收貨部 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shōuhuò]
收貨部 英文
receiving department
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把攤開的或分散的事物聚集、合攏) put away; take in 2 (收取) collect 3 (收割) harvest...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1. (貨幣; 錢) money 2. (貨物; 商品) goods; commodity 3. (指人, 罵人的話) 4. 動詞[書面語] (出賣) sell
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (部分; 部位) part; section; division; region 2 (部門; 機關或組織單位的名稱) unit; mini...
  • 收貨 : take delivery of goods; take over (goods); take delivery收貨單 receiving note; 收貨憑單 consign...
  1. The diad information even includes digital pictures of a recipient s signature, thus giving customers real - time information about their shipments. furthermore, this proprietary device allows drivers to stay in constant contact with their headquarters, keeping abreast of changing collection schedules and traffic patterns and receiving other important messages

  2. The financial document will be released to the drawee only when full payment thereof has been received

  3. You should make clear with these suppliers before replenish onr ' s stock want bill, otherwise you are cannot of enter an item in an account, because use the consequence of receipt enter an item in an account, be being checked by duty wu branch in the future want punishment

  4. Your instructions for the disposal of the undermentioned goods, which have arrived today from mr. abe, will oblige

  5. The thesis starts from bill of lading ( b / l ) dissension and trade contract interior relation, wants to give some idea of the numerous b / l dissension frequently comeing forth injustice practice, such as note - made b / l dissension, advanced bil, antidated b / l dissension. delivery cargo without presentation b / l dissension, nobody picking up the goods ( including consignee refuses to pick up the goods dissension ), letter of indemnity in communication with all these dissension, and also to give some idea of carrier ' s duty at different kinds of dissension hereon foundation

  6. Assist receiving to receive f & b goods

  7. Under normal market conditions, delivery of what we buy, albeit with a varying time lag, is not a problem and so not many people are concerned about it. buyers often assume that sellers will deliver, and they usually do not mind parting with their money as if they have already got what they want

  8. Loss and compensation : part a agrees to pay part b usd450 / cbm for loss if there is any difference between b / l quantity and destination quantity after the evidence is showed that it ' s the fault of part a

    物丟失索賠:如果人在清點物后發現實際箱數與提單顯示的不同,那麼甲方在確認相關運輸環節后願意以usd450 / cbm為標準賠償滅失物給乙方。
  9. The carrier may, in its discretion, in order to secure dispatch for the vessel at port of discharge or trans - shipment of the goods, proceed thence with the whole or any portion of the goods on board and discharge the same on the return trip or subsequent voyage, or discharge the same at any other port and thence carry or forward the same at carrier ' s convenience to destination at vessel ' s expense, but at risk of shipper and consignee in either case, subject in other respects to the provisions of this bill of lading in case of transportation by the carrier, or of the usual bill of lading, of any other carrier performing the same

    承運人可根據自己的判斷,為確保在卸:港速遣或轉運物,此後繼續運送船上的全物,並在回航途中或以後的航行中卸,或在其他港口卸,並就承運人的方便運載或轉運該物至目的地,費用由船方承擔,但兩種情況風險均由發人和人承擔,其他方面應按本提單有關承運人運輸的規定處理, ,或按一般提單有關其他承運此物的承運人的規定處理。
  10. Deliveries must be made to buyer ' s receiving room, not to individuals or departments

  11. Within 7 days of delivery of your order, email or fax the following information to order sales department

  12. Import and export commodities specified in the first paragraph of this article may be exempted from inspection upon the examination and approval of an application from the consignee or consignor by the state administration for commodity inspection

  13. In return, both proprietors of the two companies and the receiving and warehouse section supervisor were given a share of the payments made by the department store

  14. They then asked the department store s receiving and warehouse section supervisor to stamp the official receipt chop on the false purchase orders and false invoices for processing payment

  15. Article 21 upon the arrival of shipped goods, parcels or luggage, the relevant consignee or passenger shall claim them in time in observance of the time limit set by the competent department in charge of railways under the state council and at the same time pay any transport charges and other fees that the shipper has not paid or underpaid ; if such time limit is exceeded, the consignee or passenger shall pay due charges for storage in accordance with relevant regulation

  16. Receives all invoices, matches invoices with purchase requisitions and receiving records, delivery notes, or obtains department head ' s signature in lieu of purchase requisitions, receiving records or service contracts

  17. Our despatch manager, stuart hay, will telephone you shortly to arrange a precise collection time that is convenient to you

  18. Article 66 a civil airport used by civil aircraft for the purpose of transporting passengers and cargo shall be equipped with necessary facilities to provide good service to passengers, shippers and consignees in accordance with the standards provided by the competent civil aviation authority under the state council

  19. After the transferring of the contract, the shipper and the consignee who have accepted the transferred contract will separately bear certain contractual obligations to the carrier and become the common debtors to the carrier

  20. 1902 - 702 methods of testing refractory materials - unshaped refractories used in monolithic construction - testing of material as supplied and received method 1902 - 702