放線盤 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fàngxiànpán]
放線盤 英文
drawing drum
  • : releaseset freelet go
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (盤子) tray; plate; dish 2 (形狀或功用像盤的東西) sth shaped like or used as a tray pl...
  1. After like near future arrowroot continent dam flies a shop sign afresh go situation and to the limit of one ' s capacity rises should notice early days goes situation, if be pulled considerably, magnify again quantity, be about vigilance is banker shipment ( this time may be a few longer, banker is sucked prepare time to grow more, shipment time is long ), island visitting extensive region goes situation ( be about in first time to the limit of one ' s capacity first shipment ) if early days is to pass dish of full share, ( at present the individual thinks to have treasure new the sources of energy ) in the to the limit of one ' s capacity when breaking through strong line or resistance line but follow - up, that ability is really true the quantity adds valence to rise dropping is not must to the limit of one ' s capacity, and shrink the volume drops consequence is more serious, because early days banker already gave money, basically be, use odd amount to be bungled again dish, medicinal powder door meet disastrous

    如近期葛洲壩重新開牌后的走勢而量上升要注重前期走勢,假如大幅拉升后再大量,就要警惕是莊家出貨(這個時間可能比較長一些,莊家吸籌時間越長,出貨時間就長) ,看看寰島走勢(在第一次量就要先出貨了)假如前期是經過整的股票, (目前個人認為有寶新能源)在突破勁或阻力量就可跟進,那才是真真正正的量增價升下跌不是一定要量,而縮量下跌後果更嚴重,主要是因為前期莊家已出完貨,利用剩餘數量再砸一下,散戶就會損失慘重!
  2. Hello, my china software still has on the west the k line may 2, float profit and loss also differs with the closing quotation data april 30, i consider a possibility their had a holiday, the system was not debugged, can

  3. Dual flyer type pay - off

  4. Dual flyer pay - off

  5. If british researchers have their way ( and they will ), in the near future you ' ll pop a disk into your digital device, plug a wire into your neck, and play a recording that will let you feel every thrust, parry, and riposte of a night in heaven with the woman or man ( or gender - ambiguous entity ) of your fantasies

    如果英國研究者能夠成功的話(而且他們一定會成功) ,在不久的將來把光入電子設備,將一根電植入頸部,並且播一段錄像帶,你便可以體驗到與一個幻想中的女人或男人(或是性別模糊的實體)如同置身天堂的交媾之夜。
  6. We select ni / cr alloy resistor as element together with ceramic embedding hearth ; select small flat - and - disc heat - even hubby ceramic sample holder, select ni / cr & ni / si thermoelectric couple ( type k ) as thermoscope with threads 0. 5 mm in diameter which is installed in the middle of the holders symmetrically ; select aluminum silicate fire - retardant fiber as materials for heat preservation ; design some hardware, for example temperature controller & transporter, signal amplifier etc ; design controlling curve to heat stove ; and introduce the method of least squares nonlinear regression and subsection function to deal with data. in order to obtain the reasonable operation conditions and operation curve, we have also done many theory analysis and experiment discussions

    通過理論和試驗探討,選用鎳鉻合金電阻絲作為加熱元件,配以陶瓷質埋入式爐膛;選用陶瓷質小尺寸扁平?圓均熱塊體型樣品支持器;選用0 . 5mm絲徑鎳鉻?鎳硅熱電偶( k )作為測溫元件;熱電偶對稱安置在樣品支持器容器的中部;選用硅酸鋁耐火纖維作保溫材料;合理選用和設計了溫度控制器、溫度變送器、信號大電路等硬體;採用升溫曲來控制爐膛供熱過程;採用最小二乘法非性回歸與分段函數相結合的曲模擬方法,進行圖形處理。
  7. 1 discharge wire cutter, 2 jig milling machines, 2 lathes, 1 screw tester

  8. The item has inspired sellers to place dozens of spin - off items on the online auction site, including attempts at replica burnt toast, t - shirts, ornamental plates, and domain names

    這件拍賣品啟發了賣家們,他們在在拍賣網站上了幾十種副產品,包括燒焦的吐司麵包的復製品, t恤衫,裝飾性的子,還有域名。
  9. Through analysising the characteristics of the power system with floating neutral point deeply, the paper puts forward a new plan of single - phase to ground fault line selection on the base of s ' s signal injecton method and gives the hardware and software design. in this design, the high speed sampling and data processing is carried out through using dsp processor ; the large electrice current is drived through the application of a high - performance audio power amplifier and transformer ; the communication between host computer and detectors is realized through rs485 bus technology ; the difference multilevel frequency - selected amplifier is designed and the feeble signal of space is sampled on the base of the theory of magnetic induction ; the interface between dsp and exterior chip and rs485 interface logical is designed through using fpga ; the using of lcd module and keyboard interfacing chip makes the interface between human and machine ; the programme of host computer and detectors is designed through using blocking design method

  10. 65 inside, an era is preserved. the telephone is a heavy, rotary model. there is no vcr, no cable

  11. Its water, at some short distance within the forest, but soon lost all traces of it amid the bewilderment of tree - trunks and underbrush, and here and there a huge rock covered over with grey lichens

  12. It is composed of pay - off stand, drawing machine, online continuous annealer, single spooler or basket down coiler, electric control system, wire pointer & stripper

  13. It is composed of pay - off stand, drawing machine, online continuous annealer, dual spooler or basket down coiler, electric control system, wire pointer & stripper, vapour generator

  14. Hold two handles with hands, put steel ball on starting line, move the game plate up and down with hands to make steel ball slide forward along with mogain full marks

  15. Over the years, lrt technology has been upgraded to counter the negative effects of traffic jams, noise, environmental damage, air pollution, etc. featuring a small radius of curvature, multiple car units, modulated train set, enlarged cars both in transverse and longitudinal directions, low car floors, streamlined car design, advanced control systems, and flexible right of way, modern lrt systems have been successfully adopted to most environmental and social needs. they adequately display their merits as transportation systems ; i. e., the lrt system is able to co - exist with automobiles. the low car floor means that roads can act as station facilities, and passengers can get on and off the cars in the street

    輕軌運輸系統lrt源起於歐洲街道電車street car ,街道電車一度在都市捷運化與私人機動化的浪潮沖擊下迅速沒落,但隨著都會地區機動車輛不斷增加,道路交通阻塞噪音環境破壞排廢氣污染問題嚴重惡化之際,輕軌車輛技術已不斷提升,具備小轉彎半徑能力的聯結式車廂模組化列車編組車廂斷面長度加大加長低地板車廂流型車廂設計,搭配先進控制系統及彈性的路權型式,使現代化輕軌系統具備有與生活空間結合重視環境問題與社會情勢並活用進化街車之都市交通工具等特徵與優點,如高性能輕軌列車與汽車共存,低底的車廂創造無障礙車站空間,道路即是車站設備,旅客可以在街區上下車,提供沿居民高度的便利性,消除交通堵塞噪音及空氣污染等,輕軌系統並與街景充分的調和,成為活動的都市意象。
  16. Adapable units of wire and cable machinery pay - off and take - up. part 6 : static dereeler type pay - off

  17. Core pay - off reel

  18. The system has realized the complete parameter lamination display in the daqing oil field power network and the entire 6kv circuit in oil field enters the simulation disk management. the graph region has the function that can enlarge, doubles shrink doubles put and linear doubles put. it has the entire screen roam and district display different menu function, it can display the system real - time movement way according to the network topology data

  19. Barrel - type pay off

  20. In order to avoid damage the surround of the prestressed steel by friction with the ground when steel piling up, the drawing drum shall be made for the steel use and it is required to most possibly avoiding its friction with ground