經驗參數 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīngyànshēnshǔ]
經驗參數 英文
empiric parameter
  • : 經動詞[紡織] (把紡好的紗或線梳整成經紗或經線) warp
  • : 動詞1. (察看; 查考) examine; check; test 2. (產生預期的效果) prove effective; produce the expected result
  • : 參構詞成分。
  • : 數副詞(屢次) frequently; repeatedly
  • 經驗 : 1 (由實踐得來的知識或技能) experience 2 (經歷) go through; experience; 經驗教訓 lessons from ...
  1. For this purpos, from the point of the log geology, aimed at the actuality of the current fractured reservoir log geology interpretation and evaluation, based on synthetical analysis of the current domestic and foreign fruit of fractal dimension investigation of reservoir fracture, using the method and technique of fractal dimension, through the further discussion of the fractal dimension characteristics of m index and n index in the log interpretation archie model in a sample way and through the theoretic reasoning to the fractal dimension dfa and m index of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, according to the geophysical signification of the fractal dimension dfa of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve shape : the more complicated the change of the curve shape is, the larger the its dfa value is, then the more complicated space structure of fracture and pore, then the higher value of m index of space structure of fracture and pore, and so on, the text propounds an improved method, based on box dimension, of covering log curve with scale grid, and by programming computes the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, then further puts this technique into application investigation, and makes analysis of application effects in the reservoirs located in l area of qx oil field from three aspects : 1. the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, which are derived from computing, is used to identify reservoir type by crossplotting m index with the product df _ acrt of fractal dimension of acoustical wave log curve and restivity log curve and by experiential discriminance plate of reservoir type in l area of qx oil field

    因此,對該區裂縫性儲集層的類型識別、孔滲特徵的測井地質解釋以及儲層裂縫的發育和分佈規律進行深入的研究便成為本文研究的出發點。為此,本文從測井地質的角度,針對當前裂縫性儲層測井地質解釋與評價的現狀,在綜合分析當前國內外儲層裂縫的分形分維研究成果的基礎上,利用分形分維方法和技術,通過對archie測井解釋模型中的m指、 n指的分形分維特性的深入淺出的論述以及裂縫性儲層段測井曲線分維d _ ( fa )與m指的理論推導,根據裂縫性儲層測井曲線形態分維值的地球物理意義? ?曲線變化越復雜,則其分維值d _ ( fa )越大、裂縫孔隙空間結構越復雜、裂縫孔隙空間結構指m值越高等特徵,提出了改進的基於盒維的測井曲線網格覆蓋法,編程計算了裂縫性儲層段常規測井曲線(如聲波和電阻率曲線)上分形分維值及其m指值,進而從以下三個方面對qx油田l區塊的裂縫油藏進行應用研究,效果十分理想: 1將計算得到的可變的m指與聲波和電阻率分維之積df _ acrt進行交繪,採用儲層分維值分類技術統計分析這些變化的規律,並結合qx油田l區塊儲層類型判別圖版,從而實現qx油田l區塊下白堊統的裂縫性儲層的類型識別。
  2. The local directional drilling is just staring in terrane, the equipments and the technologies ca n ' t satisfy far and far the spot construction needs, according to current circumstance and considing the existed equipments, the author put forward drilling by air hammer in terrane, having designed compounded - drilling tools, and recommended technology parameters. producing experiments have obtained good achievements in economic and in techniques

  3. In order to prove the feasibility of the control method mentioned, both the semiphysical test for the plant simulated by analogue computer and the model test for the cantilever beam are designed and finished with the study of the parameter selection in realization

  4. Based on this, through a lot of yeast, e - polylysine ferment experiments and analyzing the data, comprehend the universality rule of animalcule ferment ; advanced soft - measure model, estimate the parameter non - measurable online, including the parse model based main - regression analyze, the ann model based ann arithmetic. guide the fed - batch control and environment parameter by the optimized track. to advance the last gain, identify the fermentation phase

  5. By making some assumptions, collision frequency were presented. then the the flocculation kinetics model was established through population balance equation. comparison of experimental data and modeling results indicate that there are the same trend between the two. so the model can predict floes number and size during flocculation of yellow river ' s loess particles without using empirical parameters. the tem and sem were used to obsever floes in the study of floe structure. the flocculation was divided as flocculi, floc and floe aggregate. the floes structure model was established by assumption that particles position in floe accords with tetrahedron. the fractal dimension of model and experimental floes was found to be coincidentso the model can reflect the structure of flocs formed in flocculation of yellow river ' s loess particles by macromolecule flocculant at a certain extent

  6. The main research work include ( 1 ) introduces the gemal method and steps of asteroidal magneto design, especially the method and steps of electromagnetism compute, follow these steps, the design parameters such as relative structure dimensions, coil and magnetic circuit parameters can be obtained. this method is easy to use. this thesis also provides a series of experiential coef ficients for the mode

    本文主要工作如下: ( 1 )本文指出了星形磁電機設計的一般步驟和方法,重點討論了電磁計算的方法步驟,據此可以得出有關機械結構尺寸、繞組及磁路等設計;本文提出的磁路計算方法,簡單適用;本文還提出了一系列關鍵規范化設計模型的
  7. On the basis of theory analysis, the average transmitted light intensity ( correspond to dc value ) was determined as characteristic parameter of raw water using photoelectric method for monitoring the fluctuation of transmitted light and photometric dispersion analyzer ( pda ). the dc value was closely related to both particle concentration and surface area of sand clay simultaneously. the experimental results shows that there is an exponential function relation between dc and surface area of sand clay in unit volume water ( sp ) : dc = asbp in which a and b are empirical coefficients. then the formula of macromolecule flocculant dosage is found to be d = f ( dc ) = e ( dc ) f in which e and / are empirical coefficients and the average correlation coefficient equal to 0. 981. so the model of automatical control system of water treatment plant was established using the formula

    應用透光率脈動檢測技術和光散射顆粒粒度分析儀( pda ) ,通過理論分析,將pda的輸出信號之一? ?平均透光強度(對應于dc值)作為原水的特性表徵, dc值可以同時反映顆粒濃度和比表面積因素的影響,試結果證明, dc值與單位體積水中泥沙顆粒總表面積s _ p之間具有很好的冪函關系: dc = cs _ p ~ d ,式中c 、 d為,進而得到了以dc值為的高分子絮凝劑投藥量公式: d = f ( dc ) = e ( dc ) ~ f ,式中: e 、 f為,平均相關系達0 . 981 ,利用所建立的公式,建立了前饋? ?后饋聯合控制的在線自動投藥模型。
  8. Crude petroleum and petroleum products. transfer accountability. assessment of vessel experience factor on loading and vessel experience factor on discharging of ocean - going tanker vessels

  9. During the course of the life estimation, if the experimental parameters can be carefully chosen, aircraft structure life estimation has a positive effect on the structure fatigue des ign

  10. Compared with the flow calculation model presently used by boiler manufactures, the proposed one introduces fewer experience parameters, which may result in higher accuracy

  11. Crude petroleum and petroleum products - transfer accountability - assessment of vessel experience factor on loading and vessel experience factor on discharging of ocean - going tanker vessels

  12. Influence of strain on subband structure is described by a factor dk, which is the phonon induced band deformation potential extracted from experiment data. in strained si conduction band, the value of dk is 2. 4 times larger than its si counterpart

    在該模型中,應力對子能帶結構的影響通過聲子的形變勢能dk表示, dk為修正得到的經驗參數,在應變硅導帶中,其值是體硅材料形變勢能的2 . 4倍。
  13. They are jet formula method, cfd method and model experiment method considering the great many merits of cfd method such as easily applying to complex geometric, independent of experiential parameters and easily simulate for many conditions and so on, this thesis use cfd method to study of the air distribution of certain pratical project

    對于地下電站高大廠房氣流組織的研究目前有三種方法:射流公式法、 cfd方法、模型實法。 cfd方法以其易於適用復雜幾何形狀,不依賴經驗參數,易實現多工況模擬等諸多優點而倍受青睞,因此,本文採用cfd方法對某一實際工程進行了氣流組織研究。
  14. 3. the concept of feature fidelity is defined based on principal component analysis ( pca ) and an adaptive threshold based feature detector is then proposed, which takes no advantage of ad hoc knowledge including threshold, photography condition, experimental coefficients, etc., thus greatly expands the applications of facial feature detection technology

    3 、提出基於自適應閾值分割的人臉特徵檢測方法和基於主分量分析的特徵真實性概念,將人臉特徵檢測方法建立在無先假設的基礎上,克服了現有方法中過分依賴先閾值、攝像條件或經驗參數的缺陷,極大擴展了人臉特徵檢測的應用范圍。
  15. Compared w ith t he c alculated r esults and monitoring data, to verify i f the p resent parameters can accord with the real situation of nanjing. the distribution of surface settlement trough is obtained by one - dimensional wave theory and calculation. the range of surface settlement trough coefficient is retrofitted

  16. By comparing a number of dmt data with parameters of lab tests, cone penetration tests and vane shear tests from several magnitude projects in shanghai, the authors develop empirical formulae for calculating the bearing capacity of foundation soil from the dmt and assess their accuracy

  17. Based above, a two - grade fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model is presented on the ground of the current seismic design code for building. it is that taking the membership of equivalent shear velocity as weight of the model not empirical weight in traditional one - grade model. it has been proved in site classification reasonable

  18. Taking erectophile type continuous vegetation as a example, authors had done many monte carlo simulations, and established empirical analytic expressions of radiances with component temperature, soil emissivity and leaf area index. empirical analytic expressions were used to construct objective function and genetic algorithm was employed to synchronously retrieve 5 parameters, such as component temperature, soil emissivity and lai, from thermal infrared 2 channels and 2 angles data. many experiments of genetic algorithm inversion from simulated data were conducted, results show that it is very robust to retrieve component temperature using genetic algorithm ; genetic algorithm can cope with uncertainty inversion problem pretty well if full advantage of priori knowledge was taken. comparison between inversion results and ground - truth data has been done. this paper offers a new example to retrieve component temperature from multi - channel, multi - angle thermal infrared data based on the model of directionality of thermal radiance

    在熱輻射方向性規律的基礎上,以喜直型連續植被為例,進行了大量的monte carlo模擬,建立了輻射亮度和組分溫度植被葉面積指及土壤比輻射率之間的關系。採用遺傳演算法,從熱紅外2個波段2個角度據中,同時反演混合像元組分溫度土壤比輻射率和葉面積指等5個。通過對模擬的觀測據進行大量的遺傳演算法反演試,結果表明,遺傳演算法反演組分溫度非常穩健,在寬松的先知識條件下,遺傳演算法可以解決不確定性反演問題。
  19. The platform creates the experimental alternatives, analyses the experimental results, realizes the intelligent sharing mechanism of the experimental data, regulates and predigests the process of the experimental design, abbreviates the experimental designing time, improves the efficiency of the experimental results and enhances the scientific and economic quality of the experiment

  20. The output elasticity of labor " a " should be 0. 3, the output elasticity of capital " { 3 " should be 0. 7 in current p. r. c according to the theoretical consequence and experimental estimation ; thirdly, it has estimated technical improvement rate of p. r. c, shaanxi province and xi ' an city, the contribution of technical improvements to the gdp as well as the technical level of each year from 1985 to 2000. in addition, it has analyzed the feature and problem of technical improvements ; fourthly, it has established a partial metrological economic model

    二是試圖站在一個新的角度,探討和確定了索洛「余值法」之結合中國實際的濟量內涵和:以gdp作為產出量;以「全社會從業人平均增長速度和全部職工工資總額平均增長速度的之平均值」作為勞動量增長速度;以固定資產投資作為資本量,流動資金不納入資本量的范圍;依理論推理和判斷,中國現階段的產出彈性為0 . 3 、勞動的產出彈性為0 . 7 。