸爸媽媽原諒我」接下來的所有她說的話分鐘都是各大電臺的熱播曲目年在俄羅斯國保加利亞斯洛伐克舉行近場演唱會,在紐約大都會歌劇院接受頒獎禮頒發的「我最喜歡的俄羅斯音樂錄影帶獎」 ,專輯被俄國評為年度銷量冠軍年正式出版英文專輯進軍美國,從此躋身國際。
  13. At the second course, with the gigantic sturgeon at the sight of which ilya andreitch flushed with shamefaced delight, the footman began popping corks and pouring out champagne. after the fish, which made a certain sensation, count ilya andreitch exchanged glances with the other stewards

  14. Cancelled kr41 beacon heights - somerset road, kowloon tong kr42 beacon heights - wai chi street, shek kip mei hr36 ap lei chau san shi street - causeway bay pak sha road refer to gmb 36x hr41 pok fu lam gardens - wan chai cancelled hr42 baguio villas lower - edinburgh place hr43 baguio villas upper - edinburgh place hr44 no. 57 - 61 south bay road - repulse bay hr45 hk parkview - edinburgh place hr46 hong kong parkview - wan chai hr48 repulse bay - central circular hr49 robinson heights - central circular hr50 no. 57 - 61 south bay road - edinburgh place hr51 beverly hill - causeway bay circular hr53 pacific view - edinburgh place hr54 dynasty court - edinburgh place hr55 dynasty court - wan chai circular hr56 grand panorama - central circular hr57 redhill peninsula - stanley hr58 redhill peninsula - shau kei wan mtr station hr59 redhill peninsula - central hr60 repulse bay road - causeway bay hr61 conduit road skyview cliff - central hr62 conduit road realty gardens - central admiralty hr63 a kung ngam village - shau kei wan mtr station circular hr64 conduit road imperial court - admiralty tamar street hr65 seymore road goldwin heights - central queen s pier hr66 tregunter path branksome - central connaught place circular hr67 old peak road hillsborough court - central queen s pier hr68 garden terrace - admiralty mtr station drake street hr69 magazine gap road harbourview - admiralty tamar street circular hr70 kennedy road bamboo grove - central ice house street circular hr71 old peak road tregunter - central queen s pier circular hr72 old peak road tregunter - admiralty tamar street circular hr73 conduit road pearl garden - admiralty circular hr74 no. 150 kennedy road - central queen s pier hr75 pokfield road university heights - sheung wan shun tak centre circular hr76 may road the mayfair - admiralty drake street circular hr77 may road clovelly court - central queen s pier circular

    (已取消) hr42下碧瑤灣- -愛丁堡廣場hr43上碧瑤灣- -愛丁堡廣場hr44南灣道57 - 61號- -淺水灣hr45陽明山莊- -愛丁堡廣場hr46陽明山莊- -灣仔hr48淺水灣- -中環(循環線) hr49樂信臺- -中環(循環線) hr50南灣道57 - 61號- -愛丁堡廣場hr51比華利山- -銅鑼灣(循環線) hr53浪琴園- -愛丁堡廣場hr54帝景園- -愛丁堡廣場hr55帝景園- -灣仔(循環線) hr56嘉兆臺- -中環(循環線) hr57紅山半島- -柱hr58紅山半島- -筲箕灣地鐵站hr59紅山半島- -中環hr60淺水灣道- -銅鑼灣hr61干道(華庭閣) - -中環hr62干道(聯邦花園) - -中環/金鐘hr63亞公巖村- -筲箕灣地鐵站(循環線) hr64干道(帝豪閣) - -金鐘(添馬街) hr65西摩道(高雲臺) - -中環(皇后碼頭) hr66地利根里(蘭心閣) - -中環(康樂商場) (循環線) hr67舊山頂道(曉峰閣) - -中環(皇后碼頭) hr68舊山頂道(花園臺) - -金鐘(立街) hr69馬己仙峽道(港景別墅) - -金鐘(添馬街) (循環線) hr70堅尼地道(竹林苑) - -中環(雪廠街) (循環線) hr71舊山頂道(地利根閣) - -中環(皇后碼頭) (循環線) hr72舊山頂道(地利根閣) - -金鐘(添馬街) (循環線) hr73干道(明珠臺) - -金鐘(循環線) hr74堅尼地道150號- -中環(皇后碼頭) hr75蒲飛路(翰林軒) - -上環(信中心) (循環線) hr76梅道一號- -金鐘(立街) (循環線) hr77梅道(嘉富麗苑) - -中環(皇后碼頭) (循環線)
  15. Later, when he led his naked warriors down to the destruction of the germen plantation, he was wiser, and he appropriated all the liquors.

  16. In the latter case, writes mr blinder, “ a combined monetary - fiscal effort ? deficit spending or tax cuts financed by printing money ? may be needed ”

    對於後者,布林寫到, 「通過印鈔來彌補支出字和稅收減免的貨幣政策組合是有必要的。 」
  17. As the deep study, more and more infected arthropods are being found. in this paper, the distribution of wolbachia in major trichogramma species ( t. dendrolimi, t. chiloni, t. evanescens, t. ostriniae and t. embryophagum ) in china is discussed

    本論文系統研究了wolbachia在我國主要眼蜂種群(松毛蟲眼蜂t . dendrolimi 、螟黃眼蜂t . chiloni 、廣眼蜂t . evanescens和玉米螟眼蜂t . ostriniae以及從國引進的食胚眼蜂t . embryophagum )中的感染情況。
  18. " cucumetto was a cunning fiend, and had assumed the form of a brigand instead of a serpent, and this look from teresa showed to him that she was a worthy daughter of eve, and he returned to the forest, pausing several times on his way, under the pretext of saluting his protectors

  19. Transforming to pichia pastoris gene encoding mussel adhesive protein

  20. In the collective and unified dastan literature of the ? zbek of the old jochi ulus, comprising the current ? zbek, kazak, mangit - nogay, and baskurt, the following elements of ethics, moral qualities, and characteristics are discernible : exaltation of endeavor ; readiness to die in defense of honor ; the principle of espousing society and state above all ; enduring difficulties with ease ; belief that efforts expended in overcoming obstacles facilitate progress ; willingness to undertake long and arduous journeys ; women ' s desire only for men in possession of these qualities ; and the elevated position of noble women and mothers in the society