撓曲的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [náode]
撓曲的 英文
  • : 動詞1. (輕輕地抓) scratch 2. (擾亂;阻止) hinder 3. (彎曲,比喻屈服)yield;flinch:不屈不撓indomitable; unyielding
  • : 曲名詞1 (一種韻文形式) qu a type of verse for singing which emerged in the southern song and ji...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  1. Due to the multi - period tectonic movement and evolution of mechanical mechanism, syndeposition structures occur extensively in jiyang sag, the base of the sag subsided alternatively during the fault depression, which resulted in sinking of top bending and complicated block structure accordingly, reconstructed the syndeposition intensively, and produced the special structural landscape in combination with all levels of faults and sedimentary formations within it

  2. The torque motor received dc current signals from the electric control and applies torque to the single - piece armature and flapper which is supported on a torsion flexure

    力矩馬達接收來自電氣控制器直流電信號並將力矩施於由轉矩支撐整體式電樞及擋板。 ?
  3. Textiles glass. woven fabrics. determination of conventional flexural stifness. fixed angle flexometer method

  4. A still more difficult distinction is that between a sharp flexure and a fault.

  5. And results are : ( 1 ) analyze the force and distortion on pipeline under collapse and gulch in theory. on the base of beam deformation, analyze the bending moment and deformation of pipeline with frusta and without frusta. calculate a true problem, contrast the differences between pipeline with frusta and one without frusta, draw some conclusions

    得到主要結果為: ( 1 )基於彈性地基理論和彈性梁線理論,給出了管道在固定墩(相當跨越河溝情況)和無固定墩(相當坍塌和沖溝情況)變形微分方程,並分析了當量軸力為拉力或壓力時管道變形和受力情況。
  6. As an application of this fem preprocessing system, the simulation on the welding process of missile ’ s oil box was performed, in which the effects of the welding sequences of four web plates and welds on each web plate are primarily analyzed. the simulation results show that the deformations under varied welding sequences are almost the same. downward deflection deformation is obtained along the weld longitudinal direction in the structure as well as upward deflection deformation along the weld traverse direction

  7. Cooperative action between row of piles and ring beam during excavation procedure

  8. According to eigenvalue equation ( general formula ) of the energy method of the plane steel frame structure stability, and considering the restriction of the end of the column of the main steel frame and function of deflection curve gained from the differential balance equation general resolution, we get the equation for calculating the length coefficient of the main frame structure stability of the steel arch gate and the resolutions are also given

    根據平面剛架穩定性能量法特徵值方程(通式) ,考慮弧形鋼閘門主框架柱柱端約束特殊情況,求出線函數(試解函數)通解,得到弧形鋼閘門主框架柱穩定性計算長度系數方程。其中弧門主框架主橫梁式形框架臨界荷載比較現行規范推薦有限元法簡單方便、結果精確及物理概念明確等優點。
  9. The meso - cenozoic evolution of bachu fault - uplift is closely related to its south and north subsiding foredeep. under the background of indian plate subducting under asia - europe plate, bachu forebulge was greatly affected by the development of southwest depression and awati depression. almost all of its structure reversed, and as a result of it, both of its south and north boundary migrated. according to its evolution history and its feature, the authors tentatively use both - side migration model to interpret the evolution of compound forebulge. since triassic, almost all the spheres above lithosphere synchronously became flexure. because transpressional stress field became increasingly strong, bachu forebulge continued uplifting and big faults formed. then, bachu uplift, as a whole, slipped upward along those big faults and showed migrating toward thrust zone in plane. in tectonic tranquility, the lithosphere bounded back and in consequence of it, bachu uplift slipped down and showed migration toward craton, at that moment negative inversion structures developed. while the forebulge migrated toward its south and north foredeep, it was very possible that locally extensional stress appeared in the forebulge

  10. In the hogging condition, double bottom and the side shell remain the ultimate bucking strength, deck and upperwing tank remain the yield stress, and the other parts keep elasticity. then the key to calculate the ultimate strength of ship hull girders is to ascertain the ultimate bucking strength of the stiffened panels. in this regard, the developed formulation is designed to be more sophisticated than previous simplified theoretical method for calculating the ultimate strength of stiffened panels under combined in - plane bending and lateral pressure. fabricatio n - related initial imperfections ( initial deflections and residual stresses ) are included in the panel ultimate strength calculation as parameters of influence. all possible collapse modes involed in collapse of stiffened panels, including overall buckling collapse, column or beam - column type collapse, tripping of stiffeners and local bukling of stiffened web are considered

  11. Compared to the basins in east guangxi, the basin of north guangxi is characterized by lower depositional and tectonic subsidence rate during rifting, longer thermal subsidence, later inflexion point from rifting to foreland buckling, as well as later inflexion point separating stable stage from active stage during foreland - buckling

  12. Depositional cycles on basin scale have been interpreted as the result of depositional response to tectonism such as episodic rifting, polyphasic compressive flexural subsidence and reversion, and differential subsidence of fault blocks ; while the formation of high frequency sequences was attributed to variation in lake level and sediment supply

  13. A compliance coefficient is a particular kind of flexibility-influence coefficient.

  14. Test method for measuring warpage of ceramic tile

  15. Test methods for static bending fatigue of fine ceramics

  16. Testing methods for flexural strength of adhesive bonds

  17. Dq method for the deflection of thin rectangular plates

  18. Plastics piping systems - glass - reinforced thermosetting plastics pipes - test method to prove the resistance to initial ring deflection

  19. Testing methods for rubber and plastics hoses - part 8 : hydraulic - pressure impulse test without flexing

  20. Plastics piping systems. glass - reinforced thermosetting plastics pipes. test method to prove the resistance to initial ring deflection