斯基利羅 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [luó]
斯基利羅 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞(古代驅疫時用的面具) an ancient maskⅡ形容詞[書面語] (醜陋) ugly
  • : 羅名1 (捕鳥的網) a net for catching birds 2 (篩子) sieve; sifter; screen 3 (質地稀疏的絲織品...
  1. According to wwf, there are only some 450 siberian or amur tigers left in the wild, the vast majority of them roaring in the khabarovsk and primorky regions

  2. The scenes depicted on the emunctory field, showing our ancient duns and raths and cromlechs and grianauns and seats of learning and maledictive stones, are as wonderfully beautiful and the pigments as delicate as when the sligo illuminators gave free rein to their artistic fantasy long long ago in the time of the barmecides. glendalough, the lovely lakes of killarney, the ruins of clonmacnois, cong abbey, glen inagh and the twelve pins, ireland s eye, the green hills of tallaght, croagh patrick, the brewery of messrs arthur guinness, son and company limited, lough neagh s banks, the vale of ovoca, isolde s tower, the mapas obelisk, sir patrick dun s hospital, cape clear, the glen of aherlow, lynch s castle, the scotch house, rathdown union workhouse at loughlinstown, tullamore jail, castleconnel rapids, kilballymacshonakill, the cross at monasterboice, jury s hotel, s. patrick s purgatory, the salmon leap, maynooth college refectory, curley s hole, the three birthplaces of the first duke of wellington, the rock of cashel, the bog of allen, the henry street warehouse, fingal s cave - all these moving scenes are still there for us today rendered more beautiful still by the waters of sorrow which have passed over them and by the rich incrustations of time

    二湖谷,拉尼那些可愛的湖泊,克朗麥克諾伊487的廢墟,康大寺院,衣納格峽谷和十二山丘,愛爾蘭之眼488 ,塔拉特的綠色丘陵,克阿帕特里克山489 ,阿瑟吉尼父子股份有限公司的釀酒廠,拉夫尼格湖畔,奧沃卡峽谷490 ,伊索德塔,瑪帕方尖塔491 ,聖帕特里克鄧恩爵士醫院492 ,克爾岬角,阿赫爾峽谷493 ,林奇城堡,蘇格蘭屋,拉夫林頓的拉思唐聯合貧民習藝所494 ,圖拉莫爾監獄,卡爾克尼爾瀑布, 495市鎮樹林約翰之子教堂496 ,莫納特爾勃衣的十字架,朱里飯店,聖帕特里克的煉獄, 497鮭魚飛躍,梅努學院飯廳,柯洞穴, 498第一任威靈頓公爵的三個誕生地,卡舍爾巖石, 499艾倫沼澤,亨街批發莊,芬戈爾洞500所有這一切動人的501情景今天依然為我們而存在。
  3. Fellow initiates have been encouraged to acquire additional airtime on local public access tv stations. thanks to viewer interest in master s teachings and the broadcast quality of our programs, the response has been overwhelmingly favorable. to date, master s world tour lecture program has been aired in many cities and counties across the nation, including seattle, portland, los angeles, orange county, san diego, san jose, sacramento, phoenix, houston, denver and boulder, colorado, frankfort, kentucky, sanibel, florida, minneapolis, indianapolis and new york city

  4. In many other countries, where english is not a first language, it is an official language ; these countries include cameroon, fiji, the federated states of micronesia, ghana, gambia, india, kiribati, lesotho, liberia, kenya, namibia, nigeria, malta, the marshall islands, pakistan, papua new guinea, the philippines, rwanda, the solomon islands, samoa, sierra leone, sri lanka, swaziland, tanzania, zambia and zimbabwe

  5. Although the origins of the scientism genre can be traced to the writings of galileo and thomas huxley in centuries past, its modern incarnation began in the early 1970s with mathematician jacob bronowski ' s the ascent of man, took off in the 1980s with sagan ' s cosmos and hit pay dirt in the 1990s with hawking ' s a brief history of time, which spent a record 200 weeks on the sunday times of london ' s hardcover best - seller list and sold more than 10 million copies in 30 - plus languages worldwide

  6. Italian architect celebrated for his work during the florentine renaissance. his greatest achievement is the octagonal ribbed dome of the florence cathedral

    布魯內萊,菲波1377 1446義大建築師,其作品在佛倫薩文藝復興時期享有盛名。其傑作是佛倫薩大教堂的八邊形肋骨穹隆
  7. The buildings put up and decorated by the school ' s professors ( walter gropius, hannes meyer, laszlo moholy - nagy and wassily kandinsky ) launched the modern movement, which shaped much of the architecture of the 20th century

  8. The officer with the double moustaches, zdrzhinsky, in a very high - flown manner, described the dike at saltanov as the russian thermopylae, and the heroic deed of general raevsky on that dike as worthy of antiquity

  9. World - renowned hong kong tenor warren mok has performed many leading roles since his european debut in 1987 at the deutsche oper berlin. with a distinguished international career, mok has been making frequent guest appearances throughout the world, including teatro colon in buenos aires, paris opera, teatro dell opera di roma, teatro comunale di bologna, teatro massimo palermo, opera de lyon, the netherlands opera, opera de nice, leipzig opera, royal danish opera, teatro di san carlos lisbon, bolshoi theatre, warsaw opera, teatro di cagliari, abao bilbao, teatro di palma di mallorca, nancy opera france, bergen opera norway, latvian national opera, lithuanian national opera, sydney opera house, hawaii opera theater, and concert halls in new york s carnegie hall, london s royal albert hall, berlin philharmonie, tokyo, seoul, etc. his operatic repertoire exceeds 50 roles including calaf in

  10. Behind the tsar were tchartorizhsky, and novosiltsov, and prince bolkonsky, and stroganov, and the rest, all richly dressed, gay young men on splendid, well - groomed, fresh horses, slightly heated from the gallop

  11. The products of our company are not only well distributed over the country, but also far to viet nam, burma, india, pakistan, libya, egypt, malaysia, italy, russia and u. s. a etc

  12. Difficulties, of course, existed, but the firm coped with them with flying colors and has firmly established itself in russia. this is a good example for a foreign business interested in work in the russian sector

  13. President of the russian federation vladimir putin and patriarch of moscow and all russia alexy ii delivered welcoming addresses at the opening of the summit. forum participants exchanged opinions on matters relating to the role of religion in contemporary society, the defense and affirmation of spiritual and moral values, and the search of ways to counter extremism and terrorism

    2002年11月23日,俄聯邦總統任命俄總統駐西伯亞聯邦區全權代表德拉切夫為委員會俄方主席(此前擔任該職務的是俄工業家和企業家聯盟主席沃爾) 。
  14. Ph. d. in economics, princeton university ( 1997 ) ; m. a. in economics, princeton university ( 1995 ) ; m. s. e. in statistics and operational research, princeton university, ( 1993 ) ; b. s. in probability and mathematical statistics, beijing ( peking ) university ( 1991 )

  15. The visiting australians went in level at the break after another goal a piece but a second - half michael ballack penalty and late goal looked to have established a cushion before former portsmouth and coventry striker john aloisi made it close once more in the final minute

  16. Rafael van der vaart put the visitors ahead after six minutes, and piotr trochowski and ivica olic added second - half goals to complete hamburg ' s victory

  17. This model is based on the multi - factor model given by ma yongkai and tang xiaowo who simplify markowitz ' s model for portfolio investment with the help of ross " arbitrage pricing theory. compared with the markowitz ' s mean - variance model, the new model has the following merits : 1

  18. Alessandro nesta, andrea pirlo, pippo inzaghi and rino gattuso will take to the field today for italy, dario simic for croatia and marek jankulovski for the czeck republic

  19. Two days before christmas, the dutch winger provided the ball for chelsea ' s opening two goals, scored by lampard and kalou, and then, after two emile heskey goals had equalised for wigan, he hit a memorable stoppage time winner to end his own 10 - month scoring drought

  20. Carlo ancelotti played oddo, nesta, kaladze and favalli in defence ( with the left back substituting the injured jankulovski ) ; the classic midfield with gennaro, ambrosini, and pirlo ; the coach also decides to play gilardino in front with seedorf and kak behind him