深暗色的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shēnànshǎide]
深暗色的 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從上到下或從外到里的距離大) deep 2 (深奧) difficult; profound 3 (深刻; 深入) thor...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (光線不足; 黑暗; 暗淡) dark; dim; dull 2 (不顯露的; 秘密的) hidden; secret 3 [書面語...
  • : 色名詞[口語] (顏色) colour
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 暗色 : dark color
  1. Black kernels are those that are darker than dark amber on a standard color chart.

  2. The microscopical observation proves that the main types of granitoid rocks are granodiorite and quartz monzodiorite, and the enclave is mainly monzodiorite. the rock - forming minerals are mainly k - feldspar, plagioclase, amphiboie, biotite, quartz, magnetite, titanite, apatite, epidote, etc. the zonation of the feldspars is very popular. the dark - colored minerals, such as biotite and titanite, have been highly oxidized

  3. Food seemed no longer to nourish him, for each morning his face had caught more of the ghastly foreshadowing of death.

  4. This more focal abscess containing a neutrophilic exudate as well as dark blue bacterial colonies suggests aspiration or hematogenous spread of infection to the lung

  5. Healing powers : turquoise is a very powerful aid in both physical and mental healing and has been used for healing on every continent ! a common use of turquoise is to relieve arthritic pain

  6. As she rose on to the high country, she could see on her left, on a height above the rolling land, the shadowy, powerful bulk of warsop castle, dark grey, with below it the reddish plastering of miners dwellings, newish, and below those the plumes of dark smoke and white steam from the great colliery which put so many thousand pounds per annum into the pockets of the duke and the other shareholders

  7. Introduce according to the relevant data, persian cat is in around 16 centurieses, from the himalayas cat and angola cat miscellaneous hand over, lift through several years to breed but grow purely. persian cat ' s figure is bigger, wering grown by the hair and thick and airtight, head circle big, the face is flat even, sum breadth the ear is small, circle the eye snub - nosed tone short breadth, the body feels round and smooth because the hair grows, the arms and legs is thick short soft, the tail is fluffy and bulky, giving person a kind of noblest felling. persian cat ' s pressing is canned is divided into a white, black, red by the hair color ' s dissimilarity, yellow, dark gray, blue, double color, tortoise shell color, miscellaneous color, tiger spot color etc. species. take species of the red as among them valuable

  8. A dark to deep or vivid reddish orange

  9. It was a low dome of sonorous blue, with an undertone of sultry sulphur-color, because of the smoke that dimmed the air.

  10. Efficiency : richly contain vitamin fresh fruit essence, deep sea squalene and vegetal whitening essence, dissolve oil and dirt, peel off aged horniness, promote cells metabolism, fade dull tone, decompose melanin and inhibit the formulation of melanin, whiten and shine skin

  11. She was shuffling through the stacks of expensive stockings, sheer colors shining through slick cellophane windows : taupe, navy, a maroon as dark as pig ' s blood

  12. 4 a small, elegant woman with dark brown face of many expressions - and many experienes

    一個小巧,高雅女人,面孔富於表情- -也示著她豐富經歷。
  13. Single lavender - blue shaded fluted star / darker blue overlay, red - purple band, white edge

  14. Beyond and above spread an expanse of sky, dark blue as at twilight : rising into the sky was a woman s shape to the bust, portrayed in tints as dusk and soft as i could combine

  15. A male, aged 20 - 25, 1. 75 - 1. 8m tall, thin built, short hair, some pimple marks on face, wearing light grey colour cap with a logo, black t - shirt with two lines of english letters in white and red colour, dark blue jeans, speaking punti, is wanted by police in connection with this case

  16. Fine rain wets out her buff hair and tanned clothes

  17. A dark brown dog is barking in the dark park

  18. I ' m usually dark brown, but i also can be black, gray or shades of red

  19. I ' m normally shades of tan, brown and black. my quills are dark brown with a little white mixed in

  20. On darker skin, the localized redness may appear as a darker spot that lightens over time