測風雷達 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēngléi]
測風雷達 英文
  • : 動詞1. (測量) survey; fathom; measure 2. (測度; 推測) conjecture; infer
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : 1. (雲層放電時發出的響聲) thunder 2. (軍事上用的爆炸武器) mine 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (暢通) extend 2 (達到) reach; attain; amount to 3 (通曉; 明白) understand thoroughly...
  • 雷達 : [訊] radar (縮自 radio detection and ranging)
  1. Low tropospheric wind profile from a 1. 06 m doppler lidar

  2. Doppler wind lidar with dual fabry - perot interferometer

  3. Mesoscale model simulations have been performed of a severe thunderstorm that occurred on 22 - 23 august 2001 in huabei area in china. combing with satellite, doppler radar images and general weather observations, the evolution mechanism of the severe thunderstorm is analysed with emphasis on the orographic effect of taihang mountain

    將模擬的雲、、壓場和降水與實況資料進行對比檢驗,在控制模擬效果較為理想的情況下,結合衛星、 doppler和常規天氣資料,對整個對流暴的發展演變過程進行分析,並著重對強對流暴發生演變的熱力、動力機制以及重力波特徵進行了研究。
  4. A doppler radar only measures the component of the velocity in the line of sight, the so - called radial velocity

  5. First, in order to verify the correct of this retrieval month, by using the data of three - dimensional wind field, raininess field and temperature field that are output by mm5 numerical simulation, we climate the radial velocity field and echo intention field in the in - phase observation area of dual - doppler radar, then, on the base of the upwards retrieval theory and using the radial velocity field and echo intention field in the in - phase observation area of dual - doppler radar, we retrieve the atmospheric three - dimensional wind field

  6. Chinese type 33g guided missile submarine chinese navy type 33g guided - missile submarine were developed from russian romeo class submarine by wuchang shipyard in 1980 and was launched in 1983. type 33g entered to service in 1985 after which was successful test by the navy. the armament of this chinese first generation missile attack submarine are six c801 anti - ship missile and 8 533mm torpedo tubes, sometimes this submarine will carry 20pcs of sea mines to instead the torpedo for the action

  7. It was the first trial to employ the newly equipped migration data acquisition and analysis system for the scanning entomological radar and, a twin light - trap developed in china for, systematic long - term observations of migration of the beet armyworm spodoptera exigua, beet webworm loxostege sticticalis and cotton bollworm helicoverpa armigera in northern china the study provided direct evidence for the migration of 5 ". exigua in china, many parameters of migratory behaviour of the three species of insects, a better understanding of the relationship between migratory behaviour and wind or temperature field. the results enriched the theory of migration and provided new scientific knowledge for pest management in china

    本研究初步闡明了我國華北地區空中昆蟲群落結構,首次使用我國自行研製的掃描昆蟲的數字化數據採集及分析系統,及價廉、高效的姊妹燈誘蟲法對華北地區甜菜夜蛾spodopteraexigua 、草地螟loxostegesticticalis和棉鈴蟲helicoverpaarmigera的遷飛進行了長期系統地觀,得到了甜菜夜蛾在我國北方遷飛的直接證據,三種害蟲遷飛行為的若干參數,認識了昆蟲遷飛行為與溫場的關系,豐富了昆蟲遷飛理論,為我國害蟲的治理提供了科學依據。
  8. The initial field of the model is the in situ observational data. combining the observational data by the doppler weather radar, the distribution and evolution of macro - physical as well as micro - physical variations such as wind field structure, radar echo structure, overhang echo, bound weak echo region, strong echo wall, water content, etc. in the storm were analyzed

  9. For better understanding the structure of insect community aloft and how it interacted with the insect community near the ground, especially the effects of the wind - borne migration, observations were conducted with a searchlight trap on an island ( 38 23. 200 " n, 120 54. 500 " e ) in changdao, at the center of baohai channel, in 2002, and with a digital entomological radar and a twin light - trap ( simultaneously operated searchlight trap and ground light - trap ) at a site in langfang ( 39 30 ' 42 " n, 116 36 ' 07 " e, 28 m asl ), in the vicinity of beijing, in 2001 and 2002

    為了更好地理解空中昆蟲群落的結構及其如何與近地昆蟲群落相互作用的,尤其是載遷飛的效應, 2002年在渤海海峽中間的長島縣一小島( 3823 . 200 』 n , 12054 . 500 』 e )上使用探照燈誘蟲器進行了觀; 2001和2002年我們使用數字昆蟲和姊妹燈(同時使用的探照燈誘蟲器和地面燈誘蟲器)在北京附近的廊坊( 39 30 42 n , 116 36 07 e , 28masl )進行了觀
  10. The following is an example. around noon on august 21, 2002, the lidar detected windshear near the western part of the airport. this enables the aviation forecaster to issue an alert an hour or so in advance

    以下是一個實例:在二二年八月二十一日中午1 2時,激光到機場西面地方出現切變,並能讓預報員提早一小時多發出預警。
  11. The 705d high altitude meteorological exploring radar is a automatic vehicle - loaded radar which is very important in the attacking process of artillery

  12. Optimization of etalon parameters in direct detection doppler wind lidar

  13. Generic specification for windfinding radars

  14. Seeing that typhoon has brought great harm to mankind, meterological departments of all countries have attached great importance to the forecast and precaution of tropical cyclones. the prompt development and the wide application of the technology of the satellite remote sensing, radar detection, numerical weather forecast. numerical statistics weather forecast and computer simulation forecast in the field of meterological supervision and forecast has enabled people to improve their forecast level greatly

    鑒于臺對人類造成的巨大的危害,各國氣象部門都十分重視熱帶氣旋的預報預警工作。衛星遙感技術、技術、數值預報技術、數值? ?統計預報技術以及計算機模擬預報技術的飛速發展和在氣象監預報領域的廣泛應用,使人類對熱帶氣旋的監預報水平得到了大幅度的提高。
  15. There are two ways to enhance the radar ' s detection performance : ( 1 ) for certain signal to noise ratio, choose a optimum detection threshold, whose false decisions producing minimum cost under the preset cost rules ; ( 2 ) basically reduce the false decision probability by increasing echo ' s snr

    在噪聲背景中檢信號是一個概率問題,提高的檢能力可歸結為如下兩個途徑: ( 1 )在信噪比一定的情況下,選擇一最佳門限,使其在一定險準則下錯誤判決產生的「代價」最小。 ( 2 )提高回波信號的信噪比,從根本上減小錯誤判決的概率。
  16. It differs from stealth technology, which does not make an aircraft invisible but reduces the cross - section available to radar, making it hard to track. the new work points the way for an improved version that could hide people and objects from visible light

    這種隱形原理與軍事稱謂中的「隱形戰斗機」不同, 「隱形戰斗機」並不能讓物體真正隱形,只是通過減少可以探到的戰機橫截面而降低暴露的險。
  17. This system employed a new concept for measuring upper winds, viz. use of vlf very low frequency in the range of 10 - 13 khz signals from a global navigational network, omega, for computing the wind

    與以往無線電相比,該系統在方面則採用了一種新的概念,利用世界性奧米茄導航站網的甚低頻信號10 - 13khz來計算出高空向和速,無需用追蹤探空儀位置。
  18. Measurement of pressure, temperature and humidity operated in much the same principle as the older version of radiosonde, but computation of wind was made use of the vlf ( very low frequency in the range of 10 - 13 khz ) signals of a world - wide navigational network, omega

    該系統量度高空氣壓、氣溫及濕度的方法與舊式無線電探空儀大致相同,但在方面則採用了一種新的概念,利用世界性奧米茄導航站網的甚低頻信號( 10 - 13khz )來計算出高空向和速,無需用追蹤探空儀位置。
  19. However, the impact of windshear on the airport had been nicely picked up by the terminal doppler weather radar tdwr

  20. However, the impact of windshear on the airport had been nicely picked up by the terminal doppler weather radar ( tdwr )