最大線流速 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zuìxiànliú]
最大線流速 英文
maximum filamental flow
  • : 副詞(表示某種屬性超過所有同類的人或事物) most; best; worst; first; very; least; above all; -est
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(迅速; 快) fast; rapid; quick; speedy Ⅱ名詞1 (速度) speed; velocity 2 (姓氏) a surna...
  • 流速 : [機械工程] velocity of flow; strength; [水文] current velocity; current speed; flow rate流速管 pi...
  1. A new planning method - analysis of factors of point line and area and control points optimization, which is based on the analysis of urban spatial structure, is tried to put forward. analyzing the important functional clusters in the spatial layout of the urban, the intracity medium - long distance vehicle traffic major directional desire line how the urban to link up with the highway network and the whole structure of expressway system, the skeleton of the expressway network can be obtained. using the degree of importance method analytic hierarchy process ( ahp ), one or several intersections can be selected

  2. And the most advantage of ofdm is that it can convert high - rate data stream into the low - rate and reduce data bandwidth so that multi - path - fading can be transformed into flat fading in wireless circumstance

  3. Linear induction motor is an important kind of machines which have some merits such as simple structure, low cost, durability, convenience for maintenance etc. the subject of this thesis is to study a big circular ring linear induction motor, and the major works in this thesis are summarized as follows : ( 1 ) considering the effects of the finite length of primary core, one - dimension analytical solution for the air gap field is cited in this paper. based on it, the single layer winding magnetic field is studied. considering whole - pitched and short - pitched winding configuration with odd poles and half - fulled slots in both ends, the double - layer winding magnetic field is analyzed, respectively

    本文對圓環直感應電機進行了深入細致研究,內容包括: ( 1 )本文採用有限長行波面電作用於有限長鐵芯上的模型,引用了氣隙磁場一維解,研究了單層繞組磁場,奇數極半填槽雙層繞組在採用整距和短距時磁場的分析、比較,簡單介紹了二維解; ( 2 )用有限元軟體ansoft對圓環直感應電機空載氣隙磁場進行了靜態分析,並分析了結果; ( 3 )用軟體進行了額定電壓下的瞬態分析,得到了轉矩,位移,轉隨時間變化曲圖,利用單極性霍爾元件測定轉並與軟體計算結果進行了比較,採用等效電路法計算了堵轉時的電磁力並做實驗進行了驗證,由實驗測得了三相電波形,並與計算結果進行了比較,對其不對稱性進行了定性分析。
  4. The thesis analyzed the present transferring status between pudong airport and shanghai " s incity. through forecasting the long - dated flux of pudong airport and the area near it and combining the planning scheme of shanghai urban rapid mass transit, the thesis learned the helpful experience of the traffic organization in typical airport abroad and used the scientific analyzing model of public traffic flux forecasting to put forward some reasonable suggestion of the bottleneck question between pudong airport and incity : the one is to use the present no. 2 subway as the future airtrain to take on the most part of the flux and meantime present the concept of feeder efficiency to quantitative analyze the choice of feeder station ; the other is to set up cat ( city air terminal ) to convenient the passenger to come airport rapidly and economically in order to lessen the pressure of the traffic and improve the whole service quantity of civil aviation transportation

  5. It can acquire the voltage on the test appliance and current in the circuit. and it can see these electrical signals as its input and calculates based on the data and gives the parameters and waveform that user needed. the parameters we can get through calculation include power factor, joule ' s integral, available value, maximal value, minimum value, time constant etc. recently, there are many scholar is studying the algorithm that calculate the parameter using test data, but many of them adopt the heuristic method, not using the test data directly

  6. Although the flux per revolution of the optimized pumps is a little smaller than that of tatsuno combined pumps, other characteristics, such as fluctuation rate, maximum pressure angle and velocity fluctuation rate etc, are much better. the methods to cut gears are proposed in the theory for the practical produce in the future

  7. Model cs2 - dn high - speed bag sewing machine has fairly good capacity, adapted automatic lubrication system. we adapted roller bearing in some parts to accelerate the running speed and make sure the life span can be prolonged. this machine is suitable to make paper bag and woven plastic bag in the bag factories for mass produce. when it is equipped with automatic cutter, it formed high - speed bag making system

    :本機cs2 - dn為性能優越的高縫袋縫紉機,採用自動加油系統,並局部採用滾動軸承,轉提高后,能確保使壽命的延長,適用於紙袋廠及紙塑復合袋等的製作,更適合於制袋上使用,特別是和自動剪刀箱配套后,組成高制袋系統,成為製作紙塑復合袋理想的設備,可極地提高復合袋的產量。
  8. A method is provided to measure the friction parameters of the bed. the maximum friction torque, coulomb friction torque, viscous friction coefficient and moment of inertia can be gotten by fitting the free reduced rate curve of the gimbals and measuring the motor current when the motor begins to rotate

  9. Compared with the multi - unit approaches, maximum nongaussinity estimation is superiror in simple theoretical foundation and flexible implementation, and thereof the popular fast fixed - point iteration ( fastica ) based on negentropy approximation has become one of the most popular algorithms for ica

    和非性去相關方法比較,非高斯估計的原理簡單、實現靈活,其中基於負熵近似的快不動點演算法( fastica )已經成為當前行的ica演算法之一。
  10. Considering that the time of image preprocessing is the key fact affecting the performance of real time, it designs hardware circuits for median filtering and edge detection. the pipelined and parallel processing methods are used in circuit design to raise processing speed and save hardware resource

  11. Year, cost and establish closed factory building and equipment of assembly lineses at 8 million, have already developed one of the mosts advanced manufacturing enterprise of the biggest, facility into scale of emulsion trade now

  12. Abstract : in the internal circulating fluidized bed, there exist the moving zone, fluidizing zone and heat transferring zone with different fluidized air velocities. the convection heat transfer coefficient of immersed tube in the heat transferring zone is impacted by the velocity of the moving zone nearby and its data and change trend are obviously different with those of the common bubbling bed. the maximum heat transfer coefficient is evidently higher than that of the bubbling bed. as the bed materials have not been fluidized in the heat transfer zone, the coefficient has increased highly. the curve of that changes gently, feasilble to control the combustion intensity in the fluidizing zone

  13. Secondly, to achieve the independent regulation of active and reactive power output from the generator side which is designed for the purpose of tracing the maximum wind - energy capturing. the paper has analyzed the mathematic model of the ac excited doubly - fed machine and the stator field orientation control strategy of the motor as vscf wind power generator. thirdly, it has put forward and designed the dual pwm converter with the capacity of energy flowing bidirectional aimed at the demand of rotor energy bidirectional flow. the author constructed reliable and integrated experimental system and did a series of experimental study including no - load, cutting - in network and power generation at, below and above the synchronous speed

  14. When the punched baffle is proper in length, the small holes are in staggered arrangement and the punched ratio gradually increases from the central axis to the boundary along the baffle length, the performance of flow distribution in the plate - fin heat exchanger is effectively improved by the optimum design of header configuration

    從實驗對比分析中得出,當擋板小孔呈錯排分佈、開孔率沿擋板的中軸向兩側逐漸增加、且總開孔率達到50 %左右的時候,在相同的入口條件下,不均勻系數由原始封頭的1 . 210降至0 . 209 ,之比由23 . 163降至1 . 756 。
  15. Mainly for the engraving of anti - counterfeiting signs for the packages of tobacco alcohol sugar tea cosmetics and various other high - quality products. the machine can work quickly and in an allembly line at a low cost. the highest speed of engraving is 300mm s. and the marimum moving speed is 5 - 300cm min adjutable. the differentiation rate is 0. 0125mm and is under the control of high - speed one - chip cpu

    本機噴碼度快,可上生產,價位低,品質高,雕刻度300 s ,移動度5 - 300cm mm可調,解析度為0 . 0125mm ,高單片機控制。
  16. The black thick lines with wind barbs indicate the location of jet streams and their maximum speeds, while the dash lines outline possible cat areas

  17. Based on the comprehensive analysis of the road traffic flow ' s characteristics due to the bus stop without bus bay, the multivariate linear models of the speed and the headway are formed with the variables of the stop frequency, the stop time, the overall length of the stop and its reserve time of the bus and the vehicle flow applying the software of excel, and then the strict mathematical checks are made

  18. Scan speed ’ s affection for cable corrosion speed is studied, it is founded that the rapider the scanning rate, the bigger the measured corrosion current density, that is the quicker the corrosion rate, 8mv / s is the best scan speed. 2

    研究了掃描度對鋼絞腐蝕度的影響;提出了掃描度越,鋼絞腐蝕電密度也越,腐蝕度越快,其中8mv / s為佳掃描度。
  19. Within city and its related region, systematically, rationally and scientific future planning for rail transit routes and its network, and its compatibility with land use plan for specific geographical form and mater plan of city, are common problems met by large cities planning for rail transit systems in china. proper selection of network scale and its rational form for improving accessibility is also included in these problems

  20. According to the supply system composed by parallel connection water pump, many kinds of operation proposals in a single pump were put forward to provide the greatest possible flow on both sides of the demarcation point in the scope of the flux changes ; identified the system of pumps, electromotor, speed governor imitate method of characteristics curve of the power device and its rotating speed, efficiency, energy consumption calculation under different condition ; the analytical methods used for the operational plan for comprehensive evaluation of the economic and safety and optimal results