塑性壓曲 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xìng]
塑性壓曲 英文
plastic buckling
  • : 動詞(塑造) model; mould
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • : 壓構詞成分。
  • : 曲名詞1 (一種韻文形式) qu a type of verse for singing which emerged in the southern song and ji...
  1. The machine is applicable to the plasticity material to inhibit the craft, such as hurtles to press, curve, turn over the side, lamella to pull to stretch etc. craft, also can used for correct, pressing to pack, the emery wheel model, the cold crowded metals spare parts model, the plastics product and the powder product of inhibit and model craft

  2. Pressure that this series the machine still have the extensive and in general use, be applicable to the every kind of plastic to process with take shape, if wash to press, squeeze, flection, fold the side, rivet jointing, orthopedics etc. ; stalk the pressing of set spare parts pack ; the plastics and what powder product inhibits ; stalk with other is similar to the correcting of spare parts ; the pressing of zero parts packs, and the pulling of spare parts of small scaled plank form stretch, type, fall material, press to print various uses of etc

  3. The influence of such parameters as axial load index, aspect ratio and percentages of lateral reinforcement, on seismic performance of reinforced concrete frame column in hong kong and analyses the distribution relationships of flexural deformation, shear deformation and slippage of longitudinal reinforcement in joint zone

  4. Results showed that the ductility of bolt spjice is much better than welds, weaker splice joints develop larger plastic deformation, slipping between faying surfaces, bearing of bolts to hole surfaces and buckling of splicing plates are all ideal energy dissipation mechanism

  5. During the temperature fields, the results indicate that the processing parameters such as the extrusion velocity, casting temperature, perform preheating temperature, die preheating temperature and so on are important for the temperature fields besides the dwell time. they are must be in concordance each other to the deforming zone is in the quasi - solid state, and the stable semi - solid extrusion is implemented. during the deforming fields, the hyperbolic sine thermo - rigid - viscoplastic fem model is selected according to the forming feature of the process, and the variations of the stress - strain fields are studied

  6. The thesis had done the theories analysis in detail and built the relevant mathematics models aiming at the mechanics characteristic about the lodging of stalk, the elastic and plastic deform of stalk under the action of the transverse loads, the mechanics condition which causes stalk pushed, the relation between the speed of unit and the surface radius of ski, the relevant location between the thickness of the compressed stalk and action location of load, the relevant location between the mating device and plough, the coefficient of overturning soil under the thickness of the compressed stalk and so on. in addition, the computer aided analysis and simulating experiments in field were acted by choice

  7. A fem of elasto - plastic flexural - torsional buckling of steel members under cyclic loading

  8. Aiming at the shortages and demerits in the study of constitutive relationship of concrete based on elastic - plastic mechanics, damage expressions of concrete subjected to uniaxial tension - compression was deduced based on damage mechanics, and general damage evolution equation of concrete in bending state was received also

  9. The sedimentation compression lines, intrinsic compression lines can be normalized by a void index, then the difference of the structural clays and reconstituted clays are showed

  10. The critical crack and stress put forward provides theoretic foundation for monitoring portal machine. 3. applying steady theory of board, studying the problem of early curvature, flexibility model, welding remaining stress, elastic transmutation and brace condition and so on, conclude that structure of beam is primary place where metal structure of portal crane lose stabilization and the break of main beam is result of losing partial stabilization of main board

    文章提出的界限應力和臨界裂紋對于港口機械的監測提供了理論依據; 3 、運用板的穩定理論,探索了作為薄壁構件的門機金屬結構在失穩破壞中所涉及到的初率問題、彈模量問題、焊接殘余應力問題、彈變形問題以及支承條件問題等,得出了門機金屬結構發生失穩破壞的主要部位為臂架結構,且主臂架的折斷是由於受翼板局部失穩引起整體破壞; 4 、探討了焊接對結構承載的影響。
  11. Effects of tramadol on synaptic remodeling in the rat spinal cord after chronic constriction injury of sciatic nerve

  12. Then, this paper edits other computer program to calculate thirty sgrc frame columns, and researches the drift capacity of sgrc frame column, and analysis the turning capacity of frame column " s plastic hinge. then the relational expression of the curvature ductility factor and ratio of hoops of sgrc frame columns is derived. this paper analysis the relation of the curvature ductility factor and the relative drift of sgrc frame columns, and discuss the question of the minimum values of ratios of hoops of sgrc frame column at different axial load ratios

    一11一太原理工大學碩_ i :學位論文使用本文程序另外模擬計算了30榻煤研石混凝土框架,進一步分析了軸比和配箍率對煤研石混凝土框架柱率延的影響,編寫程序計算了30根煤研石混凝土框架柱,對煤研石混凝土框架柱的側向變形能力進行了研究,分析了柱鉸的轉動能力,導出了煤研石混凝土框架柱的率延系數與配箍率的關系式,分析了煤研石混凝土框架柱的率延系數與框架柱相對側向位移的關系,討論了煤研石混凝土框架柱在不同軸比下最小配箍率的取值問題。
  13. The sedimentation compression lines of natural clays, intrinsic compression lines of reconstituted clays and oedometer compression curves can be normalized by a void index, then the difference of the structural clays and reconstituted clays as well as the gradual damage course of soil structure are showed apparently

  14. Then, a step - by - step increase of vertical curvature is applied to the hull girder assuming that the plane cross section remains plane. at each incremental step, the stress of the cross section is evaluated using the average stress - strain curves of the elements as well as the incremental bending moment due to the curvature increment. performing sample calculations on existing girder models tests under pure bending, the rationality of the proposed method was examined

    假設船體橫向框架材足夠強,因而板架的整體破壞不會發生;基於梁?柱理論、理想彈假設、平面假設,建立了拉伸和縮加筋板單元的平均應力?應變關系線,應用船體結構總縱極限強度的簡化逐步破壞分析方法計算船體總縱極限彎矩,並據此開發了計算程序sus 。
  15. Local buckling capacity of steel composite beam subjected to combined bending, shear and patch loading is one of key problem in steel structures design. the computational formula for local stability of web was based on the assumption of infinite - elastic perfect plates in the steel structures design code ( gbj17 - 88 ). but in the revised code ( gb50017 - 2003 ), this formula was made big change with reference to british code ( bs5950, partl ) and australian code ( as4100 ), the related research result of our country was included as well. in the modified formula, influence of early geometric imperfection and elastic - plastic buckling stage were considered, which is compatible with both actual circumstance of engineering and the strength formula of beams under bending stresses ( considering partial plasticity of the section ). in this paper, the preceding problem is deeply analyzed and studied, considering the effects of various geometric parameters and stress combinations on buckling critical stress of web, the revised local buckling correlative formula for transverse and longituded stiffened web panels under combined stresses is analyzed and verified by finite element method

    組合鋼梁腹板在彎、剪及局復合應力作用下的局部屈承載能力是鋼結構設計中需考慮的問題,新的《鋼結構設計規范》 ( gb50017 ? 2003 )對此部分內容作了較大改動,原規范中關于腹板局部穩定的計算公式是基於無限彈的完善板假定;新的規范則參考了英國規范( bs5950 part1 )及澳大利亞規范( as4100 )並結合我國相關研究成果,考慮了屈進入彈階段以及初始幾何缺陷的影響。這不僅與工程實際情況相符,而且也與鋼梁在彎應力作用下允許截面部分進入的計算公式相協調。
  16. Hardness solution form for elastic - plastic material considering the indenter tip curvature effect

  17. The results indicate that stress - strain curves with different water contents, consolidation stresses and stress paths are evidently dissimilar, which are correspondingly described with softening elastic - plastic model, ideal elastic - plastic model and hyperbolic elastic model

  18. The effects of external pressure on elastic - plastic dynamic buckling of ring - stiffened cylindrical

  19. Four - cloumn universal hydraulie press is used in pressing technology of plastic materials, such as click folding turn up. seretching of sheet metal and canbe also used in correetion pressed install, forming of grinding wheel and cold - coining metal fittings and forming technology of poastic and powder prodects

  20. 3. the action of main affected factors, such as axial force, shear - span ratio, transverse reinforcement amount and so on, are described in detail to study the shear behavior and mechanism of columns under cyclic load. 4. the shear contribution of concrete and transverse reinforcement as to the increasing of columns * displacement ductility level is also investigated