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法克拉姆 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : 克i 動詞1 (能) can; be able to 2 (克服; 克制) restrain; control 3 (攻下據點; 戰勝) overcome...
  • : 拉構詞成分。
  • : 姆名詞1 (古代教育未出嫁女子的婦人) governess of girl2 [書面語] (乳母) wet nurse3 [書面語] (...
  1. Arranged successively in ascending powers of hierarchical order, that of gardener, groundsman, cultivator, breeder, and at the zenith of his career, resident magistrate or justice of the peace with a family crest and coat of arms and appropriate classical motto semper paratus, duly recorded in the court directory bloom, leopold p., m. p., p. c., k. p., l. l. d. honoris cause, bloomville, dundrum and mentioned in court and fashionable intelligence mr and mrs leopold bloom have left kingstown for england

    按照越往上權利越大的等級制度順序,他曾經是園丁莊稼人耕作者牲畜繁殖家仕途的高峰是地方長官或治安推事。他擁有家徽和盾形紋章以及與之相稱的丁文家訓時刻準備著,他的名字正式記載于宮廷人名錄252中布盧,利奧波德保,下院議員,樞密顧問官,聖巴特里勛級爵士253 ,名譽學博士。
  2. Hoover had called former attorney general ramsey clark a jelly-fish.

  3. Afterwards, take a piece of smooth ivory - you have one prepared in your drawing - box : take your palette, mix your freshest, finest, clearest tints ; choose your most delicate camel - hair pencils ; delineate carefully the loveliest face you can imagine ; paint it in your softest shades and sweetest hues, according to the description given by mrs. fairfax of blanche ingram ; remember the raven ringlets, the oriental eye ; - what

  4. In another development, the court trying former leader saddam hussein has appointed a new presiding judge

  5. Because of the suspensions of joe simunic and malik fathi, the arne friedrich had to grit his teeth and bear the pain for the away game in gladbach which hertha lost 1 - 3

    由於喬伊?希尼奇和馬里?蒂的缺陣,阿內?弗里德里希不得不咬緊牙關,忍痛堅持踢完了客場1 : 3落敗格德巴赫的比賽。
  6. An iraqi spokesman confirmed that saddam ' s half brother, barzan ibrahim al - tikriti, and the former head of iraq ' s revolutionary court, awad hamed al - bandar, were hanged before dawn on monday

  7. The frenchman recently refused to sign a new contract which would have made him the highest paid player in fulham history, so it seems likely that he will leave craven cottage this year

  8. Ballack limped off at st james ' park following a crunching tackle from titus bramble and, after being assessed by chelsea ' s medical team, was sent to see surgeon hans muller - wohlfahrt in germany

  9. But gillett and co - owner tom hicks will leave the decision to boss rafa benitez, who tried to bring back owen after his year at real madrid

  10. We are already without julio baptista and now we have lost beckham and gravesen because of red cards. beckham declined to discuss the matter after the game but gravesen was unrepentant. " it was a counter - attack and i had to take him down, " the denmark international said

    賽后貝拒絕就紅牌一事接受采訪,不過格維森倒是有什麼說什麼: 「對方當時是一次反擊,我沒辦只能從背後把對方球員放倒。
  11. Members of 101st airborne of the united states, aided by special forces, attack a compound in iraq, killing saddam hussein ' s sons uday and qusay, along with mustapha hussein, qusay ' s 14 - year old son, and a bodyguard

  12. Hoover had called former attorney general ramsey clark a jelly - fish

  13. During the events opening ceremony, one of the distinguished speakers was amre moussa, secretary - general of the arab league, who expressed his hope that the 2004 frankfurt book fair would be an important milestone in relations between east and west and that despite its cultural diversity and differences, human civilization was one single entity. mr. moussa went on to say, both the islamic orient and the christian occident believe in one and the same god, expressed hope that through this meeting it would be possible to reduce violence and racism, and called on everyone to act together against the dark forces to create a brighter future

    開幕典禮時,阿伯國家聯盟秘書長阿力穆薩amre moussa致詞表示,他希望第56屆福書展能夠成為東西方交流的重要里程碑盡管世界各地的文化存在許多差異,但人類文明始終都是單一的整體東方的伊斯蘭教與西方的基督教其實都是相信同一位上帝。他也希望透過這場書展活動,減少暴力和種族歧視,他呼籲大家一起來對抗黑暗勢力,創造更光明的未來。
  14. The two core shareholders ? the french government with the lagard re group, and daimlerchrysler ? will each lose two of their four board members, to be replaced by four independent directors

    兩大核心股東? ?國政府-加代爾集團和戴勒-萊斯勒? ?各自都將失去董事會四個席位中的兩個,由四名獨立董事代任。
  15. Michael schumacher believes that bridgestone and ferrari will still be competitive despite the temperature drop, while jenson button and rubens barrichello at honda ( the japanese team went testing with anthony davidson and james rossiter at vallelunga in italy last week ) are keeping a low profile while inevitably praying that melbourne will provide the big breakthrough

  16. Mister kay spoke wednesday before the senate intelligence committee and the senate armed services committee in washington, d - c. he said that people who believed iraq had weapons of mass destruction were almost all wrong. he also said there was evidence that saddam hussein had made efforts to disarm long before president bush began making the case for war

  17. But he is believed by some to be ramses ii ; other, earlier pharaohs have also been suggested including a hyksos pharaoh or one shortly after the hyksos had been expelled

  18. In december the bipartisan iraq study group led by james baker and lee hamilton told congress that one way to prevent further chaos was to include all of iraq ' s neighbours in a new diplomatic offensive, and especially to “ engage constructively ” with iran and syria

  19. William gallas and claude makelele play all of france ' s 3 - 0 win over faroe islands

    威廉?加斯和勞德?馬萊萊在國3 - 0戰勝羅群島的比賽中打滿全場。
  20. Real boss fabio capello has claimed david beckham ' s loss of form is the result of being dropped by steve mcclaren