溫水罐 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wēnshuǐguàn]
溫水罐 英文
warm water tank
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(不冷不熱) warm; lukewarm; hot; gentle; mild Ⅱ名詞1 (溫度) temperature 2 (瘟) acute ...
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : 名詞1. (罐子) jar; jug; pot; tank; tin 2. (煤礦用裝煤車) coal tub
  • 溫水 : hot water; warm water溫水箱 reservoir; 溫水養殖 warm water cultivation; 溫水游泳池 heated swimmin...
  1. The plant is mainly engaged in producing medical, foodstuff and exported silicon rubber products including silicon rubber sealing rings for household distillatory, watering trough, water clarifier, shower set, electric cooker, canning of foodstuffs, vacuum flask and other products ; and producing medical silica gel bottle closure, bulb, disinfector, rubber blanket, hose, high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing rings of every kind and other rubber products

  2. Thermo protective aids, radar reflectors, rescue quoits, buoyant lines, dippers, sea anchors, oil cans, waterproof electric torches, paddles, oars, rowlocks, hatchets, brass hooks, lifeboat matches, life raft cradles, line throwing apparatus, hydrostatic release units, compasses, flares, and more.

  3. This product is used for that in order to reach even and effective desulfidation for rubber powder, put pulverous crosslinked rubber, softener, activator and water into the pot, heat hermetically and mix contlnuously, adopted key equipment for the technology of high temperature dynamic desulfidation

  4. On the base of the analysis on the advanced technology of hard ferrite in foreign country, the main procedures of preparing hard ferrite pre - sintering material are determined as follows : first, the ferrite oxides coming from the main cold rolling line and strontium carbonate are conveyed to storage tank by gas power and weighed automatically according to the demands of constituent composition. and then they are mixed and grinded by using method of wet treatment. finally the mixtures is transported to the devices of storage by transporting pump

  5. The oil loading system and the management of oil bin in the oil - bin area is intensive and the measurement method is under - developed at present time. in order to resolve this problem and realize the automatic management, this thesis analyzed the demands of the system, and then integrated the optical fiber sensing technology, the advanced computer technologies of hardware and software, the technologies of intelligent instrument, auto - control and communication ; finally a distributed and intelligent monitoring system of the automatic oil - loading system was developed. the thesis contains hardware design, software design and communication design

  6. After the coke being puted into the coke - quenching device, the lid of the device should be shut at once. while the suction pump, refrigeration compressor, high pressured water circuling pump are started, the subpressure will be produced by the burning coke. then, in the vacuum, the coke will be extinguished in a flash. the burning of the coke instantly, still, produces a large quantity of heat which can be taken away by circulating water in refriger and the interlayer, after that, the temperature will fall to 60oc, even lower. in this condition, the coke will be pushed out to be stored, thus, the coke won ' t rekindle

  7. In a situation that this imported product demand will also be improved further in the following several years, must optimize system this purchase, transport, load and unload, store, dredge competence of link of transporting etc., introduce the advanced idea and method on the materials supplies of expressway construction abroad, adopting more advanced modern material flow thought on the software, the pitch is provided and deliver to constructing ; develop performance excellent keeping the tank wagon warm with low costs on the hardware ; supply the barge special - purpose and in bulkly ; the special - purpose pitch shipping dock stores pot, etc. to equip, thus propose that the transport way in which our country imports the pitch is chosen, and use the economic technological demonstration method to carry on the demonstration of economic technology to these ways, therefore get our country out of and impor t the imagination of transporting way reform of pitch, propose and purchase and concentrate on and melt, transport in bulk to take the whole province or the whole country this supply platform and accord with international advanced transport suggestion of technology in unison

  8. Dongying thermal equipment plant in dongguan exports skimmia japonica highway of shenguan and wen tong industrial area, is a professional undertaking boiler equipment installation and sales, water treatment equipment, solar, water heaters on the manufacture and sale of high - tech equipment enterprises, the company is committed to upgrading the heating technology and services, and constantly improve the quality of the construction work, its imports of valves, pumps, fuel pumps, boilers and various peripheral devices

  9. Study on reducing lpg storage sphere temperature with high efficiency solar heat reflection coating instead of water spraying

  10. Rclying on the abundant technical strength of zhejiang university chemical machinery research instiute, it is specially engaged in the production of all kinds of the medical instruments such as the steam modular cylinder, modular dyeing tube, bactcricidal cylinder, gas storage cylinder, fermentation cylinder, heat exchanger, desk type, verticaltype, portable, horizontal electrically - hcated pressure steam sterilizer, carbon dioxide, biochemical, mycetes, illumination, water - sealcd, clectrically - heatedpressure steam sterilizer, dry heating sterilizer, carbon dioxide, bibiochemical, mycetes, illumination, water - sealcd, clectrically - heated, clectrically - heated constant temperature type culture box, fixed temperature and humidity box, climate cabinet exc. meanwhile it offers a full set of the stainless steel utensil serial products to the pharmaceuticals, health - care products, food, drink, cosmetics, uncontaminated workshops and so on. it can design and manufacture various non - standard equipments according to the consumer is requirements. welcome to make inquiry into this company. we are looking forward to cooperating with you

  11. The device is to service at such industries as china traditional drug, food stuff and chemistry for the technologies such as normal pressure 、 mini pressure, water decocting, warm immersion, thermal circumfluence, compelled recycle and leakage, extraction of aroma oil and reclamation of organic solvent with the features of high efficiency and convenient operation, the cipcleaning system inside the tank meets with the gmp standard