類持續性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lèichíxìng]
類持續性 英文
  • : Ⅰ名1 (許多相似或相同的事物的綜合; 種類) class; category; kind; type 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞...
  • : 動詞1 (拿著; 握著) hold; grasp 2 (持有; 保持) keep; hold 3 (支持; 保持) support; maintain 4...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(連接不斷) continuous; successive Ⅱ動詞1 (接在原有的后頭) continue; extend; join 2 (...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 持續性 : constancy; persistence; steadiness; continuity持續性高熱 persistent high fever; 持續性睡眠療法 co...
  • 持續 : 1. (延續) last; continue; sustain 2. (連續地) continued; sustained
  1. Based on the science of human settlements, the theory of urban growth, the theory of urban - rural integration and the theory of sustainable development, this paper proceeded with the prominent contradiction between urban growth and cave - dwellings " degeneration. after analyzing general situation and regional feature of qingyang, the actualities of cave dwellings were evaluated in the first place which including cave dwellings " history, basic style, regional feature, green principle, culture connotation, as well as traditional cave dwellings " shortage and developing dilemma

  2. The thesis is based on income question, forest coverage rate and grop production. to beging with, date envelopment analysis is proved that it can be applicated into grain for green in shan - bei district, and then in view of the fact, seven esential factors which have influence on the project are found out : expense of dam, expense of crop, expense of cash tree, expense of defense tree, other economic crop, expense of grass and graziery ; and the output factors include : income of gdp, pure income per captia, the area of decreasing land loss, graziery income, crop production, income of tree, the totle income of economic crop. after the date of each facts are puted into dea model, unefficiencial decision making units ( dmu ) found. the data that are got through adjusting unefficiencial dmus dy dea can offer guide in shanbei district upgrading of an industrial structure. at the same time, taking into account some possible problems in or after grain for green in shan - bei district, the thesis bring out some propesal to improve the circ umstance, enhance the life level and put the relation of population, resource and circumstance into a healthy orbit

    因此,加快退耕還林還草,調整土地利用結構和產業結構,已成為實現山川秀美工程和可發展戰略的必經之路。論文以解決陜北地區的收入問題,植被問題以及糧食產量問題為出發點,首先從理論上分析了包絡分析方法在陜北地區退耕還林(草)中運用的可行,然後結合陜北地區目前的實際情況,綜合分析出影響陜北地區退耕還林(草)的關鍵的七個因素作為輸入指標:水利水保設施投入,農作物投入,經濟林種支出,防護林支出,其它經濟作物,草支出,畜牧業投入;以退耕還林所要解決的最終問題作為輸出指標: gdp收入、農民人均純收入、水土流失減少量、牧業總產值、糧食產量、林業總產值、其他經濟作物總產值。將各指標所對應的數據代入模型后,通過分析求解得出非有效的決策單元,再運用包絡分析方法的一些基本原理對非有效的決策單元進行調整,由此所得的數據對陜北地區的實際投入具有很好的指導意義。
  3. It have given great harm to our economic and culture and zoology and human ’ s healthness so on. but it was later realatively to be made for the law and rule about the inbreak of outer species in our country. by far, we have not made a special law or rule to prevent the inbreak of outer species. even some law and rule about it have much problem and the system of managing is also confusion. to protect the diversity of biology and human ’ s healthness and the persistent development of economic and society, we should establish correct thought for legislation and make special law and rule to prevent the inbreak of outer species, and complete our existing law and rule, finally, form mult - departmental and harmony system of managing, and establish perfect law system to prevent more harmness caused by outer species

  4. Man experienced survival development in primitive and agricultural civilizations, increscent development in industrial civilization and sustained development in the early stage of industrial civilization

  5. Based on consider hereinbefore, this dissertation discusses several aspects on the problem of the sustainable and optimum exploitation of groundwater resources as follows : ( 1 ) reviewed entirely the origin and evolvement of the concept " sustainable development ", stated and commented the study status in queue on " sustainable development " around national and international range, thorough discussed the science connotation about the concept " sustainable development " ; ( 2 ) looked back and commented across - the aboard some furthest basic concept and proposition related to groundwater resources, put forward self opinions on a few existent mistake points of view and chaos understandings ; ( 3 ) expatiated entirely on the content and meaning of the theory of changeable groundwater resources system, contrast with the traditional methods of groundwater resources calculation and evaluation, combined example to show the application of this theory ; ( 4 ) thorough analyzed the difficult and complexity to forecast the groundwater resources, fully stated the traditional methods of groundwater resources forecasting, pointed out the characteristic and applying condition of these forecasting method, introduced the main ideas and methods of wavelet analysis developed recently, and the matlab software be known as the fifths era computer language, and its accessory wavelet analysis toolbox, applied these methods and tools to analyze the groundwater dynamic curve, adopted the b - j method and morte - carlo method, combined with the theory of changeable groundwater resources system, discussed the new view on the forecast of groundwater resources ; ( 5 ) synthetically analyzed the characteristics and limitations of the present all kind of groundwater manage model, combined mathematical programming mathematical statistics random process and the theory of variation system of groundwater resources on the unite optimum attempter of surface water and groundwater, emphasized how to make the model more nicety, more simple, more practicality ; ( 6 ) analyzed the inside condition and outside condition to assure the sustainable and optimum exploi tation of groundwater resources, the inside conditions are the follows : correct resources idea, scientific methods of resources calculation and evaluation, credible forecast methods of resources, exercisable measures of resources management, the outside conditions are the follows : the development idea of high layer, the transform of manage system, the matched policy and rule of law, the adjusted of economy lever, the improve of cultural diathesis, the boosting up of water - saving consciousness and detail measures, the control of population rising, the prevention and cure of water pollute, the renew and rebuild of ecology ; ( 7 ) scan the sustainable and optimum exploitation of groundwater resources from the high level of metagalaxy, earth system science, and philosophy ; lint out the more directions on groundwater resources

    基於以上考慮,論文主要從以下幾方面對地下水資源可開發問題進行了比較深入的探討:全面回顧了「可發展」概念的由來與演變,對國內外「可發展」的研究現狀進行了述評,並對「可發展」概念的科學內涵進行了深入探討;對涉及地下水資源的一些最基本的概念和命題進行了全面的回顧和評述,對目前仍然存在的一些錯誤觀點和混亂認識提出了自己的見解;全面闡述了地下水資源變值系統理論的內容和意義,並與傳統的地下水資源計算評價方法進行了對比分析,結合實例具體說明了方法的應用;深入分析了地下水資源預測預報工作的極端重要和復雜,對傳統的地下水資源動態預測方法進行了全面的評述,指出了各預測預報方法的特點及適用條件,對最近二十多年剛發展起來的小波分析技術的主要思想和方法及其應用范圍,以及號稱第五代計算機語言的matlab軟體和附帶的小波分析工具箱進行了介紹,並應用於地下水動態過程線的分析,採用時間序列中的b ? j法,蒙特卡羅方法,與地下水資源變值系統理論相結合,探討了地下水動態資料分析和地下水資源預測預報的新思路;綜合分析了現今各地下水管理模型的特點及缺陷,將數學規劃、數理統計、隨機過程等與地下水變值系統理論相結合進行地表水地下水或多水源的聯合優化調度,使模型更準確、更實用;對保證地下水資源可開發的內部條件和外部條件進行了分析,內部河海人學博卜學位論文前言、摘要、目錄條件主要是正確的資源觀,科學的資源計算與評價方法,可靠的資源預測預報技術,可操作的資源管理措施,外部條件主要是高層發展思路、管理體制的變革、配套的政策法規、經濟杠桿的調節、人文素質的提高、節水意識的增強及具體節水措施、人口增長的控制、水體污染的防治、生態的恢復和重建等;從宇宙科學、地球系統科學及哲學的高度審視地下水資源的可開發;指出了地下水資源可開發的進一步研究方向。
  6. Several subclassifications have been proposed : simple chronic bronchitis describes a condition characterized by mucoid sputum production ; chronic mucopurulent bronchitis is characterized by persistent or recurrent purulence of sputum in the absence of localized suppurative diseases such as bronchiectasis ; chronic bronchitis with obstruction deserves a separate classification characterized by presence of airway obstruction as assessed by the used of the forced expiratory vital capacity maneuver ; and chronic asthmatic bronchitis

  7. However, chronic myopathy may persist after prolonged treatment with high doses of corticosteroids

  8. Spontaneous omental hemorrhage is rare and it occasionally causes acute abdominal distress

  9. In this view, each human being is an array of appetites and aversions, continuously stimulated into existence by sensory events, and continually changing in character, so that there is no overall aim for human action over the course of a lifetime - no such thing as a summum bonum or " highest good ", no condition of being that mankind tries to achieve in order to suit its nature

  10. Continued in - depth training in mass casualty emergencies with an emphasis on a complete working knowledge of the start triage system, particularly below battalion chief level

  11. This paper ’ s constructive land forecast is based on land planning and stat forecast. on the basic of analyse of constructive land actuality and the change mechanism in toksun county, apply four kind of forecast models to analyse the result. choose gm ( 1, 1 ) model and regression model according with the constructive land actuality and the change mechanism in toksun county. and combine the “ 十一 五 ” planning of government and the arrangement of emphases industry item to forecast the demand of constructive land and change current of land use structure in planning period ( 2010 and 2020 ). it adopt reasoning means of acceptability, according to constructive land scale, considering economy rationality 、 advancement and applicability of technic feasibility of constructive condition and sustainability of zoology environment, to analyse the feasibility of constructive land scale. at the last, put forward advice of the constructive land supply

    在托克遜縣建設用地現狀和變化機制分析的基礎上,採用4種預測模型進行對比分析,選取符合托克遜縣建設用地變化機理的模型: gm ( 1 , 1 )模型和回歸預測,綜合這兩種預測方法,並結合政府「十一五」規劃以及「十一五」期間重點工業項目安排情況,對規劃期( 2010年、 2020年)各建設用地需求數量和土地利用結構的變化趨勢進行預測。採用合意度論證方法,綜合考慮建設用地預測規模的經濟合理、技術的先進、適用、建設條件的可能以及生態環境的可,對建設用地規模進行可行論證,最後提出建設用地合理供給對策。
  12. The following courses are offered. - the postgraduate certificate ( pgc ) in environmental management and protection. - the msc. in water and environmental management. - the msc. in pollution management. - the msc. in sustainability and environmental management. - the ma in sustainable development

  13. Being sustainable both on spatial and temporal dimensions, sustainable land use system is a typically complicated system composed by natural, social and economical components, which has special attributes of systematic complication, structural openness, spatio - temporal dynamics and multi - objects. driving force - state - response analysis method is useful to probe into multi - act and dynamics of its components. sustainability assessment is the core to sustainable land use study. in this paper, the authors apply driving force - state - response analysis method to construct assessing indicator system, which can be classified into status quo and response indicators, composed by natural, social, economical and technical aspects. then the authors design assessing process on sustainable land use. at last, the indicator system and process are applied in tangshan region from 1991 to 1999. the results show that the general sustainable degree of land use in the study case has been rising, which is resulted from great economic growth and natural cost

    以"驅動力-狀態-響應"模型為基礎,從狀態指標和響應指標兩種型,自然社會經濟技術四個方面構建了土地利用可評價指標體系和評價過程,並且應用於唐山地區1991 - 1999年土地利用評價,結果發現:雖然近十年來唐山地區土地利用在升高,但它是建立在經濟快速發展和付出生態環境代價基礎上的。
  14. Concern about the development of human settlements and prospects for urban - ecological sustainability is rising around the world

  15. Regardless of the strategy you choose, always keep in mind that you don t need to alter your java classes in the process, meaning that there is absolutely no link between your business objects and the persistence framework

  16. The zambeze valley which is 225 000 kilometers squared has the most significant water reserves in the southern region of africa has the largest hydroelectric potential on the subcontinent and has conditions to deal with the national requirements for production of cereals textile fibers vegetable protein oils sustainable forests meat fish and mineral products according to the region s development office

    贊比西河谷面積為22 . 5萬平方公里,是非洲南部水資源儲備最豐富的地區,水電潛力也最大。據贊發辦稱,該地區有便利條件生產谷紡織纖維蔬菜蛋白質石油森林肉及礦物。
  17. She is the smart base of family education, the sound trunk of school education, the sprigtail accomplishment of social education ; the pure world of formal education, the living garden of informal education ; the sweet spring of general normal education and the running road of special education ; she makes elementary education carefree and perfect, middle education of outstanding disposition, high education with excellent taste ; she is learned, accomplished and practical, the source of aesthetic feeling for whole society and individuality

  18. In patients with mild persistent asthma, we evaluated the efficacy of intermittent short - course corticosteroid treatment guided by a symptom - based action plan alone or in addition to daily treatment with either inhaled budesonide or oral zafirlukast over a one - year period

  19. Other or unspecifide persistent mood disorders

  20. Aimed at recycling source of low temperature waste heat, utilizing renewable energy source and decontaminating atmospheric environment to keep sustainable development of human society, the low temperature waste heat power generation was researched in this paper