極值系列 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhíliè]
極值系列 英文
extreme-value series
  • : i 名詞1 (頂點; 盡頭) the utmost point; extreme 2 (地球的南北兩端; 磁體的兩端; 電源或電器上電流...
  • : 系動詞(打結; 扣) tie; fasten; do up; button up
  • : Ⅰ動1 (排列) arrange; form a line; line up 2 (安排到某類事物之中) list; enter in a list Ⅱ名詞1...
  • 系列 : succession; series; bank; set; set family; train
  1. The first one : fitting together ultimate values of every dimensions in one dimension - chain one by one, educing many equations by itself, calculating results, and comparing these results of close dimension to find maximal and minimal values. the second one : projecting all dimensions on two preestablished axis, then providing the solutions to analyze whether every projected dimensions is increscent or decreasing, and synthesize the effect of every projected dimensions to close dimension, educing many equations by itself, at last calculating the result of close dimension. the third one : according to monte carlo analysis, getting every dimensions " values from every dimensions " tolerances at random time after time, simulating the actual circumstances of mass production using these dimensions, and calculating reasonable results of close dimension economically

  2. Based on consider hereinbefore, this dissertation discusses several aspects on the problem of the sustainable and optimum exploitation of groundwater resources as follows : ( 1 ) reviewed entirely the origin and evolvement of the concept " sustainable development ", stated and commented the study status in queue on " sustainable development " around national and international range, thorough discussed the science connotation about the concept " sustainable development " ; ( 2 ) looked back and commented across - the aboard some furthest basic concept and proposition related to groundwater resources, put forward self opinions on a few existent mistake points of view and chaos understandings ; ( 3 ) expatiated entirely on the content and meaning of the theory of changeable groundwater resources system, contrast with the traditional methods of groundwater resources calculation and evaluation, combined example to show the application of this theory ; ( 4 ) thorough analyzed the difficult and complexity to forecast the groundwater resources, fully stated the traditional methods of groundwater resources forecasting, pointed out the characteristic and applying condition of these forecasting method, introduced the main ideas and methods of wavelet analysis developed recently, and the matlab software be known as the fifths era computer language, and its accessory wavelet analysis toolbox, applied these methods and tools to analyze the groundwater dynamic curve, adopted the b - j method and morte - carlo method, combined with the theory of changeable groundwater resources system, discussed the new view on the forecast of groundwater resources ; ( 5 ) synthetically analyzed the characteristics and limitations of the present all kind of groundwater manage model, combined mathematical programming mathematical statistics random process and the theory of variation system of groundwater resources on the unite optimum attempter of surface water and groundwater, emphasized how to make the model more nicety, more simple, more practicality ; ( 6 ) analyzed the inside condition and outside condition to assure the sustainable and optimum exploi tation of groundwater resources, the inside conditions are the follows : correct resources idea, scientific methods of resources calculation and evaluation, credible forecast methods of resources, exercisable measures of resources management, the outside conditions are the follows : the development idea of high layer, the transform of manage system, the matched policy and rule of law, the adjusted of economy lever, the improve of cultural diathesis, the boosting up of water - saving consciousness and detail measures, the control of population rising, the prevention and cure of water pollute, the renew and rebuild of ecology ; ( 7 ) scan the sustainable and optimum exploitation of groundwater resources from the high level of metagalaxy, earth system science, and philosophy ; lint out the more directions on groundwater resources

    基於以上考慮,論文主要從以下幾方面對地下水資源可持續開發問題進行了比較深入的探討:全面回顧了「可持續發展」概念的由來與演變,對國內外「可持續發展」的研究現狀進行了述評,並對「可持續發展」概念的科學內涵進行了深入探討;對涉及地下水資源的一些最基本的概念和命題進行了全面的回顧和評述,對目前仍然存在的一些錯誤觀點和混亂認識提出了自己的見解;全面闡述了地下水資源變統理論的內容和意義,並與傳統的地下水資源計算評價方法進行了對比分析,結合實例具體說明了方法的應用;深入分析了地下水資源預測預報工作的端重要性和復雜性,對傳統的地下水資源動態預測方法進行了全面的評述,指出了各類預測預報方法的特點及適用條件,對最近二十多年剛發展起來的小波分析技術的主要思想和方法及其應用范圍,以及號稱第五代計算機語言的matlab軟體和附帶的小波分析工具箱進行了介紹,並應用於地下水動態過程線的分析,採用時間序中的b ? j法,蒙特卡羅方法,與地下水資源變統理論相結合,探討了地下水動態資料分析和地下水資源預測預報的新思路;綜合分析了現今各類地下水管理模型的特點及缺陷,將數學規劃、數理統計、隨機過程等與地下水變統理論相結合進行地表水地下水或多水源的聯合優化調度,使模型更準確、更實用;對保證地下水資源可持續開發的內部條件和外部條件進行了分析,內部河海人學博卜學位論文前言、摘要、目錄條件主要是正確的資源觀,科學的資源計算與評價方法,可靠的資源預測預報技術,可操作的資源管理措施,外部條件主要是高層發展思路、管理體制的變革、配套的政策法規、經濟杠桿的調節、人文素質的提高、節水意識的增強及具體節水措施、人口增長的控制、水體污染的防治、生態的恢復和重建等;從宇宙科學、地球統科學及哲學的高度審視地下水資源的可持續開發;指出了地下水資源可持續開發的進一步研究方向。
  3. Third, modulate the double - anode mig and obtain a series of significative inclusions

  4. Twenty f1 combinations crossed among 5 varieties and strains different in fiber properties according to complete diallel crossing design were used to evaluate the heterosis and gene action of boll weight and lint percentage in high quality fiber property varieties in upland cotton in 1998 1999 for two year successively at nanjing. it was indicated that there existed small interactions with the environmental factors without maternal effects and the additive gene effect was in chief, attaining to 51. 2 % and 65. 4 % respectively for boll weight and lint percentage. the dominant effect was also in higher rate, 32. 6 % and 16. 8 % respectively. the population mean heterosis of boll weight and lint percentage over the mid - parental mean were relatively prominent 13. 3 % and 3. 5 % respectively in extreme significance. however, boll weight showed no significantly surpassing parental f1 heterosis over the better parent based on population mean ( 2. 0 % ) ; while the lint percentage expressed significant negative heterosis value ( - 2. 1 % ). the gene actions were in conformity with the heterosis expression. it was shown clearly that the f1 combinations crossed between parents with similar performances had relatively high dominant effects and significant positive f1 surpassing parental heterosis ( f1 heterosis over the better parent ) ; while no f1 combination crossed between the parents with prominent mutual difference surpassed the higher parent in yield components, which indicated that among those parents with less difference and close relationships, there still existed sufficient genetic variation or certain mechanism for creating variation and achieving greater advances in breeding. correlation analyses also indicated that there still existed severely undesirable negative correlation between yield and fiber properties as well as the difficulties for their simultaneous improvements

    利用5個具有不同纖維品質性狀的品種()配製完全雙雜交組合20個,通過親本和f1的2年隨機區組試驗發現產量性狀的鈴重和衣分與環境的互作效應小,不存在母體效應,並以加性遺傳效應為主,分別占表型方差的51 . 2 %和65 . 4 % ;顯性遺傳效應所佔的比率也較高,分別為32 . 6 %和16 . 8 % .鈴重和衣分的群體平均優勢較大,分別為13 . 3 %和3 . 5 % ,達到了顯著;鈴重的超親優勢為2 . 0 % ,不顯著;衣分為顯著的負( - 2 . 1 % ) .遺傳分析與雜種優勢結果一致.具體表現在產量性狀上,親本相當配製的組合雜合顯性較高,其超親優勢正向顯著,而親本(差異較大)所配組合沒有超過高親的.這表明親本差異小、親源關較近的親本中仍然存在足夠的遺傳變異或某種機制以創造變異使育種取得更大的進展.相關分析表明了仍然存在嚴重的品質與產量的負相關,遺傳改良的難度較大
  5. Each pair of stamp sheetlet and banknote is printed with the same prefix and serial number ( i. e. the starting serial number for tourism series no. 1 is 1, for tourism series no. 2 is 2 and so on ), which is of high collection value

    六張鈔票的字頭和號碼分別與郵票小型張上的編號相同,並配成一對(說明:旅遊第一號的號碼是以『 1 』開首,旅遊第二號的號碼以『 2 』開首,如此類推) ,具珍藏價
  6. " we will also leverage our brand equity to expand our product range into apparel, eyewear and other accessories through licensing. the greater china will remain our core market, but active network expansion will be pursued through agency arrangements

  7. The precious stone globe is an exquisite art, which is made in proportion to different shape and distribution of every county. through thirfy intricate and elaborate handmade steps, it is made by nearly thirty kinds of natural precious stones. the eastern & western hemisphere equator, meridians and woof are respectively marked on the surface of the globe with gold lines and silver lines, and the names of all countries are signed in chinese of english. with pure cupric frame supporting it, it is such an elegant and valuable art. it represents high class of its owner as well as nobleness of successful people. in addition, it is a splendor gifts to your friends and adds more loyalty and high status to companies as well as families

  8. There are several programmers for the development of sunk - yaodong villages : for a few suuk - yaodong villages, the development of it can combine with the tourism ; for most sunk - yaodong villages, renovation must conducted

  9. It assembles rare posters valuable for their scarcity, such as " the first japan series 1950 " and " the central league opening game 1969 "

    其中更匯集了" 1950年第一屆日本世界賽"和" 1969年職業聯盟賽開幕戰"等為稀少價高的海報。
  10. Based on the field investigation, questionnaire analysis and relevant literature retrieval, with the ecological agrotourism on persimmon in yao autonomous county of guilin gongcheng as an example, this research analyzes changes in ideology in rural area under the context of the ecological agro tourism, though a series of hypothesis and argumentation, the research finds out the positive and significant effect of the ecological tourism on the building of ethics in the rural area, as well as the existing issues and countermeasures

  11. The negative elements are as follows : the weak sense of social value, the conspic uousness of utilitarianism, the descending sense of contribution in profession, t he lingering hope for higher goal, and the shortage of credibility, reflecting a series of contradictory psychology. however, the gen

  12. In the course of design, we fully consider the actual conditions on the railway and take a series of corresponding measures to the concrete problem. such as we select high - accuracy microconvertor and have the converted function in succession data collecting system chip aduc812, design v / f circuit and external a / d circuit. in anti - interference of the hardware, we try to disperse each function module to avoid interfering each other, adopt photoelectric isolated technology to dispel the circuit connection of input and output. in controlling we import arithmetic mean into strain wave algorithm and real computing technology of virtual value for sample treatment of data, that is using the software to smooth away interfere error and to calculate actual value, thus it makes the precision of the data improve greatly

    在設計過程中,根據統要求,充分考慮鐵路上的實際情況,針對具體問題採取了一的相應措施,如在器件選擇方面選用高精度microconvertor、具有adcdma連續轉換功能的數據採集微控制器晶元aduc812 ,設計了v f變換電路和外部a d轉換電路;在硬體抗干擾方面,將每個功能模塊盡量分散獨立開來以避免相互干擾、採用光電隔離技術消除輸入輸出通道上的電路聯;在控制方面對于采樣數據的處理引入了算術平均濾波演算法和真有效的計算方法,即通過使用軟體來濾除統中有干擾造成的誤差並計算真,從而使數據的準確性得到大地提高。
  13. Especially, when the isocline of x is monotone decreasing in 0 < x < 1, the svstem has no limit cycle and is globally stable ; next, we construct a saddle bifurcation at the boundary equilibrium and a degenerated bogdanov - takens bifurcation at the interior equilibrium by choosing appropriate parameter values in the following two sections, where our work are based on the theory of central manifolds and normal torms. we prove that is a codimention 3 focus - type equilibrium. system ( 6. 1 ) will have two limit cycles at some appropriate bifurcation parameter values, and have homoclinic or double - homoclinic orbits at some other appropriate bifurcation parameter values ; at last, we study the qualitative properties of the system at infinite in the poincare sphere

    因為統在( 0 , 0 )點處沒有定義,這給研究其在( 0 , 0 )附近的動力學性質帶來了困難,我們應用文獻[ 17 ]中關于研究非線性方程奇點的理論和方法,圓滿解決了這一問題,給出了第一象限內當t +或t -時,在全參數狀態下統的軌線趨于( 0 , 0 )點的所有可能情況,其相圖也得以描繪;並且,統不存在限環的幾個充分條件我們也予以出,當x的等傾線在0 x 1范圍內遞減時,統不存在限環,全局漸近穩定;然後,我們以中心流形定理和正規型方法為主要工具,巧妙選擇參數,分別構造了一個余維2的鞍點分岔和一個余維3退化bogdanov - takens分岔,證明了平衡點是余維3的焦點型平衡點,存在參數, m ,的使得統( 6 . 1 )有兩個限環,還存在參數, m ,的另外使得統( 6 . 1 )有同宿軌或雙同宿軌。
  14. The proposed beam model satisfied the rigid - body test requirement. by using general displacement control method ( gsp method ) to determine the incremental load parameter and using incremental tangent method to deal with material non - linearity, the proposed beam model were proved to be able to track the entire procedure of deformation, numerically effective during buckling or snap - through of structure

  15. The purpose of studying the structure - activity relationship ( sar ) of vitamin e is to study the difference of the molecular geometry, which has different effect on the reaction activity of the molecule and produce different biological activity. semi - empirical ami and pm3 method and ab initio 3 - 21g methods are applied to optimize the four different geometries of tocopherol in the present work. using the two methods we have obtained some parameters about the biological activity

    計算步驟是,先使用hyperchem6構造出各種化合物,用hyperchem自帶的分子力學mm +和polak - ribiere優化方法在目標分子的構象空間中尋找能量相對較低的構象,然後用am1半經驗方法進一步優化其構型,得到一能量,然後利用hyperchem6 . 0其中集成的qsar模塊,計算化合物的qsar參數,其中包括:疏水性參數( logp ) 、分子表面積、總體積、折射率、化率等參數。
  16. The results show that the runoff supply of kuitun river basin has the characteristics of perpendicularity and diversification, the runoff supply sources are glaciers thawing water and rainwater firstly and secondly are seasonal snows thawing water and groundwater

  17. In order to guide and encourage the medium and small enterprises " technical innovation, the government has taken many measures in the fields of legislation, organization structure, finance, taxation and technology etc, to create a bcher eaternal environment for the technical n innovation of the medium and small enterprises. this greatly enhanced the extent and quality of the medium and small enterprises " technical innovation, its successful experience is worthy of being carefully inquired into and its lessons taken stock of

  18. According to dr. bing lou wong, ceo of advantek, it is the first step of a series of initiatives jointly undertaken in hong kong and china to help alleviate the severe shortage of the us $ 8 billion global plasma therapeutic market

  19. At the same time, a series of development trend in organization structure innovation under the information environment has been put forward : flat model is the basis of organization structure optimization ; flexibility not only is beneficial to organization creation, innovation and accelerating reaction speed, but also strengthens organization ' s control centripetal force during the process of being operated continuously. it has rapid adjusting ability in time according to unexpected results of predictable change ; networking can not only decrease internal management cost and realize integration between supply chain and sale chain in worldwide, but also realize enterprise " s completely authorized managemen in order to promote substantial leap in enterprise economic benefit ; virtual model is centralizing limited resources on high additional value function and making low additional value virtual in order that the largest resource support can be obtained in the lowest cost and the whole organization is operated in the most effective way for adapting to market " s rapid change with high elasticity ; creating learning pattern in organization makes enterprise expand the width and depth of information being exchanged with the outer so as to keep enterprise in an unassailable position

  20. We presented a series of heuristic algorithms ga ( 0 < a < 1 ) for single machine scheduling to maximize the expectation of the number of early jobs. the heuristic algorithm ga is suitable for computer data handling, and is useful in practice purpose

    大化期望按劃完工工件數為目標的單臺機排序問題,給出了一啟發式演算法g _ ( 0 1 ) ,該演算法直觀可行,適合用計算機處理,具有一定的實際應用價