責任分散 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [rènfēnsǎn]
責任分散 英文
diffusion of responsibility
  • : Ⅰ名詞(責任) duty; responsibility Ⅱ動詞1 (要求做成某事或行事達到一定標準) demand; ask for; req...
  • : 任名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : 散動詞1. (由聚集而分離) break up; disperse 2. (散布) distribute; disseminate; give out 3. (排除) dispel; let out
  • 責任 : 1. (應做的事) duty; responsibility 2. (應承擔的過失) responsibility for a fault or wrong; blame
  1. In this article, firstly the background of the textile trade conflicts within sino - us or sino - euro are introduced, thus learn that how to discern and dodge the foreign trade risks, how to choose the appropriate investment projects have already become one of the most important questions for exporting companies on foreign trade affairs well - known as high investment and high risk. so the main text makes a risk analysis qualitatively and quantitatively on a textile - exporting trading company from three angles of statistic 、 game theory and portfolio theory, which is the main content that we studied. firstly, the statistic article adopts data of the transaction closing price of the textile clothing index in shenzhen stock exchange at the end of each quarter as well as several other kinds of data reflecting the macro - economic changes, performs an empirical analysis of these data according to the theory of co - integration test 、 granger cause test and impulse response function of time series in economitric, and learn that the impact to ti is more obvious by the economic index reflecting local commodity price level and economic prosperity degree home and abroad, as well as the impact degree and the time lag degree, and knows the macro - economic risks faced by textile business enterprises ; after that by the game theory angle we analyze exactly the managing risks faced by one textile export corporation named beauty. from the game expansion chart the system arrangement between censor ways by exportation goal countries and exporting strategies by the exporting enterprises has been analyzed. involving the benefit assignment between them both the limited rounds and infinite rounds negotiations of cooperation games have been studied, and then country responsibility and the enterprise managing risks on foreign trade affairs and so on have been analyzed exactly ; in order to realize the investment multiplication in the certain degree to disperse the risk, the

    本文首先介紹了中美、中歐紡織品貿易爭端的來龍去脈,由此可知在涉外貿易這種以高投入、高風險著稱的行業里,如何甄別和規避外貿風險、如何選擇合適的投資項目已經成為外貿企業的首要問題。因此,正文別從統計學、博弈論和投資組合三種角度對涉外紡織品貿易公司風險進行了定性和定量的析,這也是本文的主要研究內容。首先,統計學篇選取了深圳證券交易所行業類指數?紡織服裝指數( ti )每一季度末的交易收盤價和若干種反映宏觀經濟變化的指標,利用計量經濟學中時間序列的協整檢驗、 granger因果檢驗和脈沖反應函數等理論做實證析,從而得知反映國內物價水平和國內外經濟景氣程度的經濟指標對紡織板塊上市值的沖擊比較明顯,且可知沖擊程度和時滯度,進而析出涉外紡織企業所面臨的宏觀經濟風險;接著,從博弈論的角度具體析一家紡織品出口公司( beauty )的外貿活動所面臨的各種經營風險,該篇從博弈擴展圖入手,析了出口目的國審查方式與本企業出口策略之間的制度安排;並圍繞雙方的利益配,研究了有限回合和無限回合合作談判博弈,然後具體論述了國家和企業涉外經營風險等問題;在一定程度上為了實現投資多元化來風險的目的,投資組合篇從經典的markowitz模型著手,在一些特定條件的限制下,給出了一個相應的投資組合模型。
  2. This pape expounds the enlightment of catfish effect, responsibility dispersion effect, hawthorne effect, south wind effect, analysis the problem existed in librarys, and advises the corresponding measures

  3. Legal entity has one of following state, outside assuming responsibility except legal person, can give disciplinary sanction, fine to the legal representative, make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully : 1, the scope of operations that exceeds approve of the mechanism that register to register is engaged in be being managed illegally ; 2, conceal true condition, practise fraud to the mechanism that register, tax authority ; 3, smoke escape capital, hide belongings to dodge the creditor ; 4, disband, be cancelled, by suspend payment hind, do sth without authorization handles property ; 5, change, when stopping, not seasonable application is dealt with register and announcement, make interests person suffers great losing ; 6, be engaged in legal illicit other activity, harm national interest or the society is communal of the interest

    企業法人有下列情形之一的,除法人承擔外,對法定代表人可以給予行政處、罰款,構成犯罪的,依法追究刑事: 1 、超出登記機關核準登記的經營范圍從事非法經營的; 2 、向登記機關、稅務機關隱瞞真實情況、弄虛作假的; 3 、抽逃資金、隱匿財產逃避債務的; 4 、解、被撤消、被宣告破產后,擅自處理財產的; 5 、變更、終止時不及時申請辦理登記和公告,使利害關系人遭受重大損失的; 6 、從事法律禁止的其他活動,損害國家利益或者社會公共利益的。
  4. Points out that the liability of danger is not the sanction to violations of law. the basic idea of the liability of danger lies in " the reasonable distribution of unlucky damages ". the main reasons are : ( 1 ) the doctrine of origin of danger, i. e. the owner or holder of enterprise, instrument, < | > r article assume the liability because they create the danger ; ( 2 ) doctrine of control of danger, i. e. the enterprise assumes the liability for it ? controls the danger in certain extent ; ( 3 ) doctrine of " enjoying benefit, assuming liability ", i. e. the owner or holder of enterprise, instrument, or article assume the liability because they enjoy the benefit ; ( 4 ) doctrine of allocation of losses, i. e. the damages occurred from the liability of danger should be dissipated through the price mechanism of commodity service and insurance system

    Esser )在其名著《危險之基礎與發展》 ( 1941年)一書中指出,危險不是對不法行為的制裁,危險的根本思想在於「不幸損害的合理配」 ,主要根據在於: ( 1 )危險來源說,即因為企業、物品或裝置的所有人或持有人製造了危險來源,因而應承擔; ( 2 )危險控制說,即企業在某種程度能控制這些危險,因此應負; ( 3 )享受利益負擔危險說,即企業、物品或裝置的所有人或持有人從其企業、裝置或物品中獲得利益,故理所當然應當負擔風險; ( 4 )損失攤說,因危險而生的損害賠償,得經由商品服務的價格機能和保險制度予以
  5. The chapter is consisted of two sections. section one detailed analyzes the demand factors in demestic reinsurance market which includes the company capital capacity, reinsurance capital centralization degree, market decentralization and centralization degree, direct business scale and self - insurance degree,

  6. The content of this course are as followings : the concept of the commercial law, features of commercial law, basic principles of commercial, the players in commercial field, behaviors, registration system, trade name, accounting books, the overview of corporate law and corporation, the classification of corporation, the establishement of company, the capital system under compnay law, share and assets, shareholders and their rights, corporate governance, merger and acquisation, overview of bankruptcy law, ? substantive bankruptcy law, procedure ? bankruptcy law, overview of commercial paper law, the classification and the basic rules of commercial paper, overview security law, ? issue and sponsor system, listing and trade system, investment fund system, overview of issurance law, issurance contract, property issurance, life issurance, issurance industry, maritime law, vessel and stewages, transportation contract, leasing vessel contract, incidents and the liability system etc

  7. This thesis regard internal property reorganization in the group of pangang as the research object, from chengdu seamless steel pipe limited liability company with chengdu iron and steel works inside exterior environment reorganizing in front and back commences, making use of to exceed the makel - bot with of five factors competition models and the method of factors analysis, after analyzing the reorganization of the business enterprise a profession for facing competes the situation. develop the development the business enterprise with the profession industry from the international local profession rival circumstance after analyzing the reorganization should the market position of the establishment with develop the strategy target. make use of the swot the analysis the method, to after the reorganization the development strategy of the business enterprise, from manage the angle proceeded the fixed position analyzes, for after the reorganization business enterprise development provided four kinds of developments strategy that eligibility choose : the brave development strategy, request the resources advantage, funds advantage, human resource advantage, technique advantage that new company make the most of new business enterprise in empress in reorganization, is an essential condition to increases to manage the level, quickly technique reforms, develop the high and additional worth product with new product production line, as soon as quikly change to strong and large business enterprise, realizes soon steel aircraft carrier dream ; dispersion strategy, the technology market quota with deal with produce high additional worth product, completely promote business enterprise brand image, extend high carry product of the exaltation product, is a necessary means to increases business enterprise performance, realizes business enterprise target ; defense strategy, adjusting the business enterprise organizes construction, reducing the intensive type in labor and the low additional worth product line, lower bad the property saves the deal, alleviating the business enterprise burden, attaining the casual wear go to battle, benefitting to the challenge that make frontal attack the rival ; withdraw strategy, compress the production of the high depletion and high cost product, simplify the production craft, controlling the cost of the end product in the lower level, is a valid path to increases business enterprise competition ability

  8. They believe that the damages should be borne by the party concerned who has the capability of cost dissipation, and, with the enterprise who creates danger adding the losses it undertakes to the cost of its product, be finally dissipated to thousands and thousands pf consumers who buy the product, reaching the goal of allocation of losses in cost. the liability for damages should be assumed by the party who is capable of performing the duty of awareness and avoiding the accident. the victim normally has not such capability while the danger creator does have the capability to prevent the damage occurring

  9. In our country, some scholars have made some achievements in the study on the theory of contracting fault liability, but in general, those

  10. As far as the practice of law is concerned, the actual legislation for business registration has many problems, and with the rapid development of our national economy and the on - going reform, more loopholes will be exposed, which requires us firstly to analyze and study these problems in commercial theories and then put forward relevant legislative proposals

  11. I think it my duty to report to your majesty the condition of the various corps under my observation on the march the last two or three days. they are almost disbanded. hardly a quarter of the men remain with the flags of their regiments ; the rest wander off on their own account in different directions, trying to seek food and to escape discipline

  12. Several unique points of view in anglo - american law about the theoretical basis of liability of danger add to mr. j. esser ' s theory. they are cost dissipation, damages prevention, equity concept, and evidence preservation

  13. Part two : organizing strategy of cooperative learning in implementation of new mathematical curriculum this part analyzes the problem in the process of implementing of cooperative learning in new mathematical curriculum by observing in classroom and studying case. six problems is : ( 1 ) the group activity stay on the formal, and lack the material cooperation ( 2 ) individual duty diffuse, " take a ride " phenomenon have the occurrence ; ( 3 ) student social intercourse technical lack. ( 4 ) no change in teacher ' s role, lacking guidance to student ; ? ividing group difficultly for big class formation, fulling of too much noisy in classroom ; ? valuation system is not well, group cooperation exist in name only, provides six suggestions for these problems : ( 1 ) dividing group scientificly and vividly ; ( 2 ) leading student active cooperative learning ; ( 3 ) increasing the individual duty ; ( 4 ) cultivating students " cooperative method and social intercours technical ; ( 5 ) enhancing management in classroom ; ( 6 ) handling a few relations rightly ; finally, puts forward the principle and program of orgnizing cooperative learning in new mathematical curriculum

    二、新數學課程實施中合作學習的組織策略本部在對實驗區數學課堂觀察和個案研究的基礎上,析得出了新數學課程實施中合作學習存在的6個問題:小組活動留于形式,缺乏實質性合作;個體, 「搭車」現象時有發生;學生社交技能欠缺,合作效率低下;教師對自己角色轉變認識不清,指導作用沒有跟上;大班額組困難,課堂過于喧嘩混亂;評價體系沒有跟上,小組合作名存實亡。針對這些問題,對新數學課程實施中開展合作學習提出了6方面建議:科學靈活地組;引導學生主動合作學習;提高個體:重視對學生合作方法、社交技能的培養;加強合作學習中課堂管理;正確處理幾對關系。最後提出了新數學課程實施中合作學習的組織的原則和組織序列。
  14. Some prominent problems adout the organization construction of village political power at the bascl level is influencing the villages " stead and development. how can we reorganize the peasants, who are scatter, farming in the from of a family and a person after they follow the correlate produce contract obligation regulations. and how can we set up organizations of village political power at the basic level which are fit for the villge practical assumption and have the chinese features

  15. Environmental liability insurance is the responsibility of risk through socialization address the problem of environmental pollution damages, its one of the effective ways to protect victims of environmental pollution timely because of their huge compensation and bankruptcy of enterprises have played an important role

  16. Any insurance company suffer loss of a huge sum to shun the professional work of own accept insurance, can conclude through reinsurance means reinsurance contract, oneself the one part of the risk of accept insurance and responsibility transforms other insurance company, enlarge accept insurance capacity in order to achieve, run a risk dispersedly, stabilize operation result, enhance the purpose of financial strength

  17. On one hand, after the introduction of the household contract system to the rural areas, the original technology department could no longer meet the needs of large numbers of rural households with their individual businesses that widely populated across the country. on the other hand, the rapid development of the market economy confronted the farmers, most of which shook helplessly in face of the large corporations, with the overwhelmingly fierce competition

  18. In order to spread risks, balance out fluctuations and stabilize operations, an insurer must pass part risks and liabilities over its underwriting capacity to other insurers. it was the demands of risk spread and loss allocation that straight gave birth to reinsurance

  19. Fouth, the essay analyses the influence of liability insurance upon the criterion of liabity in tort law. liability insurance ensures and stabilizes the position of no - fault liability. liability insurance has both positive and negative influence upon the applicable scope of no - fault liability. finally, the writer concludes that criterion of liability system in our country should include both the fault liability and no - fault liability. with the case analysis, the writer again rejects to regard the equitable liability as the criterion of liability

  20. In sum, the core viewpoint of stakeholder theory can be concluded that the firm is a nexus of relationship among stakeholders, whose responsibilities and obligations are formed through explicit contracts and implicit contracts. the residual rights of the firm are distributed symmetrically, separately and unbalancedly among asset owners and human recourse owners in order to create wealth for its stakeholders and the society