顯微切片 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiǎnwéiqiēpiān]
顯微切片 英文
microscopic section
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (明顯) apparent; obvious; noticeable; evident 2 (有名聲有權勢的) illustrious and inf...
  • : 切Ⅰ動詞1 (合; 符合) correspond to; be close to 2 (用在反切后頭 表示前兩個字是注音用的反切)見 ...
  • : 片構詞成分。
  • 顯微 : microadiography
  1. The sequence analysis revealed that the as1 gene encodes a myb protein, which is a candidate transcription factor. in as1 and as2 mutants, the polarity formation in leaves is defective. cell differentiation along abaxial - adaxial, proximal - distal and media - lateral axes all shows an insufficient fashion

    通過掃描電鏡、干涉相差鏡、組織、過量表達等手段研究了as1和as2的功能,包括觀察觀察突變體的組織、細胞結構及早期發育狀況,同時採用gus表達、 rt - pcr 、原位雜交、 northern等手段分析基因的表達情況。
  2. At the same time 7794m3 affusion test were processed, and roadbed settlement observation conducted for two more year, physical mechanism and chemical index experiment were analyzed in the laboratory, section experiment of earth sample was proceed, changement of compacted soil body micromechanism along with depth were analysed by polariscope and scan electricscope. drain ditch, barrel - drain and little bridge were treated by composite geotextile

  3. Equipment and instruments : electronic analytic balance, uv and vis spectrophotometer, 97rt fluorescence spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph spectrometer, high speed centrifugal machines, leica rm 2015 microtome, fluorescence microscopes, pcr amplifier, and so on

    :電子分析天平、紫外可見光分光光度計、 97rt熒光分光光度計、氣相色譜儀(附4種檢測器) 、高速離心機、病理機、熒光鏡、 pcr擴增儀等。
  4. The changes in their arthritic severity after sonication treatment and two months after treatment were measured using 99m - tc bone scan

  5. The vertical and horizontal slides of stramata of cordyceps sinensis ( berk ) sacc were observed and photographed on optical microscope. the shape of perithecia and ascospore of cordyceps sinensis ( berk ) sacc in qinghai province, the number of ascus contained in each perithecia, the number, length, width, the horizontal partition number and the distance among the partitions of ascospore in each ascus were measured and described

  6. In the preparation of microscope slides, the process by which tissues are rapidly killed and preserved by chemicals to prevent decay or autolysis with minimal distortion of structure

  7. Material and methods normal rats of male sd were divided into young, adult, and aging groups. preparation of samples for light microscopy : animals were anesthetized by peritoneal injection of 6 % chloral hydrate ( 0. 5ml / 100g body weight ). perfusion and fixation of animals were carried out by a common procedure : 37 normal saline 50 - 100 ml and then 4 % paraformaldehyde pbs 100 - 400ml were perfused through the left ventricle of the heart, the whole procedure was lasted for about somin. the entire brain was dissected out and dipped in the fixative solution for 12h at 4. brain pieces targeted were choosen and then passed the graded alcohols for dehydration, dipping into paraffin for embeding, and reshaping the pieces

    2 )磷酸緩沖液100400m , 30分鐘灌注完畢,取出整腦,在上述固定劑oc )內后固定12小時。取觀察部位腦塊,然後,進行梯度酒精脫水,浸蠟,包埋,修塊,石蠟連續(德國leica石蠟機人厚度still , zlllll ,蛋自甘油載, 60c烤箱過夜,二甲苯脫蠟,梯度酒精置換,浸水, h六染色,梯度酒精脫水,二甲苯透明,中性樹脂封。室溫風干后,鏡觀, olympus萬能鏡照相。
  8. In this paper, the methods that the author used are as follows : light microscopy : the testis was fixed in bouin ' s fluid, dehydrated in an ethyl alcohol series, embedded in paraffin, sectioned at 6 u m and stained with hematoxylin and eosin, then observed with olympus microscopy and photographed

    光鏡樣品以bouin ' s固定液固定,系列酒精脫水,石蠟包埋,厚度6 m ,蘇木精、伊紅染色, olympus鏡觀察並拍照。
  9. The early embryo were made into a series of continuous section slides by tissue cutting. the sections were stained by hematoxylin and eosin ( h & e ) staining and then the development of internal organs such as heart in early embryos was observed by microscope. we found that there is certain relationship between external and internal malformation

    同時我們收集人類藥物流產的早期胚胎,觀察發現胚胎畸形佔17 . 86 % ,早期致死佔32 . 54 % ;採用組織技術將胚胎製成一系列石蠟連續,染色后觀察畸形和正常的早期胚胎內部心臟等器官的發育情況,發現胚胎外部畸形與體內畸形存在一定關聯,對此我們將做進一步的研究。
  10. Skin biopsy was done which revealed mild perivascular infiltration of lymphocytes with increased mast cells and vascular ectasia in the papillary dermis

  11. Put a section of tissue under the microscope.

  12. Fixed with gluteraldehyde, stained with ph 7. 4 phosphate buffered x - gal dye solution, observed by reverse microscope, the results are as follow : the percent of larvae expressing lacz in midgut showed that fb - 28 improved the sensitivity of larvae to virus

    病毒感染后的8h , 12h , 16h , 20h提取中腸組織,按常規石蠟包埋進行洗滌、透明、浸蠟、包埋、、粘等操作程序,製成連續,在倒置鏡下逐一進行觀察計數。
  13. Once back in yunnan with our rocks, we sliced the samples into thousands of sections, so thin that they were translucent and, when mounted on glass slides, could be examined under a microscope

  14. We studied development mechanism by the distribution of microfilaments and actin mrna in cotton callus, healtny plants and abnormal plantlets. fitc - phalloidin as fluorescence probe was used to investigate the meristem of the cotton root, abnormal plantlets and callus that was unable to germinate into healthy plants

    本研究選取正常棉花的根,已經培養了長時間不能分化出正常植株的棉花愈傷組織和棉花畸形苗為材料,採用石蠟,通過fitc -鬼筆環肽對材料絲熒光染色,結合熒光鏡觀察。
  15. Methods : 35 histological specimens of cysts of the parotid gland were observed under microscope

  16. Aim to evaluate the feasibility of one simple method to establish model of venous thrombosis for studying the therapeutic effect of intracavitary ultrasonic therapy on venous thrombus of animal models. methods the lower limbs of 20 dogs were divided randomly into the experimental group and the control group. the femoral veins of the experimental group were ligated at the close and distant end respectively to slower the flow of blood. the veins in control group were operated but not ligated. then, the changes of the dogs ' lower limbs were observed and the femoral veins were excised for pathological examinations and examined to investigate the condition of thrombis in the veins at the 1st, 4th and 7th day respectively after operation. results all the dog ' s lower limbs in the experimental group swelled and were lame slightly, the thrombus came forth in all the 6 veins by pathologic study at the 1st day after operation. and it was opposite in the control group. in addition, the swelling of all the dogs ' lower limbs was aggravated and all the 14 femoral veins were filled with compact mixed thrombus at the 4th and 7th day after operation. and it was also opposite in the control group. conclusion the method to establish models of venous thrombosis by the simple ligation of close and distant end of the femoral veins can make thrombosis more approaching clinical course of thrombosis and is satisfying

    目的為研究腔內超聲溶栓對動物模型靜脈血栓的療效而評價一種制備靜脈血栓模型方法的可行性.方法犬20隻採用自身對照研究,犬一側後肢股靜脈為實驗側,另一側為對照側.實驗側行股靜脈近、遠端分別結扎,人為造成犬後肢股靜脈血流緩慢;對照側行手術,但不結扎血管.然後于術后第1 , 4 , 7天分別觀察犬後肢變化,取血管標本做病理觀察,了解血栓形成情況.結果術后第1天實驗側全部出現後肢腫脹,輕跛行,病理示: 6條靜脈全部都形成血栓;對照側沒有出現後肢腫脹及跛行, 6條靜脈都無血栓形成.第4 , 7天實驗側後肢腫脹加重,跛行,病理示:實驗側14條靜脈血栓充滿管腔,為混和血栓;對照側沒有出現後肢腫脹及跛行, 14條靜脈無血栓形成.結論採用靜脈單純結扎法制備犬靜脈血栓模型,血栓形成更接近臨床血栓形成過程
  17. The morphology of single cell and the ultrastructure of cell membrane were observed. by means of afm, the ultra - thin sections of murine es cells were investigated in order to make afm capable of gaining the information of the inner structure of cells. in addition, the morphological changes and damaging effect of trichosanthin ( tcs ) on red blood cell ( rbc ) membrane were observed by afm

    對原子力鏡( atomicforcemicroscope , afm )的成像技術進行了多方面探索;用afm研究膠原蛋白分子在雲母表面的吸附和自組裝行為;對小鼠胚胎幹細胞和人血紅細胞進行afm成像,觀測單個細胞的形態以及細胞膜的觀結構;利用afm得到了小鼠胚胎幹細胞超薄的高解析度圖像,探索用afm研究細胞內部結構,拓展其應用領域;天花粉蛋白( tcs )和紅細胞的相互作用,利用afm觀察到天花粉蛋白( tcs )和紅細胞相互作用前後紅細胞膜超結構的變化,據此討論了二者的作用機理。
  18. In view of the above mentioned problem, the author adopts information technology such as image processing and pattern recognition to research into the method of automatic analysis and classification. in accordance with the difficulty in medical image analysis ( for example, the background of microimage of section is complicated and is difficult to be segmented. ), the paper puts forward two kinds of segmentation methods based on standardized colorful space and rgb and hsv colorful model

    本文針對上述問題,用計算機圖像處理及模式識別等信息技術對細胞圖像的自動分析和分類的方法進行了研究,並針對醫學圖像分析中的難點(例如,顯微切片圖像背景復雜,分割困難) ,提出了基於歸一化彩色空間和rgb , hsv彩色模型的兩類分割方法:利用模式識別技術中關于特徵向量空間聚類的方法實施真彩色分割。
  19. Objective the origin and the nature of the hodgkin and reed - sternberg ( h / rs ) cell of hodgkin ' s lymphoma ( hl ) has been attracting a lot of medical researchers engaged in studying it, for its character by scattered large atypical cells residing in a complex admixture of inflammatory cells. great improvement has been made since a new method of isolation of single h / rs cells from a frozen section had been set up by kuppers in 1994, and many studies have approved of the b - cell derivation of h / rs cell. lt has been reported that h / r - s cells might partly be originated from b - cell in our research before, but at the same time, we also found that only 18. 8 % of h / rs cells express cd20, 31. 3 % of immunoglobulin heavy chain ( igh ) rearrangement have been revealed

    目的霍奇金淋巴瘤( hodgkin ' slymphoma , hl )由於它的惡性腫瘤細胞? h rs細胞一般只佔腫瘤組織的極少部分(不到1 ) ,且散在分佈在背景細胞間,因此對于h rs細胞的來源和性質研究一直是人們探索的目標。 1994年德國科隆大學k ppers等發展了一種從冰凍組織上用操作儀挑取單個h rs細胞的割方法進行h rs細胞基因分析后,人們對h rs細胞來源的研究有了突破性的進展,多數支持b細胞來源。我們的前期研究也支持部分h rs細胞為b細胞來源,但我們發現只有18 . 8的h rs細胞表達cd20 , 31 . 3的hl檢測到igh基因重排克隆性條帶。
  20. Leica microsystems nussloch is a company operating within many ranges and offers paraffin embedding device, single - deck machines as well as microtomes

    Leica microsystems nussloch是一家現代化的、可靠的產品供應商,這家供應商從事(機的製造、銷售。請您訪問我們的主頁,垂詢當前的產品系列和服務。