相模灘 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiāngtān]
相模灘 英文
sagami nada
  • : 相Ⅰ名詞1 (相貌; 外貌) looks; appearance 2 (坐、立等的姿態) bearing; posture 3 [物理學] (相位...
  • : 模名詞1. (模子) mould; pattern; matrix 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1. (岸邊) beach; sands 2. (江河中水淺多石而水流湍急處) rapids; shoal
  1. On the basis of remote sensing technique ' s good characteristic with large - area, multi - time, multi - photograph variety, manifold abundant spectral information and high ground resolution, the fault tectonics frame, river geomorphy ( such as terrace, floodplain, shoal, etc ) and suspended load, etc. were explained after analyzed the fault tectonics, river geomorphy, characteristic in the tm image by gray bar statistics, primary component analyses, tm741 image integration, line convolve enhancement and model recognition etc. especially 9 piece of fault tectonics were explained in this thesis, in succession, the impacts of the factors severally were analyzed

    遙感技術具有大范圍、多時、多片種、多層次、含有豐富的光譜信息及具有較高的地面解析度的特點。本文利用該技術,運用灰階統計特徵分析和主成分分析、 tm741多波段融合、線性卷積增強、型提取等一系列遙感解譯分析方法,分析了斷裂構造、河流地貌(階地、漫、沙洲)及懸浮物等在tm遙感圖象上的影像特徵,解譯出了安徽南部斷裂構造格架、河流地貌和懸浮物的分佈,並新解譯出了9條近東西向的斷裂。
  2. In chapter 3, the subgrid eddy - viscosity model for large eddy simulation is applied to calculate the three dimensions unsteady periodic turbulent flow in yantan francis turbine. the pulsating characteristics of some main physical parameters in flow field are found. the calculated axial water thrust of hydraulic turbine agrees with the model - test value

  3. 3, logging curve comparison results show that in the west part of south region there is a grade 4 normal fault, and the separation is 4 - 6 meters. five microstructure types and 8 top and bottom composition patterns have been proposed. the relationship between microstructure and deposition facies was studied and the genesis relationship was confirmed, that is, top microstructure is mainly corresponding to nature levee, contrasting to that of the bottom microstructure

  4. In this paper, applying the theory and method of system engineering and administer accountant, combining the huatan project, the optimization among the construction scheme matching machine and expenses were studied thoroughly. through the simulation and optimization in construction process, mixing and transport subsystems of huatan dam, and analyzing the influence factors of damming capability, establishing the correspond systems analysis software of dlp model

  5. The paper analyzed sedimentary characteristics and depositional environment in t1f3 this region firstly, and on the grounds of establishing logical deposit pattern gave emphasis to make a study of distributing laws and spreading traits of the oolitic beach. because diagenesis is a vitally dominating factor that influenced oolitic beach reservoir nature in the region, the master diagenetic events of the reservoir in the lengthy geological history, as well as the influence to the pore abundance, was made a study of. the diagenetic stages and sequences were divided and the pore evolve pattern was established in the paper

  6. Being utilized in the wave propagation for nan gang of yangtze river estuary, this model can give good results of numerical simulation by effectively reflecting the influence of complicated topography which is comprised of shoal - channel spaced in between

  7. Based on the principles of palaeobiology, stratigraphic geology, sedimentology, diagenesis and reservoir geology, taken field profile and drilling cores as research object, and combined with achievement of predecessors, the sedimentary facies, diagenesis essential characteristics of reservoir and controlling factors for reservoir of feixianguang formation in northwest sichuan have been comprehensively studied. both classic and mordern methods have been used in this research. the main confents includes : stratigraphic classification and correlation of feixianguan formation in lower triassic, the rock fexture characteristics, type and forming conditions of rock ; determining dirtributary law of the sedimentary facies in vertical and horizontal direction and distribution in plane and the essetial contronling factors through correlation of sedimentary facies transverse profile and regionnal geologic characteristics ; establishing plane stereoscopic modle of sedimentary of oolitics beach by studying diagenesis

  8. Results of the study are detailed as follows : firstly, relevance analysis is conducted to the record of the xiangjiaba project slope rock mass rheological test, using the technique of information gain of ms analysis services

  9. Basing on the foreshore digital terrain model and with the help of gis platform, the function of spatial information management and foreshore terrain analysis is integrated in the system, and coupling query and sql query are realized in it, too. the system has been used for several layout projects, and the effect has benn proved good