換能原理 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huànnéngyuán]
換能原理 英文
transduction principle
  • : 動詞1. (給人東西同時從他那裡取得別的東西) exchange; barter; trade 2. (變換; 更換) change 3. (兌換) exchange; cash
  • : 能名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (最初的; 原來的) primary; original; former 2 (沒有加工的) unprocessed; raw Ⅱ動詞(原...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  1. The paper studies the surface geometry of globoidal indexing cam by applying the theory of conjugate surfaces and the method of coordinate transformation, presents the equations related to the main inducement curvature of the cam profiles, analysis and deduces the equations of two circumscription curves, which judge if the conjugate surface could mesh properly. some calculate examples and conclusion are given. the surface equation of the globoidal cam and conjugate equation are established

  2. Monitor apparatus can measure valid value of three phase voltage and current, power factor, three phase disequilibrium, instant flecker of short time and harmonic without twenty, degree and harmonic distortion total. the paper are laid on the following. ( 1 ) master plan and function of circuit, ( 2 ) hardware design including circuit and principle of a / d conversion, phase lock, liquid crystal display and keystroke and so on, ( 3 ) design of system software including digital filtering, fft, a / d conversion and monitor interface of pc, ( 4 ) system test

    監測儀夠完成包括三相電壓、三相電流的有效值、功率因數、三相不平衡、電壓短期閃變、以及20次內的諧波、諧波相位、諧波失真總量等的測量。論文重點介紹了以下幾部分: ( 1 )電路的總體設計和功; ( 2 )硬體設計,包括a d轉、鎖相環、液晶顯示和按鍵輸入等和電路。 ( 3 )系統軟體設計,包括a d轉、 fft 、數字濾波等程序的和演算法以及上位機監控界面的設計; ( 4 )系統測試。
  3. Abstract : through analysis, an approach is taken to use 100mm gun rack instead of 105mm, based upon energy - conversion and function mechanism, to satisfy the production and research of the product

  4. This paper introduces the fundamental and characteristic of the fuel cell, analyzes the necessity and detail scheme of adding assistant energy sources to the fuel cell power generation system. considering for the special demand of the fuel cell power generation system, this paper gives out a push pull forward converter ( ppfc ) with passive and lossless dual cdd snubber circuit

    本文首先闡述了燃料電池的基本和性特點,分析了在燃料電池發電系統中引入輔助源系統的必要性及具體的配置方案,然後針對燃料電池發電系統對dc / dc變器設計的特殊要求,提出了一種加雙cdd無源無損緩沖電路的推挽正激變器( pushpullforwardconverter , ppfc ) 。
  5. The operation principleresult of saving power , mate rial and reliability of ac and dc usual auto - converting saving power instrument are expounded, which the operation - coil of ac contactor given ac and dc voltage is usual, output is even dc, on and off and keeping voltage non - contactor auto - convert

  6. The temperature distribution on the high temperature side of an electric tunnel furnace is analysed and simulated on the basis of the principle of thermal radiation by the way of thb ( thermal heat balance ). the heated silicon carbon sticks are decomposed into innumerable tiny heating faces, which exchange the heat with the heated materials. a numerical model based on the radiation intensity law is constructed to calculate the energy absorbed by the heated materials and simulated by a computer. the results showed that the even distribution of temperature can be obtained by optimizing the arrangement of the silicon carbon sticks according to the calculation results to make the structure design more reasonable. these calculation results have been used in the practical designs and the expected objectives achieved

  7. The inertia brake is a new kind of braking device, which is designed according to the inertia - brake principle, and it integrates brake, shaft coupling and can interconvert between them. as a result of its unique dynamic windproof function, it is applied in the harbor machinery more and more widely

  8. Air piston pump adopts the theory that " pressure " applying force on various areas and can produce various " acting force ", the pump takes the origin that the compressed air is compressed energy, and transforms the pressure of compressed air into more fluid pressure, pressing fluid move in order to achieve the aim of high viscosity and ultra - viscosity fluid

  9. Combining with knowledge representation and automatic reasoning principle of ai and generic paradigm, the system has these main functions : ? it is able to show different solutions of typical example ; ( 2 ) it can automatically generate problems similar to the example for students to solve by providing them with clues ; ( 3 ) these problems can be studied by demonstrating the complete solution process and answers with the help of automated reasoning, or by providing real - time prompts to students concurrent with the students " solution processes with the help of automated reasoning ; ? it provides exercises and is able to call a program produced by the group ( the translator ), which transfers apla programs to executable programs so as to verify its correctness ; ( 5 ) it let teacher to add examples in the database ; etc. hi the course of systematic research, we deeply investigated the relevant knowledge of the system and made some innovation : about teaching content, we select par method as the main content

  10. This thesis was divided into eight chapters, and the main results and innovations obtained here can be summarized as follows : ( 1 ) the physics model of tsrs in frequency conversion crystals has been built up firstly. based on quantum - mechanical viewpoints and the following physical processes and parameters : the two - photo interaction of light with matter, paraxial diffraction of stokes, langevin noise sources, reflection at the faces and the edges of crystals, gain coefficient, beam aperture, pulse width and fluence of 3, the physics model of tsrs in kdp and kdp crystals acting as high - fluence frequency convector and the paraxial operator maxwell - bloch - langevin equations have been built up

    全文共分八章,取得的主要成果及創新點如下: ( 1 )首次建立了諧波轉晶體的tsrs物模型本文根據量子力學,在考慮如下物過程和參量的基礎上:光與物質的雙光子相互作用; stokes光的傍軸衍射; langevin (郎茲萬)噪聲源;晶體表面反射和端面反射;增益系數、光束口徑、脈寬和三倍頻光量密度,推導出高通量激光在kdp和kd ~ * p諧波轉晶體中的tsrs物模型和空間上的近軸算符maxwell - bloch - langevin方程組。
  11. The litter - resistance slowly closing butterfly check valve is developed a newest product based on our butterfly check valve, hydra - matic transmission to be add in the valve with unique design, new stuction and optimum performance, can be used pipeline of water supply and dring with such media : fresh water, sea water, sewage, raw water, ect. the valve should be installed at outlet of the water pump, in stapping the pump, the process of slowly closing after valve plate shuts rapidly. can be guard effectively against the destruction water hummer, so to ensure the safe operation of the pipline

  12. This paper first begin with the connotation of virtual instrument technology, study and discuss the criterion and the working theory of usb deeply. on the principle of usb1. 1criterion, using usb interface chip usbn9604 and low consumption mirochip c8051f231, we designed the available interface of usb bus and its controlling software, turn the communicating function based usb bus between computer and testing device. second based on the developed interface of usb bus, using microchip pic16c62 and a mount of relays, we designed the multiswitching scanner and its controlling software to complete the funtion of accesses swithing in testing system. third calling the api function inside the windows using vb programming language, communicat with the impelling program of selected hid, achieve the function of testing instrument with usb interface, complete the development of upside software faced testing. at last, based on the deep studying of pcb testing method, used the developed multiswithing scanner and software faced testing, combinated with necessary testing instrument, we constructed the pcb testing system and analized the testing result simply

    論文首先從虛擬儀器的技術內涵出發,深入研究和討論了通用串列總線usb規范及工作,並依據usb1 . 1規范,採用usb介面晶元usbn9604和低功耗微處器c8051f231設計開發了通用的usb總線介面及其控制固件,實現了通用計算機與測試設備之間基於usb總線的通信功;其次,在所開發的usb總線介面的基礎上,使用微處器pic16c62和多路繼電器開關,設計開發出實現測試系統中測試通道切的多路通道掃描器及其控制固件;再次,採用vb語言編程,調用windows內部api函數,與選定hid類驅動程序進行通信,實現usb總線介面測試儀器功,完成面向測試的上層軟體開發;最後,在深入研究印刷電路板測試方法的基礎上,利用已開發的多路通道掃描器和面向測試軟體,結合必要測試儀器組建印刷電路板測試系統,並對測試結果進行了簡要的誤差分析。
  13. Thispaperhasstudiedonthedatalinkinterfacetechniqueoftacticalcontrolsystem. firstof all, functional requirement and the important role of data link interface in tactical controlsystem is introduced ; secondly, with object oriented method, the characteristic of uav taskcontrol process is analysed, and then uav task control information model is established, anddata link interface standard of tactical control system is designed based on this model, including message format and transmission mechanism ; thirdly, data link control module isdesigned based on embedded linux operating system and has realized conversion betweendata link standard interface and the private interface of uav data link ; and then, combinationreal time corba middleware and its event channel, data link control modular componenttechnology is studied, and realization scheme is put forward ; finally, demostration is madebased on prototype of tactical controlsystem, which verify the validaty of data link interfacestandardandembeddeddatalinkcontrolmodules

  14. The stationary conditions of the least complementary principle had different forms. in this paper, by using the adding zero transformation and the lagrangian multiplier method, the stationary condition of the least complementary principle is derived and it satisfies the completeness of varied conditions for variational principles in elastic mechanics

  15. In this chapter, it puts forward a new system about checkpoint, avoiding the domino - effect and livelock. it realizes the storage of process context and other states with the form of executing file in the diskette by using checkpoint system and applying the page switching principles in linux. consequently, when the process has wrong at the checkpoint, it can move out the process in the fault machine, then choose other normal machine, continue to execute from the interrupted point, finally achieve the process migration and load balance of the system

  16. This paper proposes a new method of modeling opponents in challenging environment, based on the model of bdi ( belief, desire, intention ) and combined with transposition principle and also probabilistic belief logic

  17. This paper is finished based upon a part of the project, which is the design of delta - sigma adc in a high precision electrical meter chip. i introduce the basic theory of delta - sigma adc in detail and bring forward a way to design 18 bits delta - sigma adc which is successfully used in the project, at the first time the paper introduce the the basic theory of delta - sigma adc and two typical decimation fir digital filters

    本論文主要基於「一種高精度脈沖輸出的電計量集成電路」項目中關于delta - sigma模數轉器的設計部分,論文中在對delta - sigma模數轉進行深入解的基礎上,提出了一種高精度delta - sigma模數轉器的解決方案,並運用於以上項目中取得很好的效果。
  18. In this thesis, based on cable forces optimization theory, utilizing minimal remnant energy principle, the theory how to improve bridge shape and internal forces of primary bridge by replacing cables is founded

  19. A new great power switched reluctance drive ( srd ) microcomputer control system is designed

  20. Based on the transposition principle in dai ( distributed artificial intelligent ), fuzzy inference and control are adapted when opponent ' s intention between the block and eluding for soccer robots is analyzed. agent ' s intention, and intelligent dynamic path planning for soccer robots are also studied