經驗標定常數 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīngyànbiāodìngchángshǔ]
經驗標定常數 英文
empircal calibration constant
  • : 經動詞[紡織] (把紡好的紗或線梳整成經紗或經線) warp
  • : 動詞1. (察看; 查考) examine; check; test 2. (產生預期的效果) prove effective; produce the expected result
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [書面語] (樹梢) treetop; the tip of a tree2 (枝節或表面) symptom; outside appearance; ...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平靜; 穩定) calm; stable 2 (已經確定的; 不改變的) fixed; settled; established Ⅱ動詞...
  • : 數副詞(屢次) frequently; repeatedly
  • 經驗 : 1 (由實踐得來的知識或技能) experience 2 (經歷) go through; experience; 經驗教訓 lessons from ...
  • 標定 : demarcate; calibration; calibrating; standardization; pointing
  1. Based on the analysis of types and sources of risks that confront commercial banks, the paper first determines the methodology for its research, i. e. mathematical statistics for quantity factors and the fuzzy discriminating analysis for the quality factors. combining the evaluation approaches of the banks in germany and china, the paper gets 13 common indices, and with mathematical statistical method, chooses 4 factors that will influence customer credits : equity capital / total asset, velocity of stock in trade, velocity of total assets and payoff rate of total sale. the four factors with liquidity factor reflect the customer ' s financial characteristics, such as capital structure, operation, earnings and liquidity

    在理論分析的基礎上,結合德國和中國有關銀行的客戶資信評價方法,在得到影響客戶信用13個用指的基礎上,利用理統計分析方法( t檢、多元判別分析和逐步判別分析等)得出影響客戶信用的四個因素:自有資本率、存貨周轉率、總資產周轉率和銷售盈利率,他們反映了企業資本結構、營狀況和盈利水平,加入企業的流動性以後,它們決了客戶的財務特徵。
  2. A general stack equation of mobile robot based on analyzing the motion of planar motion object and the mathematical models of four different kinds of common wheels is developed, accordingly, the mobility of mobile robot is addressed and the forward and inverse solutions to speed for specific configuration driven by differential speed are derived. utilizing the muir and newman convention, the description of the posture transformation matrices between different coordinate frames and the solution for the speed of point located on these frames are introduced. according to posture estimation, a more accurate method, dead reckoning algorithm, is developed for a specified configuration characterized by differential speed motorization, and simulations of this algorithm and other traditional methods are carried out using matlab while traversing a circular path

  3. A large amount of experience data accumulated through long term operation is introduced. combined with the definition of relative requirements, the choosing and definition of operation index of high - frequency channels specially used for protection of hubei electric power network are discussed and elaborated through calculation and analysis such as input impedance and channel impedance of transmitter, sensitive voltage of received signal, redundancy of received signal, warning of channel redundancy and warning of channel faults etc

  4. Chapter 4 discusses how to stabilize a class of time - delays neural networks via standard feedback control ; this kind of neural networks provides a unified view of several well - known neural networks ( such as hopfield neural networks and cellular neural networks ) with discrete delays or distributed delays. a stability criterion is given by using the lyapunov method. all the results obtained in this chapter are stated in simple algebraic forms so that their verifications and applications are straightforward and convenient

  5. The program of data processing in determination of percent released of pharmaceutical preparation was developed ; two modules included in this program are connected but independence each other, one module calculate percent released, one module regress equation ; determination of percent released of pharmaceutical preparation, comparison of released curve in one reference frame and modeling mathematics model were realized by running this program. the program of formulation optimization based on artificial neural network was compiled to solve the nonlinear problem in formulation optimization. provided parameters were used to predict the released amount of a set of formulations

  6. And use relative fitting error to measure statistical data non - uniform error ; then introduce the method systematically of using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to carry on the overall superior test of the government statistical data quality. includes the establishment of step level appraisal target system, target weight determination, calculates the factor weight in various levels, uniform test of judgment matrix, and built up the final fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of the government statistical data quality according to the above - mentioned standard ; finally selects the partial main social economy total quantity target from chinese statistics yearbook 2003 to carry on the real diagnosis analysis : ( 1 ) confirm these social economy total quantity targets using the description statistics and the k - s inspection method to obey the lognormal normal distribution. ( 2 ) according to the two levels of inspection methods which this article proposed to carry on accuracy and the overall superior test for these social economy total quantity targets

    本文首先從統計據及質量的涵義出發,全面系統的介紹了統計據質量的概念;其次,從研究統計據的分佈規律入手,對統計據準確性檢問題進行了探討,利用對正態分佈檢對反映研究對象規模大小的統計據的質量及異據進行量檢查和識別,並利用相對擬合誤差計量統計據的非一致性誤差;接著系統介紹了利用模糊綜合評價方法對政府統計據質量進行整體優度檢的思路,具體包括建立遞階層次的評價指體系,指權重的確,計算各層次中因素的權重,判斷矩陣的一致性檢,並根據上述準建立了最終的政府統計據質量模糊綜合評價模型;然後通過從2003年中國統計年鑒資料中選取部分主要的社會濟總量指進行實證分析: ( 1 )利用描述統計和k - s檢法來證這些社會濟總量指服從對正態分佈的規律; ( 2 )按照本文提出的二級檢法來對這些社會濟總量指進行準確性和整體優度檢,從而達到綜合評價政府統計據質量的目的;最後對這種二級檢法的優點和不足進行小結,提出今後應該努力改進的方向。
  7. If applied experiential formula mechanically to calculate the dynamic moment of the tri - eccentric butterfly vavle, its errors for the results would be larger. the paper, by virtue of the postulate of flow with fixed constant, eddiless of ideal liquid, calculated laplace equation by finite difference method in rectangular coordinates, gained pressure distribution on the butterfly disc section, thereby figured out its dynamic moment under each opening angle and the method was feasible for calculating dynamic moment of symmetry or not, designed the program and described the curve of dynamic moment. finally, the paper infered their laws