塑性壓制 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xìngzhì]
塑性壓制 英文
plastic pressing
  • : 動詞(塑造) model; mould
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • : 壓構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (製造) make; manufacture 2 (擬訂; 規定) draw up; establish 3 (用強力約束; 限定; 管束...
  1. Based on the analysis of mechanism for joint region, the " frame - wall " and " aslope compression stub column " mechanical models and yielding patterns of core zone of the joints are set up. the shear load - carrying formulation for joint core zone is also given in terms of plastic ultimate analysis. and then, the comparisons between the formulas given in this paper and that of chinese design code ( draft ) and nonlinear fem as well are presented

    對節點核心區的抗剪,通過受力機理的分析,建立了鋼「框架剪力墻」加混凝土「斜短受力體系及其屈服機,根據極限分析,給出了節點核心區抗剪承載力計算的迭加公式, 《規程》公式和非線有限元近似模擬分析結果進行了比較。
  2. As an advanced materials preparation technology, spray - deposition has shown remarkable superiority in producing large - sized alloys and metal matrix composites. however, the spray deposeted preforms usually contain a certain quantity of porosity. besides, the oxide films on the surface of the particles lead to week metallurgic conjunction between the particles. in order to obtain an ideal structure and performance, the porous preforms need further densifying and plastical forming. in this paper, a new technology named wedge pressing was used to densify spray - deposeted 5a06 aluminium alloy, in which the large deformation can be obtained through the sum - up of local deformation and multi - step small deformation. this method can also solved the problems in traditional processing and greatly decreased the producing cost. what ’ s more, the reserch on the wedge pressing desification rules about the large - sized spray deposeted preforms was significant it was vital not only to the further densification of the prefoums but also to the further research on plastical deforming the research was also benefit to the industrialization an the application of the spray deposeted porous materials

  3. The machine is applicable to the plasticity material to inhibit the craft, such as hurtles to press, curve, turn over the side, lamella to pull to stretch etc. craft, also can used for correct, pressing to pack, the emery wheel model, the cold crowded metals spare parts model, the plastics product and the powder product of inhibit and model craft

  4. Pressure that this series the machine still have the extensive and in general use, be applicable to the every kind of plastic to process with take shape, if wash to press, squeeze, flection, fold the side, rivet jointing, orthopedics etc. ; stalk the pressing of set spare parts pack ; the plastics and what powder product inhibits ; stalk with other is similar to the correcting of spare parts ; the pressing of zero parts packs, and the pulling of spare parts of small scaled plank form stretch, type, fall material, press to print various uses of etc

  5. Plastics - ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer moulding and extrusion materials - preparation of test specimens and determination of properties

  6. Then the judging method is proposed, and the proposed method can consider the stress history and viscosity shear strength of soft soil. in this paper, a fem program dpfbm1. 0 ( double plastic foundation beam method ( version 1. 0 ) ) is established. with this program, the influence of some parameters on foundation excavation is fully studied, the parameters include : compression modulus, cohesive strength, angle of internal ficiction, effective angle of internal friction, the embedded length of the wall and building load

    針對當前國內外彈地基梁法存在的缺陷,基於對軟土流變的研究,採取了剪應力判斷彈狀態,以改進和完善基坑工程彈地基梁法,推導了彈狀態下地基反力系數的近似解,提出了採用剪應力組合判斷土彈簧彈狀態的方法,編了相應的彈共同變形法分析程序dpfbm1 . 0 ( doubleplasticfoundationbeammethod ( version1 . 0 ) ) ,並採用該程序分析了縮模量、粘聚力、內摩擦角等參數變化對基坑工程的影響。
  7. Combining with characters of powder, the mechanic of powder plastic deformation, the strengthen cause of powder extrusion products, the effect of surface oxide and powder strengthen materials property and formability of powder extrusion products were introduced and discussed in this dissertation

  8. During the temperature fields, the results indicate that the processing parameters such as the extrusion velocity, casting temperature, perform preheating temperature, die preheating temperature and so on are important for the temperature fields besides the dwell time. they are must be in concordance each other to the deforming zone is in the quasi - solid state, and the stable semi - solid extrusion is implemented. during the deforming fields, the hyperbolic sine thermo - rigid - viscoplastic fem model is selected according to the forming feature of the process, and the variations of the stress - strain fields are studied

  9. An experiment was conducted to study the effects of hot - pressing temperature on properties of wheat straw - plastic composites made from wheat straw and recycled polyethylene ( pe ) using isocyanate as adhesive through multi - factor orthogonal experiment and single - factor experiment

  10. Paper aims at the theory problem of exact celerity machining design which is realized urgently in special shaped products, solves mathematics model of similar forming plastic stream, recurring to modern conformal mapping fruit, builds die mathematics model and optimized function equation of arc square product in precision extruding / drawing, establishes theory model for precision celerity shaped die of cad / cam integrative constitution

    摘要本文針對亟待實現的擠(拔)異型材模具精密快速加工設計理論課題,藉助于近代共形映射理論研究成果,求解了異型材擠(拔)模具相似成形流動的數學模型,建立了圓角方型材精密擠(拔)模具模腔數學模型及其優化函數方程,建立了為實現模腔精密快速的cad / cam一體化的理論模型。
  11. According to the practical geological model of slope, by means of the finite element analysis, from the constitutive equations of the elastoplasticity and the viscoelasticity - viscoplasticity, the process and mechanism for progressive failure of the locked segment of rockmass are quantitatively revealed and simulated during the rupture, deformation, destruction, and failure of highsteep slope rockmass, and the dynamics driving the motion of rocky landslide with violent starting velocity by high pressure water flow is dealed with

  12. Various successive partial plastic forming methods for processing groove, including thread rolling, cross rolling and skew rolling, splitting, rolling of spline shaft, split rolling, open - die extrusion of spline shaft / gear, extrusion of internal screwed tooth socket parts with large helical pitch, integral cold forging for slot commutator, extrusion - ploughing for outside fin tube, drawing of tube with spiral internal / external ribs etc. have been introduced briefly

  13. Through multi - factor orthogonal experiment, wood fiber / plastic composite was manufactured to study the effects of polypropylene content on properties of wood fiber / plastic composite by using wood fiber and recycled polypropylene ( pp ) and mdi or ma as coupling agent

    摘要通過正交試驗,以木材纖維和廢舊聚丙烯料為原料,異氰酸酯或馬來酸酐作偶聯劑,木材纖維聚丙烯復合材料,研究聚丙烯(簡稱pp )用量對木復合材料能的影響。
  14. In this paper, 130mm diameter hot - rolled bars ( 3 transus temperature is 798 c ) were used in experiments. the superplastic property of ti - 1023 alloy was studied systematically by the experiments of tensile and compression. the preparation method of fine - crystalline structure and the processing parameters of superplastic forging are optimized

    本文以130mm熱軋棒材為原材料,通過超拉伸和超縮試驗,對ti - 1023合金的超進行系統研究,研究坯料細晶組織備方法,優化超成形工藝參數,為高筋薄腹板復雜形狀ti - 1023合金鍛件超等溫模鍛工藝的定提供試驗依據。
  15. Abstract : based on the rigid visco - plastic fem technique, this paper numerically simulate the superplastic bulging process of void - sensitive materials using pressure controlling strategy of maintaining maximum effective strain rate constant and void damage evolution model of superplastic forming

  16. In this dissertation, the effect of texture, heat - treatment, and hydrogen on the lcf behavior of zircaloy - 4 and the cyclic deformation behavior for zircaloy - 4, n18 alloy and n36 alloy have been investigated systematically using fully - reversed tension - compression loading under strain control ( r = min / max = - 1 ), while the evolvement of the friction and back stresses versus the number of repeated working cycles and the plastic strain amplitude has been studied, and the thorough discussion combined with the analysis result of fatigue sub - structure, friction and back stresses, and fatigue fracture has been given to the mechanism underlying the lcf behavior of alloys

    本文採用對稱拉循環變形方法( r _ = _ ( min ) _ ( max ) = - 1 ) ,系統研究了織構、熱處理狀態、氫對zr - 4合金低周疲勞能的影響, zr - 4合金、 n18合金和n36合金的循環變形行為,並研究了摩擦應力、背應力隨循環周次、應變幅的變化規律。結合疲勞亞結構和疲勞斷口的分析結果,深入探討了影響合金低周疲勞行為的作用機
  17. Surface mounted piezoelectric devices for frequency control and selection - standard outlines and terminal lead connections - plastic moulded enclosure outlines

  18. At last, with the program, 18 one - storey and one - span prestressed frames are simulated. some conclusions are reached with the taking into account the, secondary moment and types of load applying : ( 1 ) the in the beam affects the ductility of the section and rotary property of the plastic hinge. so total coefficient of the modulation of moment becomes less with the becoming bigger

    最後,本文利用編的非線程序,模擬了18榀單層單跨預應力框架,重點研究截面相對受區高度、次彎矩、加載方式對內力重分佈和彎矩調幅的影響,從中得出了以下主要的結論和規律: ( 1 )框架梁相對受區高度在很大程度上反映了截面的延,體現了鉸的轉動能力,框架的總彎矩調幅系數隨著相對受區高度的增大而減小。
  19. The shell made of fiberous glass, reinforced unsaturated polyster resin has elegant outline, possessing the excellent properties of static electricity resistance, impact resistance, corrosion - proof and thermal reliability, etc

  20. Type i : made of engineering plastic, corrosion - proof and water - proof, it is used as leading device in safety - increased shell