斯基利康 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [kāng]
斯基利康 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞(古代驅疫時用的面具) an ancient maskⅡ形容詞[書面語] (醜陋) ugly
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (健康; 安康) well-being; health2. [書面語] (廣大) broadⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 斯基 : skkie
  1. The scenes depicted on the emunctory field, showing our ancient duns and raths and cromlechs and grianauns and seats of learning and maledictive stones, are as wonderfully beautiful and the pigments as delicate as when the sligo illuminators gave free rein to their artistic fantasy long long ago in the time of the barmecides. glendalough, the lovely lakes of killarney, the ruins of clonmacnois, cong abbey, glen inagh and the twelve pins, ireland s eye, the green hills of tallaght, croagh patrick, the brewery of messrs arthur guinness, son and company limited, lough neagh s banks, the vale of ovoca, isolde s tower, the mapas obelisk, sir patrick dun s hospital, cape clear, the glen of aherlow, lynch s castle, the scotch house, rathdown union workhouse at loughlinstown, tullamore jail, castleconnel rapids, kilballymacshonakill, the cross at monasterboice, jury s hotel, s. patrick s purgatory, the salmon leap, maynooth college refectory, curley s hole, the three birthplaces of the first duke of wellington, the rock of cashel, the bog of allen, the henry street warehouse, fingal s cave - all these moving scenes are still there for us today rendered more beautiful still by the waters of sorrow which have passed over them and by the rich incrustations of time

    二湖谷,拉尼那些可愛的湖泊,克朗麥克諾伊487的廢墟,大寺院,衣納格峽谷和十二山丘,愛爾蘭之眼488 ,塔拉特的綠色丘陵,克羅阿帕特里克山489 ,阿瑟吉尼父子股份有限公司的釀酒廠,拉夫尼格湖畔,奧沃卡峽谷490 ,伊索德塔,瑪帕方尖塔491 ,聖帕特里克鄧恩爵士醫院492 ,克爾岬角,阿赫爾羅峽谷493 ,林奇城堡,蘇格蘭屋,拉夫林頓的拉思唐聯合貧民習藝所494 ,圖拉莫爾監獄,卡爾克尼爾瀑布, 495市鎮樹林約翰之子教堂496 ,莫納特爾勃衣的十字架,朱里飯店,聖帕特里克的煉獄, 497鮭魚飛躍,梅努學院飯廳,柯洞穴, 498第一任威靈頓公爵的三個誕生地,卡舍爾巖石, 499艾倫沼澤,亨街批發莊,芬戈爾洞500所有這一切動人的501情景今天依然為我們而存在。
  2. Hummel promises to deploy the missiles over san francisco if washington doesn t make amends to ignored combat victims to the tune of 100 million. a cadre of navy seals are dispatched to quell the situation, assisted by the mysterious, macho john mason sean connery, the only man to ever escape from alcatraz, who must now help the seals break back in

  3. To inaugurate a series of static, semistatic and peripatetic intellectual dialogues, places the residence of both speakers if both speakers were resident in the same place, the ship hotel and tavern, 6 lower abbey street w. and e. connery, proprietors, the national library of ireland, 10 kildare street, the national maternity hospital, 29, 30 and 31 holles street, a public garden, the vicinity of a place of worship, a conjunction of two or more public thoroughfares, the point of bisection of a right line drawn between their residences if both speakers were resident in different places

    開始一系列靜止的半靜止的逍遙的理性的對話,在對談者雙方家中倘若對談者雙方住在同一處位於下阿貝街六號的「船記」飯店兼酒館經營者為w和e .納里,爾代爾街十一號的愛爾蘭國立圖書館霍街二十九三十與三十一號的國立婦產醫院,一座公共花園,禮拜堂附近,兩條或更多的街道交叉點,連接雙方住宅的直線的中點倘若交談者各住一處。
  4. We are convinced that people are the foundation of our success. astrazeneca china has long adopted a talent localization strategy and aspires to be an “ employer of choice

  5. The foundation has awarded a 65, 000 grant to mcgill university endocrinologist dr. constantin polychronakos, who is studying the genetic basis of juvenile diabetes. polychronakos " initial research indicates children whose diabetes is the result of a rare genetic mutation can be treated with oral medication, rather than painful insulin injections

  6. An active participant in several of the most influential and controversial art movements of the 20th century, among them the blue rider which he founded along with franz marc and the bauhaus which also attracted klee, kandinsky continued to further express and define his form of art, both on canvas and in his theoretical writings

  7. I think the idea of the radica1 constructivism stemmed in the l 8th century from the famous ltalian scholar vico ' s scienza nuova, who had an idea, namely, " truth is creation ", and was nurtured by kant ' s kopernikus inversion which meant subject built object and piaget ' s theory of genetic epistemology made it grow up, which was " subject and object built each other ". the idea of the radical constructivism was finally produced by v. glasersfeld ' s two essential principies. one is that knowledge is not passively obtained but actively constructed by the individual, and the other is that the function of knowledge is to accommodate and serve the organization of the empirical world, but not to discover the objective reaiity of ontology

    本研究認為,激進建構主義思想開啟於18世紀義大著名學者維柯「真理即創造」的「新科學」 ,發展于德「主體建構客體」的「哥白尼倒轉」 ,確立於皮亞傑「主客體雙向建構」的「發生認識論」 ,生成或定位於馮?格拉塞費爾德的兩個本原則- - 「 ( a )知識不是由認知主體被動地獲得的,而是積極主動地建構的; ( b )知識的功能是適應並服務于經驗世界的組織,而不是對本體論的客觀現實的發現」 。
  8. He acted as advisor of the italian institutions ( prime minister office, minister of industry cabinet, regional government of emilia romagna ), and international institutions from eu, to bid and unido mainly on issue connected with the development of industrial organization, small and medium sized companies )

    大學、美國威辛州密耳瓦大學合辦的工業發展政策研究院( linstitute )主席;義大總理出口顧問小組研究與創新問題研究成員;義大工業部長顧問小組工業政策顧問;義大國家
  9. The enterprises that thomas international china provide services include : hp, maersk, ikea, phillip, johnson & johnson, bayer, coca cola, lafarge, alcatel, peak pacific, sgnec, docomo, dhl, french telecom, cummins, nolato, degussa, tnt, chindex, emerson process, akzo nobel, baxter, takeda, sheraton, sony erricson, baidu, tsinghua group, cifco, casc, fesco etc. to name but a few

  10. " it ' s too early to say whether this will relate to anything to do with human health, " says dr. arthur klatsky, senior consultant in cardiology at kaiser permanente medical center in oakland, calif., and a pioneer in studying the effects of alcoholic beverages on cardiac health in humans

    英語新聞學習http : news . jewelove . net 「現在就說喝紅酒是否與身體健有任何關系還太早, 」阿瑟克拉博士說,他是加福尼亞州奧克蘭凱撒永恆醫學中心的心臟病學資深顧問,也是研究酒精飲料對人類健影響的先驅。
  11. In the latter scenario, a child may call mom at work, telling her " microwave exploded, " explained noelle chesley, an assistant professor of sociology at the university of wisconsin - milwaukee and the author of the study

    辛密爾沃大學的社會學助理教授諾艾爾切解釋說,比如后一種情況,小孩會給正在上班的媽媽打電話,說"爆炸了" 。
  12. In addition, a world - class manufacturing plant located in wuxi, jiangsu province was inaugurated in 2001 and a clinical research unit located in shanghai was inaugurated in 2002

  13. 200, 000. located on the banks of the fox river the town is only eight minutes from green bay airport, three hours by car from chicago, and two hours by car from madison. our esl institute established 1993 is a part of the college, located in the international center on campus

    De pere green bay是威辛州最重要的城市之一,與密爾瓦milwaukee及麥迪森madison並列為威州最重要的三大都市,而de pere green bay離這二個城市都僅要二個小時的車程,非常的便
  14. Perry, who wanted a connecticut driver ' s license despite his four drunk - driving arrests, allegedly stole the identity of one robert kowalski