貿易危險 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [màowēixiǎn]
貿易危險 英文
trade hazard
  • 貿 : 名詞1. (貿易) trade 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (容易) easy 2. (平和) amiable Ⅱ動詞1. (改變; 變換) change 2. (交換) exchange Ⅲ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (險惡不容易通過的地方) a place difficult of access; narrow pass; defile 2 (危險) dange...
  • 貿易 : trade
  1. Arguing that, in surrendering the opium, the british in canton had been forced to ransom their lives - though, in fact, their lives had never been in danger - he demanded either a commercial treaty that would put trade relations on a satisfactory footing, or the cession of a small island where the british could live under their own flag free from threats

    他認為英僑繳出鴉片,無異被迫繳納贖命金(英僑其實並無生命) ,因此要求中國與英國訂立貿條約,以平等地位通商,或割讓一個小島給英國,使英僑能在其國家蔭庇下,安居樂業。
  2. The danger lay in the court's narrow view of interstate commerce as consisting only goods in transit.

  3. Bussiness scope : cargo transportation mainly including cargo transportation ( includes superlonger, superwidt - h, superhigher, retail and entire, container cargo transportation ), dangerous cargo transportation ( includes flam - mability, blast, dangerous cargo transportation ) : international cargo transportation agent mainly undertake ocean shipping, land shipping, air shipping, inclduing : storage, transfer, container install and remove, ( our company has the specisl base for install and transfer remove the container ) ; our international foreign trade mainly in textile garments, light industry, electric engine, metals, chemical products inport and export ; for more we also undertake import materials for machining, compound of imported parts and import samples for producing etc

    業務范圍:貨物運輸主要有普通貨物運輸(包括超長、超寬、超高、笨零、整零、整車、集裝箱貨物運輸) 、貨物運輸(包括燃、爆、品運輸) ;國際貨運代理主要承辦海運、陸運、空運進出口貨物的國際運輸代理業務,包括:倉儲、中轉、集裝箱拼裝拆箱(公司在上海港口設立專用倉儲、中轉、集裝箱、拼裝拆箱基地) ;國際貿主要開展紡織服裝、輕工、機電、五金、化工等商品的進出口貿;另外承接來料加工、來件裝配、來樣定貨的三來一補業務。
  4. Since 1979 china has signed a series of international environmental conventions and agreements, including the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora, international convention for the regulation of whaling, vienna convention for the protection of the ozone layer, basel convention on control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal, montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer ( revised version ), framework convention on climate change, convention on biological diversity, convention on combating desertification, convention on wetlands of international importance especially as waterfowl habitat, and 1972 london convention

    中國自1979年起先後簽署了《瀕野生動植物種國際貿公約》 、 《國際捕鯨管制公約》 、 《關于保護臭氧層的維也納公約》 、 《關于控制廢物越境轉移及其處置的巴賽爾公約》 、 《關于消耗臭氧層物質的蒙特利爾議定書(修訂本) 》 、 《氣候變化框架公約》 、 《生物多樣性公約》 、 《防治荒漠化公約》 、 《關于特別是作為水禽棲息地的國際重要濕地公約》 、 《 1972年倫敦公約》等一系列國際環境公約和議定書。
  5. The development of international trade helps to distribute resources worldwide rationally and effectively, thus pushes global economics forward, at the same time, it provides environment protection more financial support and better technological assistance. however, the negative effect trade imposes on environment cannot be omitted as the scale of international trade enlarges, over - exploitation of natural resources worsens ecological environment. transboundary movements of hazardous wastes even deteriorate the environment of developing countries

  6. We will be in danger of losing the favorable balance of trade if we do not control the import

  7. If we did nothing to control the import, we would at the risk of losing our favourable balance

  8. In the second section, i have explored the government ' s coun - termeasures : bank reformment and bank system restructuring, changing investment policy and improving investment environment, changing agricultural, industrial and trade policies, taking care of feeble crowd and establishing social ensuring system, etc. in the third section, i have discussed the phenomena of indonesia ' s economic recovery and analysed the causes why the economy recovered slowly : debt problem, political unrest, " 9 11 " affair ' s influence, etc. in the fourth section, i have forecasted indonesia ' s economic future and pointed out that ecomonic recovery was quickening, economic future would be full of danger

    第二部分探討了政府應對機的政策舉措:進行銀行改革和銀行體系重組;調整投資政策,改善投資環境;調整農業、工業、貿等政策;保護弱勢群體,建立社會安全網體系等。第三部分論述印尼經濟逐步走出機、走向復甦的微弱表現,分析了復甦緩慢的原因:債務問題、政局不穩、 「 9 ? 11 」事件的沖擊等。第四部分展望印尼經濟前景,指出印尼經濟復甦勢頭上升,但發展前景充滿風
  9. One - hundred - 69 nations have signed a 1989 global ban on the ivory trade. the ban is designed to protect the elephant from extinction

  10. Our company mainly run business as follows : specialized in international & internal transportation by sea, inland and air, international shipping agency, loading & unloading business at port for ship as well as other relative shipping affairs ; import & export booking space for container and general & bulk cargoes, customs clearance, quarantine declaration, declaring to the msa for dangerous cargoes ; engaged in international & internal chartering ships business as well, heavy lifts transportations ; meanwhile, our firm owned qualifications of domestics transportation & agency transportation in china, also obtained international trade license, permitted operating this kinds of business too

  11. Mr. greenspan strongly endorse d globalization, the process of ever expanding economic [ degration - integration ] across national borders and he warned of the dangers of the trade protectionism

  12. Once a mere irritant, the softwood - lumber dispute is rapidly becoming a perilous symbol of u. s. indifference to its treaty obligations ? ? and its trading partners

  13. Two days ago, in beijing, natural resources minister john mccallum pointedly noted that china ' s hunger for the alberta oil sands was so strong that the country could be importing 400, 000 barrels a day within seven years

  14. What ' s more, the costs of a border taxcould be huge, not just because of the massive bureaucracy needed to certifythe carbon content of different goods imported from different factories indifferent countries, but also because such a tax would be a dangerous weapon inthe hands of america ' s growing gang of protectionists

  15. What ' s more, the costs of a border tax could be huge, not just because of the massive bureaucracy needed to certify the carbon content of different goods imported from different factories in different countries, but also because such a tax would be a dangerous weapon in the hands of america ' s growing gang of protectionists

  16. Immediately after the departure of the carrying vessel , the sellers shall air mail one set of the duplicate documents to the buyers and two sets to the branch of china national foreign trade transportation corporation at the port of destination

  17. The epd consulted stakeholders on the preparation of the hong kong implementation plan for the stockholm convention on persistent organic pollutants. we also made preparations to implement in hong kong the rotterdam convention on the prior informed consent procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade

  18. Business scope : technical consultation and service on electromechanical project ; installing and debugging for electromechanical project ; wholesale and retail of agricultural machineries, electromechanical equipments, raw and auxiliary materials for scientific research ( excludes of dangerous chemical products ), apparatus, instruments and spare parts ; wholesale, retail and installation of drainage and irrigation equipments ; import and export business ( excludes of products forbidden by national law and regulations )

    經營范圍:機電工程技術咨詢、服務;機電工程安裝、調試;農業機械、機電設備、科研用原輔材料(不含化學品) 、儀器儀表及零配件批發、零售;噴灌設備批發、零售、安裝;進出口貿(國家法律法規禁止進出口商品除外) 。
  19. In international law, the legislative thinking is : prevention of the s pread of dangerous epidemic diseases and prevention of the mutated sps measures becoming barriers of international trade these two approaches are different yet not absolutely opposite as different legislative aims could be mutually inclusive

  20. The danger of a recession in worle trade that could hit all countries cannot be ignored, but it would bear most heavily on the weakest partners in the world economy