日計酬 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chóu]
日計酬 英文
per diem
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (太陽) sun 2 (白天) daytime; day 3 (一晝夜; 天) day 4 (泛指某一段時間) time 5 (日...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算) count; compute; calculate; number 2 (設想; 打算) plan; plot Ⅱ名詞1 (測量或計算...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 [書面語] (敬酒) propose a toast; toast2 (報答) pay; repay3 (交際往來) friendly excha...
  1. Based on the compensation management theories and the practical situation of nantong cosco khi ship engineering co., ltd. ( nacks ), a new compensation management system is designed for nacks to a attract, maintain and motivate talents. the purpose of compensation management system redesign is to solve the problems that hindered the development of nacks and to speed up the establishment of the chinese and japanese joint capital enterprise. this thesis consists of seven parts

    本文以現代薪管理理論為指導,結合南通中遠川崎船舶工程有限公司(簡稱nacks )的實際情況,從人才吸引、維系、激勵的角度出發,對nacks公司薪體系進行了現狀分析和薪管理體系設,目的在於通過薪體系的重建,解決當前存在的困擾公司發展的一些問題,從而加快中合資企業現代企業制度建立和完善的步伐,促進公司的發展。
  2. She made several attempts to find other employment, but her dowdy appearance made her look old and inefficient. for the first time in her life lottie would gladly have worked for nothing to have some place to go, something to do with her day

  3. In addition, execute the laborer of piece rate, work in 11 legal holiday, by not under piece rate of legal working hours 300 % pay salary reward ; work in playday, receive not under piece rate of legal working hours 200 % pay salary reward

    此外,實行件工資的勞動者,在十一法定節假工作的,按不低於法定工作時間件單價的300 %支付工資報;在休息工作的,接不低於法定工作時間件單價的200 %支付工資報
  4. Execute the laborer of piece rate, after task of norm of the reckon by the piece that finish, by arrangement of unit of choose and employ persons its are in those who lengthen working hours beyond legal standard working hours, by not under piece rate of legal working hours 150 % pay salary reward ; work in playday, by not under piece rate of legal working hours 200 % pay salary reward ; work in legal holiday, by not under piece rate of legal working hours 300 % pay salary reward

    實行件工資的勞動者,在完成件定額任務后,由用人單位安排其在法定標準工作時間以外延長工作時間的,按不低於法定工作時間件單價的150 %支付工資報;在休息工作的,按不低於法定工作時間件單價的200 %支付工資報;在法定節假工作的,按不低於法定工作時間件單價的300 %支付工資報
  5. Prior clearance from the director - general of civil aviation is required for the operation of private non - revenue flights to and from hong kong. applications should be sent to the director - general of civil aviation at 46f queensway government offices, 66 queensway, hong kong ( fax no. ( 852 ) 2877 8542, telex 61361 cadhk hx, aftn vhhhyayx ) at least 3 working days before the anticipated arrivaldeparture date of the flight in hong kong

    任何人在操作非受飛行來往香港前必須獲得民航處處長允許,有關申請應在航班預到達或離開香港的期前最少三個工作天送達民航處處長(地址:香港金鐘道66號金鐘政府合署四十六樓;傳真: ( 852 ) 28778542 ;電報: 61361cadhkhx ;航空專用電報: vhhhyayx ) 。
  6. The author interviewed self - employed married women in the flower production industry to examine differences in estimates of unpaid labor time between time diaries and direct questions

  7. That is to say, inside integrated computation cycle, some is specific day ( or ) actual working hours can exceed 8 hours ( or 40 hours ), but the total actual working hours inside integrated computation cycle should not exceed working hours of total legal standard, should regard as partly more than lengthen working hours and press " labor law " the 44th 1 the regulation pays salary reward, its decide off day sino - frenchly to arrange laborer to work, by " labor law " the 44th the 3rd regulation pays salary reward

    也就是說,在綜合算周期內,某一具體(或周)的實際工作時間可以超過8小時(或40小時) ,但綜合算周期內的總實際工作時間不應超過總法定標準工作時間,超過部分應視為延長工作時間並按《勞動法》第44條第1項的規定支付工資報,其中法定休假安排勞動者工作的,按《勞動法》第44條第3項的規定支付工資報
  8. Now we have the small and medium - sized business of representative for a company ' s electromechanical profession in homeland, the manpower resource management present situation investigation analysis, discover the program of the manpower resource of a company ’ s recruit 、 training 、 effect check and salary reward system have many problems : the function of a company ' s manpower resource management is as follows, the company ’ s management is the experience of each department class cadre of straight line, especially lacks effect check system ; employees lack competitive consciousness, lacking actuating pressure, the employees lose initiatives gradually ; the manpower resource management of a company is confined to only somewhat daily recruit, salary capital calculation provide wait for general affairs, manpower resource management is not obvious for strategic influence as well as and strategic connection

    在筆者對a公司這樣一個在國內機電行業具有代表性的中小型企業的人力資源管理現狀進行調查分析后,發現a公司的人力資源的規劃、招聘、培訓、績效考核及薪體系存在很多問題: a公司人力資源管理的功能不足,甚至缺失;公司以各直線部門班幹部的經驗化管理為主,尤其缺乏績效考核體系;員工普遍缺乏競爭意識,缺乏工作壓力,由於缺乏績效評估,沒有有效的激勵,干好乾壞差不多,員工逐漸失去進取心; a公司的人力資源管理只限於一些常的招聘、薪資算發放等事務,人力資源管理對戰略的影響以及和戰略的聯系都不明顯。
  9. " wage " means the compensation which a worker receives for his work, including wages, salaries, premiums, allowances, whether payable in cash or in kind or computed on an hourly, daily, monthly, or piece - work basis, and other regular payments under whatever name

  10. Modern hotel work analysis and salary design with wages managing thematic training class was held in fu hai hall on april 28, 2003

  11. This text analyses the current situations and problems on the salary management of chinese enterprise ; studies and draws lessons systematically from the domestic and international theories and methods about the salary management ; explains and analyses the culture, the general management situations and relevant enterprises " advanced salary management methods in the researching enterprise " country ; compares this country ' s management system with those in america, korea and other developed countries ; and analyses the researching enterprises " background and current situations of salary management, by using relevant theories, manpower - resource - management, organizing behaviouristics psychcholoics, ecmomics, operationreserch, statistics, management. . ect, this text combines the reality to set up japanese employee ' s salary administrative system on the japan branch of china northwest airlines. this text also sets up four major salary systems : basic wages, rewarding wages ( the prize ), additional wages and the welfare ; defines the dynamic salary standard ; and fulfills the quantization, totalization, electronic data processing and benefiting from the salary management

    本文分析了中國企業薪管理現狀及存在的問題,比較系統地學習和借鑒了國內外關于薪管理的理論和做法;闡述分析了研究企業所在國家的人文化、企業管理概況及相關企業先進的薪管理的辦法,並將該國的管理制度與美國、韓國等發達國際進行了比較;在此基礎上分析了所研究企業的背景與薪管理的現狀,通過運用人力資源管理學、組織行為學、心理學、經濟學、運籌學、統學、管理學等相關學科的理論,結合實際,建立了中國西北航空公司本地區辦事處本雇員薪管理系統;設立了本雇員基本薪資、獎勵薪資(獎金) 、附加薪資和福利等四大項薪內容,最終確定了動態薪標準,實現了薪管理數量化、綜合化、電算化、效益化,較好地調動了本雇員的工作熱情,使企業內部管理工作走上了良性循環軌道。
  12. She paid by the day

  13. Article 29 where the holder of right of the layout - design is not satisfied with the decision of the intellectual property administrative authority under the state council on granting the non - voluntary license for the exploitation of the layout - design and where the holder of right of the layout - design and the natural person, legal entity or any other organisation that is granted the non - voluntary license for exploitation of the layout - design are not satisfied with the adjudication regarding the remuneration payable to the holder of right of the layout - design for the exploitation thereof, they may institute legal proceedings in the people ' s court within three months from the date of receipt of the notification

  14. This will give us a chance to take part in the process of formulating the sfc s policy. it is also time that we review the possibility of introducing proportional responsibility. some countries are piloting such a system, which sets a reasonable responsibility limit for professional intermediaries

  15. Although it is difficult or even painful to change our habits sometimes such as our sleep, we become to rob our sleep time for living, dinner party or even entertainment and even our body and soul suffers long appendotomy without awakening or relieving. although we seek lots of reasons and helpless words such as heavy living pressure and complex social relationship and so forth, we must damage this habit when there is collision between bad habits and creation

  16. Information on how individual staff is paid, for example, whether by individual rate, daily rate, or a range of rates, may be of interest to the ptsc in understanding the salary administration practice in the surveyed companies

  17. A borrower was granted a loan under the scheme to cover staff salaries on or before 14 june 2003. can he now borrow additional amount to meet other operating expenses such as rent

  18. Whether it plans to amend the employment ordinance cap. 57 to specifically provide for the inclusion of commission of the above nature in the calculation of holiday pay and annual leave pay ; if so, of the legislative timetable and contents ; if not, the reasons for that

  19. The court of final appeal ruled on the 28th of last month that contractual commission calculated on a monthly basis should not be included in the calculation of an employee s holiday pay and annual leave pay

  20. Of the number of claims in which the labour tribunal has ruled, since the delivery of the above judgment, that commission of the above nature should not be included in the calculation of holiday pay or annual leave pay ; and