法式排水 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shìbèishuǐ]
法式排水 英文
french drains
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  • : 排構詞成分。
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • 法式 : 1. (標準的格式) rule; method; model: 《營造法式》 rules of architecture2. (法國式的) french
  • 排水 : drain off water; drain away water; dewatering
  1. This paper analyzes the groundwater discharging course using fluidics theory and combining quay structure construction ; sets up the method of fast drainage by the dint of pipeline and blind ditch of fragment stone ; and gives the computational mathematical model for quay drainage and calculation formula for drainage process according to the principle of conservation of mass and underground percolation, which have been applied for quay ' s stability design and calculation

  2. Drainage way with floor blocked up, drainage with back outlet sanitary facilities and drainage with floor descended are discussed and summarized. a new drainage way with floor descended is introduced which solves the problem of seeper drainage

  3. The horizontal liquid sump shall have flanged heads on both ends

  4. The litter - resistance slowly closing butterfly check valve is developed a newest product based on our butterfly check valve, hydra - matic transmission to be add in the valve with unique design, new stuction and optimum performance, can be used pipeline of water supply and dring with such media : fresh water, sea water, sewage, raw water, ect. the valve should be installed at outlet of the water pump, in stapping the pump, the process of slowly closing after valve plate shuts rapidly. can be guard effectively against the destruction water hummer, so to ensure the safe operation of the pipline

  5. Standard test method for gaskets for use in connection with hub and spigot cast iron soil pipe and fittings for sanitary drain, waste, vent, and storm piping applications

  6. After the enactment of legislation for the provision of a water flushing system in 1960, the government began setting up seawater supply systems in various districts of hong kong island and kowloon

  7. We have advanced the city construction sustainable developing strategy on studying socialized production and life service function ( hub of communication, information linking modern water supplying and draining, energy supplying, calamity preventing, environment preventing ) ; purify and beauty function ( gardens afforest landscape controlling ecology protection ) ; science and cultural function ( exhibition hall, science and technology center, conference service center, gymnasium, library, museum and other recreations ), environment quality controlling, etc. during the process of the city construction sustainable development, thinking manner and view, such as systemic view, natural view, resource view, value view, morality view, should be educated and abided

  8. Compared with the reality, it shows that this model and its parameters are defined reasonablly. to analyse the arrangement of drainage system with different spacings and depths, with unsteady flow formula and benefit index, this paper gives a two - dimensional non - linear programing model for arrangement of drainage system in the barley field, which can be solved by the method of projected gradient. by this model, we make out the optimum solution of spacings and depth of pvc pipe in littoral area of changjiang river that is s = 21. 5 8m, h = l. lm

    論文通過對不同埋深、間距的塑料暗管布局的分析,結合非穩定流公和效益指標,提出了麥田暗管布局的二維非線性規劃模型,並利用梯度投影求解,得出長江下游濱海地區塑料暗管埋設的最優方案為埋深h = 1 . 1m ,間距s = 21 . 58m 。
  9. In the topic 1, utilizing the natural lysimeters and drainage region in wudaogou station, based on expriment and imitation methods, frist the hydrology effect of drainage has been analyzed, and then the index of water logged farm drainage and suitable ground water level have been provided. on the theory of darcy rule and farm hydrodynamics, the standard and pattern and empirical formula of farm drainage system have been presented as well, and provide scientifically foundation for drainage planning

  10. It is commonly recognized that subsurface drainage system can improve pavement performance and extend service life. as an essential part of subsurface drainage system, the layer setting and characteristics of asphalt treated permeable material directly affect the performance of subsurface drainage system, which is lucubrated in this paper. based on the typical semi - rigid pavement without permeable layer, using multilayer elastic system program, rational pavement structure with permeable layer at different locations is first analyzed

  11. Study on primary consolidation of saturated soft clay under pre - loading drainage condition should be started with its drainage in nature, i. e., study the variation discipline of primary consolidation by its water content variation of soft clay through the pre - loading course, utilizing the basic property index of clay, then deduce the primary consolidation ration formula and get the theoretical calculation solution of primary consolidation ( settlement ), absolute primary consolidation, as well as absolute consolidation degree

    摘要對飽軟粘土的預壓主固結研究應從其的本質出發,即從軟土在預壓過程的含量變化上研究主固結量的變化規律,利用土的基本性質指標導出主固結比基本公及主固結量(沉降量) 、絕對主固結量、絕對固結度等理論計算方
  12. Abstract : based on laboratory test results, a model for predicting the residual deformation of soft clay under impact loading is proposed in this paper, which fits well with other test results. this model, considering several factors which affect the residual deformation such as confining pressure, impact energy and the number of impacting, can be used for the deformation prediction in the treatment of saturated soft clay by the drainage consolidation method of combining static and dynamic loading

  13. The traditional ways of disposing human waste were not up to modern standards and were not economical, therefore the government attempted to abolish them as soon as possible. in the late 1950 s, the use of water closets in individuals flats was encouraged to enhance the sanitary conditions in the city

  14. Adopt the mean of analyzing the factors which influence the output of the crops to quantity and determine the factors, assess the correlation among the grading factors in the units and calculate the point value of these factors ; determine the weigh value of the factors. ten factors, which are content of organic matter, thickness of soil layer, quality of soil, pickled degree of land, condition of irrigation and state of shelter belt, the degree of land " s leveling, central focus region ( focus region location ), utilization method of soil, are chosen as grading index at last

  15. Water supply and drainage : chongqing sino - french water supply co., ltd was founded officially on 1st, nov 2002

  16. Through these studies and analysis, following conclusions could be drawn : ( 1 ) it is necessary to study on harness engineering of landslide and dangerous rock since the main representations of this geological hazard are landslide and dangerous rock through geological investigation ; ( 2 ) it can be concluded though stability analysis that the dingzhuang landslide is stable naturally, which is identical to the in - situ investigation ; ( 3 ) through stability analysis, the landslide would slide if the water level dropped down from 175. 10m to 156. 0m and it rained successively after the three gorges reservoir work. ( 4 ) according to the results of calculation and the characteristic of the landslide, it is suggested that such measures as unloading at upper part, anchorage and pile supporting system and drainage system should be used on the landslide. ( 5 ) according to geological investigation, there are three kinds of dangerous rock in the engineering, those are failing - down rock, collapsing rock and sliding rock

    因此有必要對滑坡進行治理; ( 4 )根據滑坡推力計算結果和本滑坡屬牽引滑坡的特點,滑坡體上部相對較穩定,中下部處于基本穩定或不穩定狀態,因此建議此滑坡治理採用上部削坡減載與錨拉抗滑樁、擋墻進行支擋結合的處理方,同時結合截等措施進行綜合治理; ( 5 )根據地勘資料,通過對危巖體的形態、規模、基座和底界層及分佈特點和分析,將本工程危巖體失穩崩塌的方歸納為墜落、傾倒和滑塌三種類型並分別提出相應的穩定性計算方; ( 6 )分別對本工程中的危巖體進行了穩定性計算,並且發現其都處于不穩定狀態,因此根據實際情況分別提出相應襯砌支撐和清理等加固治理措施,最後還對加固后的危巖體進行了校核計算,滿足要求。
  17. Such as choosing water - supply method of high - building with indefinite synthetical assessing ; some suggestion on design of basement reservoir for heath, safety and saving ; in the design of high business - living building how to make water of hydrant system to be used by sprinkler systems ; finally introduces some other methods of design of water supply & sewerage of high - building in south china

  18. Through researching the general laws of run _ off formation, deducing the design formula of drainage discharge and analyzing e ach parameter of the formula, the reasonable calculation method for parameters i n the drainage design formula, is presented

  19. 05. 03 test method for evaluating thin film fluid lubricants in a drain and dry mode using a pin and v - block test machine

    和乾燥模下利用針和v -塊試驗機評價薄膜流動性潤滑劑性能的測試方
  20. Standard test method for evaluating thin film fluid lubricants in a drain and dry mode using a pin and vee block test machine