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中文拼音 [liàoquán]
資料大全 英文
english study data
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錢財; 費用) money; wealth; expenses 2 (資質) intelligence; endowment 3 (資格) quali...
  • : 名詞1 (材料; 原料) material; stuff 2 (喂牲口用的穀物) feed; fodder 3 (料器) glassware 4 (...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (完備; 齊全) complete 2 (整個) whole; entire; full; total Ⅱ副詞(完全; 都) entirely...
  • 資料 : 1. (生產或生活的必需品) means 2. (依據的材料) data; material
  1. Heaving all her files stolen came as a real body blow to her when she was trying to finish her research

  2. With so many contributors and so many libraries buying and cataloguing the same materials, it is very rare for libraries to enter so many unique records in the way that hku libraries has done and continues to do. top 10 original cataloguers

  3. Concern the provision of audit work station according to accounting method, if an accounting clerk manages debt already, provide check again, apparent and easy cheat, should give so prohibit ; the accountant record of an unit is custodial, it is the accountant such as budget of forms for reporting statistics of book of zhang of all sorts of prooves that point to this pair of units, accountant, accountant, financial plan, unit and important contract data, after be being collected regularly, examine a nucleus to be opposite, arrange stand roll, schedule, bound into book custodial, if allow a person to manage the debt of an unit already, keep again accountant record, made motion easily on debt apparently later the action that the opportunity of record of recycle government accountant covers him, give so prohibit : the registering job of items of an account of debt of the income of an unit, defray, charge, creditor ' s rights, the much that includes station of work of charge to an account but not be all ( for instance cash journal and bank come - and - go journal are not included ), this part charge to an account works, it is the foundation of business accounting of an unit accountant, also be the basis that produces cash come - and - go, also cannot hold part - time by cashier personnel, a person manages debt already, manage charge to an account again the basis that this produces debt come - and - go, very easy defalcate

    根據會計法有關稽核工作崗位的規定,假如一個會計工作人員既管錢款,又管復核,顯然輕易作假,所以要予以禁止;一個單位的會計檔案保管,是指對本單位的各種憑證、會計賬簿、會計報表、財務計劃、單位預算和重要的合同等會計,定期收集后,審查核對,整理立卷,編制目錄、裝訂成冊的保管,假如答應一個人既治理一個單位的錢款,又保管會計檔案,顯然輕易在錢款上做了手腳之後再利用治理會計檔案的機會掩蓋自己的行為,所以予以禁止:一個單位的收入、支出、費用、債權債務賬目的登記工作,包括記賬工作崗位的部分但不是部(比如現金日記賬和銀行往來日記賬就不包括在內) ,這部分記賬工作,是一個單位會計核算的基礎,也是發生現金往來的根據,也不能由出納人員兼任,一個人既治理錢款,又治理記賬這一發生錢款往來的根據,很輕易監守自盜。
  4. In fact, the who was very appreciative of what hong kong did and he asked me to thank the hksar government and the community for accepting the distress call. obviously that is an area of concern for us

  5. Based on the analysis of the fishing capture monitoring data, which obtained from 5 deep water drift net fishery resources investigation boats from april 1998 to march 2001, the results indicated that the psenopsis anomala which took accounted for 8. 68 % ~ 27. 16 % of the total catch, was one of the three preponderant species in the northern part of the east china sea and southern part of the yellow sea. ( branchiostegidac ranked first, followed by the psenopsis anomala or argyrosonus altetnate ). the yearly quantity distribution concentrated in summer and autumn, and reached the peak in latter summer to early autumn

    摘要根據對5艘深水流網源信息船1998年8月~ 2001年3月連續漁撈調查進行分析研究,結果表明:刺鯧是本海域深水流網漁業的三優勢種之一(方頭魚占首位,刺鯧和白姑魚年間變動量相互交替) ,占年總漁獲量的8 . 68 % ~ 27 . 16 % ;周年數量分佈集中在夏、秋季,年數量最高值出現在夏末初秋。
  6. Taking the eighteen javelin throw techniques of nine javelin throwers out of the top ten ones of the national track & field men ' s javelin throw as the objectives of study, a three dimensional motor analysis was made to the right side body movement of the athletes after they finished the right leg cross steps

  7. Based on the analysis of the data on global metallogeny in the framework of geodynamics and study of the processes of continental evolution and metalloeny of of sanjiang, qinling and xingan - mongolia orogenic belts, we have reconsidered the geodynamic evlution and metallogeny during indosinian to early - yanshan movement in china, and established large - scale metallogenic model on intracontinental evolution we in orogenic belts. the main results are summarized as follow. ( 1 ) systematically gathering the data about large - scale and superlarge - scale deposits in the world and drawing up the map of global tectonics and metallogeny ; finding out the segmentation of circle - pacific ocean metallogenic belt and informing that the giant deposit clusters are the prominent feature of global metallogeny

  8. The procedural law of water right includes code of administrative appeal, code of civil law, administrative litigant law and intercessory law etc. it also introduces the definition, content and characteristics of water right of modern china

  9. The paper is based on innumerable practical heavy - load road data, deliberate heavy - load standard in detail through theoretical arithmetic, and bring heavy - load standard about cement concrete pavement and asphalt concrete pavement separately ; in the meantime, through a large quantity of cement concrete pavement stress calculation, the paper puts forward relation expression between load on concrete board and stress level under board ; meanwhile, the paper puts forward traffic classification about cement concrete pavement and asphalt concrete pavement ; through bearing board testing on each structure sheaf the paper finds the material modulus gets modified ; through comparing position equivalent rebound modulus to theoretical equivalent rebound modulus, the paper points out limitation of nomograph in course of cement concrete pavement design, whereby, puts forward modifier formulas about theoretical equivalent modulus

  10. Metropolitan circle is the result of industrialization and urbanization, which is the embodiment of centralization and radialization when the metropolis is developing to a certainty, in order to advance the space and economy to conform, to form a corporate area, fabricating the new type of metropolitan circle in which the metropolis is the core is new topic for discussion of innovative space structure of the big ciry this paper combine the theory expatiation and demonstration analysis with comprehensive and new statistics data, and theory model, and discusses the all - around regional development in chengdu area from a new angle, ie : using space structure model of metropolitan circle to develop the overall enhancement of strength in chengdu first, the thesis defmitudes the concept, connotation, and character of metropolitan circle, after that, it discusses the formative mechanism of metropolitan circle from the factors such as market, institution and ect moreover, from the practice of metropolitan circle ' s development in ho me and abroad, it summarizes the significance of the metropolitan circle form for the economic and social development, as well as the experience for reference and the problems we should pay attention to = based on these theories and practice, it brings forward the necessity and strategic significance of building metropolitan circle in chengdu, and analysis its possibilities, it also makes a research on the model of this circle, it innovatively brings forth that the double - polar circle structure of central city - sub central city - satellite town should be builded, through the establishment of index system, the sphere of metropolis circle in chengdu can be set which means the central city, sub center city and satellite town are sett it also analysis how to determine the gravity between center city and circumjacent area, and discusses the function orientation of center city and satellite town at last, it briefly analyses the transportation designing of suburb and city which are imperative for constructing the metropolitan circle in chengdu

  11. The article is directed by the modern structural geology, seismic stratigraphy and petroleum geology. in the study of works, geology, seismic and logging data are used. with the computer ' s ( workstation ) help, adopted many methods which are the technology of balanced section, calculation of the structural movement rate, the renewal of the erosion thickness, renewal of the ancient thickness, the protraction of the cover history curve and the " pagoda " figure, and based on the previous research achievement, this article studies the characteristic of rupture and fold, the degree of structural movement and the fashion of structural movement and brings forward that ludong area has experienced three big phases of structural evolvement

    以現代構造地質學、地震地層學和石油地質學為指導,面利用各種地質、物探、測井,藉助先進的計算機(工作站) ,採用多種方法(平衡剖面技術、構造活動速率計算、剝蝕厚度恢復、古厚度恢復、埋藏史曲線製作、寶塔圖製作等) ,並結合前人的研究成果,研究了陸東地區斷裂和褶皺的特徵、構造運動的期次以及構造運動的方式,提出了陸東地區經歷了三個的構造演化階段。
  12. Aside from the revision of content, supplement on and update of film personnel profiles, drawing from comprehensive and vigorously researched references such as the recently published hong kong filmography volumes i - iv 1913 - 1959 and other first - hand information, a recension of the " filmography of cantonese cinema 1946 - 1959 " is also undertaken

    粵語戲曲片回顧2003年修訂本除了校正原文補充電影工作者小傳,特別根據館近年編訂的四卷香港影片1913 - 1959及有關的第一手修訂書中的香港粵語片目錄1946 - 1959 。
  13. ( 2 ) providing the new information on large - scale, superlarge - scale deposits evolution in time and characteristic metallogenic events of the main stages during geodynanmic evolution ; summarizing the feature of large - scale metallogenic processes in some giant deposit clusters in the world and concluding the main type of large - scale metallogenic processes in the tectonic cycle of lithosphere

    2 )較詳細地提供了球主要金屬礦種型、巨型礦床隨時間演化的新,闡述了地球動力學演化歷史中主要成礦階段的特徵成礦事件,首次總結了世界一些主要巨型礦集區的規模成礦作用及其地球動力學背景特徵,並歸納了巖石圈構造演化旋迴中的規模成礦作用類型。
  14. Besides os, with its vast and valuable map data, there are the uk hydrographic office ( which collects tidal and naval navigational data ), the highways agency ( which collects traffic data ) and even the european centre for medium range weather forecasting

  15. He wrote the first packet code for wireless data ransmission in 1982, designed the terminal server concept, wrote the first chinese version of amps etacs cellular telephone software, and was the driving force behind the inmarsat m briefcase terminal

  16. Detailed diagnoses is made on a heavy - hard rain in the northeast qinghai - xizang plateau using ncep data of 1 x 1 with 6h intervals, more complete and integrated conventional observational data and the data set of automatic meteorological stations in plateau and new generation doppler radar data and satellite images and etc. the following conclusions can be drawn : 1. the distribution of heavy - hard rain, which is characteristics of valley topography in northeast qinghai - xizang plateau is obviously effected by topography. the distribution of yearly mean precipitation and the frequencies of heavy - hard rain in this area are descending from east to west

    本文首先利用ncep時間間隔為6小時的1 1的格點、更面、更為完整的常規探測和高原地區布設的自動氣象站、新一代多卜勒天氣雷達、衛星雲圖等對高原東北部地區到暴雨的天氣、氣候特徵及尺度環流背景進行分析,形成對高原暴雨的整體認識,並為以後的數值模擬提供尺度環流背景及依據,分析中發現: 1 、高原東北部地區到暴雨的分佈明顯受到地形影響,年降水量和到暴雨次數自東向西呈階梯性遞減趨勢,分別在高原東北部的外流河谷地區和四川北部地區存在值中心。
  17. Above all, i must thank my colleagues in the film archive for their cooperation and coordination. in particular, i must thank mr stephen teo, the english translator, and my assistants, ms agnes lam, ms may ng, and ms kwok ching - ling, for their tireless work. in addition, i had a corps of colleagues that helped in writing, proofreading, crosschecking data, preparing captions, and selecting stills, etc. they include ms janice chow, ms monique shiu, mr chris tsang, mr isaac leung, ms june tse, ms angela tong, ms priscilla chan, ms zoe tang, mr tsang hin - koon, mr wallace kwong, ms yuen tsz - ying, ms teri chan, ms janet young, ms kimmy so, ms edith lee, ms to siu - tip, mr victor ha, ms karen so, mr leung man, mr abdool ramjahn, ms angel shing, ms irene leung, mr elvis leung, ms winnie sum, ms lee chun - wai, ms tong ka - wai and ms siu man - wai

  18. The studies of circulation in ecs were most based on the analysis of temperature and salinity data and diagnostic mode. aim at breaking this limitation, we had established a quasi - predictive model in the ecs by reconstructing the pom model to overcome the difficulties brought to the simulations by steep terrain and great density gradient in the new model, the monthly mean sst data in the ecs and the result of global ocean model were used as the boundary conditions to simulate the distribution of the temperature and the circulation structure in the ecs

  19. Broadcast in english with mandarin subtitles, the mgm channel asia brings to the television viewing audience a 24 - hour movie channel with great selections from the world ' s largest modern film library

  20. That the technical data regarding anti - air pollution installations are made to be complete and readily available