江漢大學 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiānghànxué]
江漢大學 英文
jianghan university
  • : 名詞1. (大河) (large) river 2. (指長江) the changjiang [yangtze] river 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 1 (朝代) the han dynasty (206 b c a d 220)2 (漢族) the han nationality3 (漢語) chinese (...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (學習) study; learn 2 (模仿) imitate; mimic Ⅱ名詞1 (學問) learning; knowledge 2 (學...
  • 江漢 : han jiang
  1. The container transportation is the first and most important in the freight of the changjiang river. the background of this thesis is the development research of the container transportation, studied by water carriage science graduate institute of moc and wuhan university of technology

    本文就是在這樣一個背景下,並依託交通部水運科研究所和武理工合作的《內河集裝箱運輸發展研究》 ,對長水系內河集裝箱發展進行探討和研究。
  2. The induction of our sale, installation is automatic door series product, breed is all ready, norms diversity, construction is careful, vestibular design program innovates, the price is reasonable, after service system is perfect, get the praise highly of broad user and love, the product applies extensively at each big field : line of business of hotel of system of financial system, wealth tax system, public security organs, real estate, guesthouse, shopping centers, wholesome system, education system, newsletter ; participate in early or late completed numerous and major project : na yuan restaurant, overseas chinese restaurant, baud is graceful center, elegant hospital of dagger er group, ao kesi group, golden field group, green city group, shen zhou group, yin continent people, yin ; be appointed to be door of linkage of exchequer special type to order an unit surely by bank of zhejiang province people

    我們銷售、安裝的感應自動門系列產品,品種齊全,規格多樣,施工精細,門廳設計方案創新,價格合理,售後服務體系完善,深受廣用戶的推崇與喜愛,產品廣泛應用於各領域:金融系統、財稅系統、公檢法系統、房地產業、賓館酒店、購物中心、衛生系統、教育系統、通訊業等;先後參與完成了眾多重工程:南苑飯店、華僑飯店、波特曼中心、雅戈爾集團、奧克斯集團、金田集團、綠城集團、申洲集團、鄞洲人民醫院、鄞洲第二人民醫院、歐尚購物中心、麥德龍購物中心、天一廣場、萬達廣場、鄞州體育館、寧波、諾丁、慈溪市政府、北侖區行政中心… …被綠城集團、雅戈爾集團、奧克斯集團、民生銀行、深發銀行、交通銀行、光銀行等指定為定點服務單位;被浙省人民銀行指定為金庫特種聯動門定點單位。
  3. There are the restaurant which is famous as " the taste of hubei ", business center, ticket center, bar, sauna and many facilities in the hotel, it should offer you all - way service for your business travel. staying in xuangong hotel, you can enjoy the warm - hearted services, also can you find the short way to gain the business chances and entering the city

  4. In the construction period, the shiplocks are managed through the method of being entrusted to three gorges navigation administration of communication ministry by the proprietor of water conservancy project ( i. e. three gorges development company ), by which the project ' s construction smoothness and gezhouba dam ' s and three gorges dam ' s navigation

  5. The lc40 hplc and its engineering technology was applied to caidian hanjiang bridge, which successfully solved the shortages of hplc, such as poor pumping ability, lacking of volume stability. the hplc was pumped firstly in china ( over 100m in height and 250m in length ), which gives an essential support for the produce and application of hplc

  6. At the same time in theory extent summarize the management experience of changjiang yingongzhou water area, expound setting up direction tridimensional monitor - control vessel traffic safety management mode, improve management level in full - scale, all

  7. Journal of nanjing medical university english edition

  8. Journal of jianghan petroleum university of staff and workers

  9. Journal of jianghan university social sciences

  10. Abstract : this paper bases on a questionnair on 160 students of jianghanuniversity. through research, the major factors which physical education affects mood are attitude of students, content of study and teacher ' s characteristics

  11. Jianghan university, an amalgamation of the former jianghan university, hankou branch of huazhong university of science and technology, wuhan college of education, and wuhan medical college for further education, has been approved by the ministry of education as a comprehensive institution of higher learning

  12. Four seas shipping jiangsu maritime bureau and the shanghai maritime bureau crew rush units , and the groundless and high school in kaifeng , rudong tertiary level , rugao school vocational education center , tongzhou construction schools , vocational schools , such as the second yancheng the cooperation of the higher grades seafarers matriculation classes ( now number 06 training schools for 280 people , 07 years 491 ) , i became secretary of the high school matriculation crew base and with jiangsu marine vocational and technical college , the institute of tianjin , dalian maritime university , fuzhou air centre , putian , fujian sea school , xiamen maritime university , wuhan maritime school , wuhan university , wuhan fairways schools weipei signed a long - term cooperation agreement ( now number 04 training schools for 32 , 05 years 60 , 06 year 120 , 07 years 210 ) as i senior secretary for the crew , secondary paragraph weipei base renowned shipping companies and enterprises at home and abroad cooperation with the current management of 11 vessels , more than 900 of the number of assignments

    四海船務為蘇海事局與上海海事局船員辦證單位,並與開封金杞高中、如東職專、如皋職業教育中心校、通州建工校、鹽城第二職業中等職專合作開辦高級海員預科班(現在校培訓人數06年度280人、 07年度491人)成為我司船員高中段預科基地;並且與蘇海事職業技術院、天津海院、連海事、福州航院、福建莆田海校、廈門海事、武海事校、武交通、武航道校簽訂了長期合作委培協議(現在校培訓人數04年度32人、 05年度60人、 06年度120人、 07年度210人)成為我司高級船員、中專段委培基地;公司與國內外知名航運企業合作加上目前管理船隻11艘,外派人數達900多人。
  13. It provides first hand information as reference for researchers from government departments and business corporations as well as various sectors, including the education sector, in the community. prof edward chen, president of lingnan university, prof chen guanghan, director of centre for studies of hong kong, macau and pearl river delta, and ms chen cui ling, executive chief editor of joint publishing co ltd each delivered a speech at the ceremony

  14. Chen chong - hong, male, the member, board of chinese pharmacological society ; vice - director of the committee of education and popular science in chinese pharmacological society, was born on dec. 24, 1945, graduated from china pharmaceutical university in 1970, graduated from anhui medical university in 1981 and got medical master degree, advavced study in university of southern clifornia as a visiting scholar in 1986 - 1988

  15. Flagship industrial design owns 21 designers, which graduated from the famous design schools in china, such as hunan university, southern china university, shenzhen university, sichuan fine arts institute, southern yangtze university, wuhan university of technology

  16. Professor chern received his education from nankai university and tsinghua university before he furthered his studies at the university of hamburg in germany

  17. This project is one part of project of study and application of new devices and technologies in the 1750m3 / h cutter suction dredger ( it is called as the 1750 dredger for short ), which is a china state ninth five - year key project and was developed by the joint efforts of changjiang waterway bureau and wuhan university of technology

    該項目是中國國家「九五」重點科技攻關項目「 1750m ~ 3 h絞吸式挖泥船新技術裝備實驗研究及應用」的一個重要子課題,由長航道局和武理工共同承擔。
  18. This thesis introduces the author ' s study, work and research, during the period of author participating in the research and development of the first 1750m3 / h cutter suction dredger ' s dredging process training simulator in china. this project is one part of research and application of new technologies and equipment project in the 1750m3 / h cutter suction dredger, which is one of the ninth five - year state key projects and was developed by the joint efforts of changjiang waterway bureau and wuhan university of technology

    本文介紹作者參加武理工與長航道局聯合承擔的國家「九五」重點科技攻關項目「 1750m ~ 3 h絞吸式挖泥船新技術裝備實驗研究及應用」的重要子課題「疏浚作業模擬訓練器的研製」中所進行的習和研究工作。
  19. Rao dejiang : professor, school of journalism & communication, wuhan university, majoring in communication and advertisement

  20. Rao dejiang ( 1945 ), male, professor, doctoral supervisor, school of journalism & communication, wuhan university, majoring in communication and advertisement

    饒德( 1945 ) ,男,武新聞與傳播院教授,博士生導師,從事傳播、廣告傳播研究。