d ration 中文意思是什麼

d ration 解釋

  • d :
  • ration : n 1 (供應物等的)限額,定額,定量;飼料配(給)量。2 〈常 pl 〉(一般人或動物尤指兵員的)每日口...
  1. Fifa f d ration internationale de football association

  2. The f d ration internationale de volleyball fivb was formed in 1946

  3. However, when the usa was admitted in 1921, the committee changed its name to the f d ration internationale de gymnastique or fig, as it is known today

    1921年,隨著美國的加入,聯合會更名為國際體操聯合會,簡寫為fig 。國際體操聯合會下設三類奧運比賽項目:競技體操藝術體操和蹦床。
  4. The founding of the f d ration internationale de natation fina in 1908 was a pragmatic response to an increase in international sporting events, crowned by the olympic games

  5. About gymnastics olympic sport since 1896 the f d ration internationale de gymnastique was formed on 23 july 1881 when representatives of the gymnastics associations of belgium, france and the netherlands met in li ge

  6. The f te de la f d ration of 1790 was a huge feast and official event to celebrate the arising of the short - lived constitutional monarchy in france and what people of the time considered to be the happy conclusion of the french revolution