風險暴露 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēngxiǎnbàolòu]
風險暴露 英文
risk exposure
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (險惡不容易通過的地方) a place difficult of access; narrow pass; defile 2 (危險) dange...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (突然而且猛烈) sudden and violent 2 (兇狠; 殘酷) harsh and tyrannical; cruel; fierce...
  • : 露動詞[口語] (顯露; 表現) reveal; show
  • 風險 : risk; hazard; danger
  • 暴露 : expose; reveal; bare; lay bare; unmask
  1. The information asymmetry in loan of bank is that debit is more than credit about risk and income of debit, and so, debit does not carry out the mortgage of apprize according to the facts strictly, or credit can not get exactly information for other reasons, and then, the credit would be misadvise and can not make out exact decision - making

  2. The flood damage exposes the contradiction between people and flood, population explosion results in that people need more and more land for farming, a lot of flood - plain, flood - plain protection, retarding basin, and ever floodway are occupied by farmers for agricultural purpose. so that major or even middle and small flood can not be smoothly discharged in the river

  3. The appraisal takes the ecology material, the environment material, chemistry material, the toxicology material as the foundation, through the project analysis, the source strong analysis sets a target the pollutant, distinguishes its hazardous nature, the probability, the degree, the scope which the computation risk occurs and so on, the choice appraisal end point, the use appraisal model forecast goal pollutant exposed density, the analysis risk source to the acceptor the harm degree, carries on the risk attribute

  4. More than 10, 000 u. s. workers are potentially exposed to mdi during spray - on truck bed lining operations

    從事卡車車床內襯噴塗過程之勞工,有超過10 , 000人有潛在
  5. Collateral management, for instance, involves things like cross - margining, in which offsetting exposures are lumped together, allowing investors to reduce the overall amount of capital needed to be set aside to cover positions

  6. Studies clarify the patterns of cancer risk following exposure to ionizing radiation ( 1970s and 1980s )

    進行關于澄清離子輻射后癌形式的研究( 70年代到80年代)
  7. The prices of copper have dramatically increased since the year of 2003. since a corporation took no action to manage the risks of price fluctuation in the face of the growth of cooper price, a corporation completely exposed itself to the risks of price fluctuation of cooper market. this led to the rise of the production cost of a corporation year after year and the continuous drop of the primary business profitability

    自2003年以來,金屬銅的市場價格急劇上漲,而面對銅價格的上漲, a公司沒有採取任何措施管理價格波動的,致使公司完全在銅市場價格波動的之下,這種風險暴露導致了a公司生產成本逐年上升,主營業務盈利能力不斷下降,影響了公司的發展。
  8. We also found, for the first time, an increased risk of colon cancers

  9. Conclusions : the findings reported here are consistent with our previous results for lung cancer mortality ; our new results suggest that exposure to hydrazine increases the risk of incident lung cancers

  10. Recommendations include : ( 1 ) surveillance should be the priority for any national research agenda for psychosocial risk management ; ( 2 ) stakeholders should cooperate with international systems operators to work towards the development of " state of the art " systems ; ( 3 ) issues for priority inclusion in surveillance systems are emotional demands / emotional labour, workplace bullying, harassment, and violence, exposure to acute stressors, organizational justice, the occurrence and impact of global organizational change, and positive psychological states ; ( 4 ) systems should be flexible to identify and assess emerging risk factors / groups ; and ( 5 ) an international surveillance system should be implemented

    推薦他的優點包括: ( 1 )監督會優先考慮任何國家心理社會管理研究議程; ( 2 )利益相關者必須和國際的系統操作者合作朝向"藝術級"系統發展; ( 3 )監視系統優先提共的議題包含情緒的要求情緒性勞動、職場威脅、困擾和力,于急性緊張性刺激、組織的正義、發生和全球組織改變相關的沖擊、和心理狀態呈現陽性反應; ( 4 )系統必須有彈性識別並且估計初始的因子組織以及( 5 )國家監視系統應該被推行。
  11. But what is not allowed to neglect of is that along the high speed economic developing, especially in the turn of new and old system the economic environment is more complicated. people ' s thought and mind increasingly diversified. so some units " internal control and management have been weak and some new economic crime cases appeared which bring some business enterprise big financial risk and existing risk

  12. Ensuring stable cash flow will enhance enterprise ' s value, risk management is a effective method for this aim. western banking have been proficient in exercising var to evaluate risk. being assets, the paper believes var can be used in non - financial enterprise risk evaluation to show risk exposure in a simple and clear way

  13. And path dependence theory, marginal theory and optimizing theory are applying in this paper. this article ends up with a few of hypotheses below : at present, retail exposures of credit risk may be valuated by multi - factors score ; company ones of credit risk may be valuated by modified specialist method ; and bank ones of credit risk may be valuated by quasi modern credit risk valuation model ; the destination is to get to the same way to modern credit risk valuation model by which all kinds of risk can be valuated, by the means of motivational transition or compelled one of the institute

    在此基礎上,以會計/市場數據可得性和有效性、金融市場發育程度、利率市場化深度、公司治理結構的完善度以及信用工具本身的特徵(尤其是衍生金融工具)等因素作為細分依據,將我國商業銀行中信用風險暴露(嚴格意義上來說,為了突出本文的觀點,本文僅僅是對商業銀行的部分風險暴露)劃分為:零售信用風險暴露、公司信用風險暴露? ?對大型企業集團的信用風險暴露和銀行信用風險暴露? ?銀行對質優上市公司的信貸業務、銀行的貨幣市場業務以及金融衍生產品業務等。
  14. What are the tools of managing your factoring exposure, i. e. advance ratio, eligibility ratio

  15. Further more, liquidity risk is one of the main risks in commercial bank and is one of the risks that will result in great loss

  16. Risk management : the process of analyzing risk exposure and attempting to minimise it through various means, including diversification ; hedging ; leverage ; etc

  17. So this paper has a discussion on credit risk valuation from the exposure classification of credit risk and the comparison between valuation cost and valuation benefit

  18. Risk management : the process of analyzing risk exposure and attempting to minimise it through various means, including diversification ; [ color = red ] hedging ; leverage [ / color ] ; etc

  19. On the one hand, with the structural changes of the economy and finance of the world, credit risk is becoming more and more important, based on which international supervision institutes and banks are applying themselves to develop advanced model to deal with it

  20. The quantities of mortgage loan increase at a speed of 40 - 50 % per year nowadays. although mortgage loans seem to be less risky comparing with other commercial loans in the balance sheet of banks, but they usually have long tem maturities and expose their risky features gradually during their running time

    當前許多商業銀行的個人住房抵押貸款業務以年增長率40 % - 50 %或更高的速度發展,雖然從當前看個人住房抵押貸款與企業貸款相比其較低,但個人住房抵押貸款一般期限較長,風險暴露需要一個過程。