真值狀態 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhēnzhízhuàngtài]
真值狀態 英文
truth state
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(真實) true; genuine; real Ⅱ副詞1 (的確; 實在) really; truly; indeed 2 (清楚確實) cl...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (形狀) form; shape 2 (情況) state; condition; situation; circumstances 3 (陳述事件或...
  • : 名詞1. (形狀; 狀態) form; condition; appearance 2. [物理學] (物質結構的狀態或階段) state 3. [語言學] (一種語法范疇) voice
  • 狀態 : status; state; condition; state of affairs: (病的)危險狀態 critical condition; 戰爭狀態 state o...
  1. 2 the theoretical values of the second virial coefficient are precisely fitted into some simple expressions. according to one of them, a new temperature function for the quadratic terms in cubic equations was derived : the function is simple, general, without acentric factor, truly predictive, theoretically sound, and applicable to all the van der waals - type equations

  2. Based on historic radiosonde data of changchun city, jilin province and xian city. shanxi province and on the typical model of profiles of cloud liquid water content for stratiformis, the coefficients of retrieval equation are obtained as the functions of height for each month from april to july in the two cities. furthermore, we explore the internal physics signification of retrieval coefficients ' distributing according to every month and have comparisons between the two cities. then the numerical simulation tests of the accuracy of retrieval results are given : the statistical relative deviation of retrieved values of l to the simulated " trues " on the ground is 15 - 25 % and that at altitude of 6km is 5 - 10 %, that means the retrieval method and implementation of the method are applicable to processing measurements of an airborne radiometer made in china recently

    本文介紹機載對空微波輻射計探測雲中路徑積分液水含量( l )的輻射傳輸原理和反演方法;根據吉林省長春市和陜西省西安市的歷史探空資料和典型的層雲液水垂直分佈模式,得到這兩個地區4 - 7月各月的隨高度而變的反演公式及其系數的表達式;探索了和反演系數有關系的大氣的影響,並在各個月份之間進行了比較分析;給出了反演誤差的數模擬檢驗結果:在地面反演對『』的統計相對偏差是15 - 25 ,在6公里高度處為5 - 10 ,表明該方法已具有實用可接受的精度。
  3. Speaker : the resulting action, known now by all the world, has marked sunday. september the third, 1939, as a date to be long remembered. at eleven - fifteen this morning the prime minster, speaking to the nation from number ten downing street, announced that great britain is at war with germany. meanwhil the london public are earnestly reminded of the emergency orders already issued. no light of any descrption should be visible after blackout time. no dogs or cats will be allowed to roam the streets after dark and it should be remembered that pets will not be permitted in public air raid shelters. gas masks and warm clothing should be placed at hand before retiring and it is suggested that a warm drink in a thermos would be of great comfort to small children who might have to be awakened at an unusual hour. every effort should be made to quiet the nerves of those children who still remain in london despite the evacuation which will continre until a late hour this evening

  4. In this paper, systemic theoretic analysis of the relationship of stock structure and operating performance is progressed, based on this, theoretic study and demonstration analysis organic fall together, and the neural networks model that can reflect their relationship total and systemic is established. the input variable of the model can reflect the panorama of stock structure, also, it can embodiment other influence factor of company performance. the evaluation target system that can reflect the operating condition of listed companies completely, impersonality and truly is advanced, at the same time, the best result weights confirm method is brought forward, thereby, the fuzzy integrate evaluations method is improved

  5. The 3d model of mold is analyzed in 3d fem by using ugh. base on the analyses result, some danger structure of the model have been found and some suggestions of the mold modification are given. since doing a lot of research about the 3d cadvcae technology, a 3dcad system of selecting mold for aluminum material have been developed and the method of analyzing the 3d model is provided in this paper

    然後,為了能實地模擬實際生產過程,進行鋁與模具鋼在一定表面粗糙度、不同溫度條件、不同潤滑接觸下的最大靜摩擦系數實驗,總結摩擦系數隨溫度變化的規律性和取范圍;最後,應用ug 17 . 0三維有限元cae模塊進行模具三維力場分析,根據三維有限元的結果分析,對模具危險部分進行預變形的處理和優化,改善模具受力變形的況。
  6. The particular changes in social and cultural life in qing dynasty gave a very different treatment to these legends from the previous ages with their real background information tremendously exaggerated on the one hand, and the reality of brothel life farther and farther away from the taste of literati, thus resulting in the rewriting of the historical memories of the female destiny

  7. According to the geological conditions of baise project, erosive bands and joint fissures, f6 fault and grout curtain are fully simulated to establish 3d numerical model of the dam and its foundation. 3d non - linear fem is used to analyze the stress and strain and to appraise the operation state of both the dam and it ' s foundation under different operation conditions. by overloading the upstream water level and reducing rock strength parameter, the dam foundation ' s degradation process is simulated and the damage pattern and paths are determined, and finally the safety factor is determined

    2 、根據百色的地形地質條件,充分模擬了蝕變帶、節理裂隙、 f6斷層、灌漿帷幕等,較為實地建立了壩體與地基相互作用的整體三維數模型;採用有限元法對壩體及壩基在不同工況下的應力應變開展分析,評價各工況下壩基的運行;而後採用超載法和綜合法對大壩穩定性進行分析,模擬壩基的漸進性破壞過程,從而得到壩基在超載和強度下降過程中的破壞模式和破壞發展路徑,最終確定壩基超載安全系數和綜合安全系數。
  8. The coefficient of endangerment and the value of superior conservation of the rare plants were computed through fixing quantity and balancing arrangement treatation with evaluating index, thus the degree of endangerment and the alignment of superior conservation were determined ; the study conclusion shows that this fixing quantity method is and more reliable comprehensive than fixing quality method in reflecting endangerment situation and degree of superior conservation and is fit to comparative judgment all class plants superior conservation

    通過對珍稀植物評價指標的定量化和權重分配處理,求得物種的「瀕危系數」和「優先保護」 ,從而確定物種的瀕危程度和優先保護的序列,研究結果表明,該定量分級比當前國內外普遍採用的定性分級更能實和全面地反映植物的瀕危和優先保護的程度,該方法適應各類植物優先保護的比較評定。
  9. To promote rice industry development in this regions, and turn rice industry into dominant industry and strategic industry, based on the analysis of the development states and existing problems of rice industry in the middle regions, considering modern agriculture development, some relative suggestions and development countermeasures on rice industry in the middle regions have been put forward and proposed in this paper

  10. These rules consist of the total fit, the mathematics and fatigue physics, and the safety in tail predictions. an analysis of the test s - n data of 16mn steel weld joints reveals that the four models are reasonable if only considering the total fit as the conventional method did. but if by the present three rules, the appropriate models should be the normal or the extreme maximum value

    根據先前提出的有限數據下良好假設分佈的確定方法,包括三個原則,即假設分佈形與誤差數據實分佈形的一致性、預測的總體擬合效果、與疲勞失效機制的一致性和尾部預測的安全性,通過對線性均s - n曲線擬合16mn鋼焊接頭s - n數據誤差的統計分析,說明應用一般推斷方法, 4種分佈都可合理地作為數據的統計模型,綜合考慮三原則后,極大和正分佈是可能的良好假設分佈。
  11. Mrc : i couldn ' t wait to restart, to get back to my best, to show my real value to the fans

  12. By the proposed method, damage diagnosis technique can be successfully applied in an in - service bridge and provides the help for rehabilitation program of yonghe bridge. the potential of its future application is also discussed

  13. The prediction of disastrous space weather is a hot topi c among solar - terrestrial physics and high technological fields. we propose that the future forecasting of the physical conditions that the violent solar disturb ance causes at the earth by propagating in solar wind depends heavily on the num erical method. this paper analyses the existing problems we are facing in the num erical prediction of disastrous disturbance events in solar - terrestrial space, an d then gives some suggestions for future study. for such a purpose, a six step sol ution method is developed to deal with one - dimensional symmetric interplanetary shock dynamics. it should be point out that that initialization of fully self - con sistent 3 - d mhd codes considering the solar - interplanetary - geomagnetic coupled r elations with initial - boundary values at 1r of the global output of solar pl asma and magnetic field using available solar observations is an essential requi rement in space weather operational codes for forecasting purposes

  14. To solve the above mentioned problems, we necessarily analyse the company ' s manage circumstances scientiously, mainly from the aspects such as macroeconomic condition / professional competitive state and value chain and so on. at the same time, to clearly understand more about hcc, it is necessary to analyze the company more carefully, so to make clear the competitive state facing hcc

  15. Analysis result of the definite value analysis method used in the project at present does n ' t correspond to the steady real work state of slope, it ' s income safety coefficient and real security competence of slope stabilize exists certain error. because definite value analysis method neglects influence to engineering structure of random existing of the effect of loading ( slippery moment ) and resists strength ( resist the slippery moment )

  16. The traditional simplification methods could n ' t adapt to transitional state due to the lack of ability on transitional features. in order to keep the transitional details together with the fidelity and briefness, both the geometric attributes and transitional modulus are considered during the th - distance - based threshold estimation, and the ring - splitting algorithm is successfully realized with the definition of the voxel - effected - field. the multiple - step method for multi - resolution expression of transitional state is put forward

  17. Tracking the history, during the moving restless centennial of china, science gave our predecessors and even us much regret. but it is the most important to give us some profound introspection. hisory is not permitted to assume. last history is the history of today, and the education of today will be the past of tomorrow. passing through the channel of history. in the process of history rethinking, by seeking the fulcrulm of scientic spirit and humannity spirit ' fusion, we can publicized the spirit of science. the purpose of theory discussion is to put the scientic spirit to permeat in our concept life, and to transform the theory into action