燒結礦生產 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shāojiēkuàngshēngchǎn]
燒結礦生產 英文
sinter production
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使東西著火) burn 2 (加熱或接觸某些化學藥品、放射性物質等使物體起變化) cook; bake; hea...
  • : 結動詞(長出果實或種子) bear (fruit); form (seed)
  • : 名詞1. (礦床) ore [mineral] deposit 2. (礦石) ore 3. (開采礦物的場所) mine
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (人或動物的幼體從母體中分離出來) give birth to; be delivered of; breed 2 (創造財富; 生...
  • 生產 : 1 (使用工具創造生產、生活資料) produce; manufacture 2 (生孩子) give birth to a child; childbi...
  1. The kilns at wun yiu finally ceased to operate in 1932. mr. au ka - fat, a local archaeologist, conducted two archaeological investigations at the wun yiu kiln site in 1995 and 1999 and discovered well - preserved remains including china clay quarrying pits, water mills, animal - driven grinder, clay - soaking tanks, paste - making workshop and dragon kilns, which illustrate the complete process of porcelain production. this is in fact a very rare archaeological discovery in the development of chinese porcelain

  2. Abstract : this paper poited out that in the market compete conditions, the operation cost must be decreased, firstly, the sintering raw material and fuel constructions must be optimized, and then, the technical content must be increased, saving energy consumption, and producing high grade and high basicity sinter

  3. Large pieces of rock are only suitable for use as road surfaces in the form of fine gravel, run - of - mine coal needs to undergo a size reduction prior to further treatment, and lumps of ore need to be crushed to small pieces because sintering plants require feed material with a high degree of fineness

  4. Tiejingfen, sinter ball production sales, steel, metal dianliao, mines machinery accessories sales

  5. Producer of high purity metals and chemicals used in electronics, fiber optics, and semiconductors. products include germanium, germanium tetrachloride, germanium oxide, arsenic, antimony, copper, cadmium and tellurium

  6. Practice to sinter with ore powder imported from india

  7. It is showed that there are intricate relations between the fuel amount and both the yield and the tumble strength of agglomerate, but no direct effect on the main economy and technology indexes of sintering production by the lime amount used in sintering

  8. The ortherogonal design test result show that with proportioning 5 % 11 % of inplant pelletdust in qianan magnetite concentrats, the main technical indexes of greenballs and product pellets were not disadvantage affected, and all the indexes were fit the requirements of operation

    通過對三因素三水平正交試驗果的分析得出:遷安精中配加5 % 11 %的除塵灰造球,對球及焙球各主要技術指標均無不良影響,各項技術指標可以滿足要求。
  9. Offers cesium metal and compounds, sophisticated zirconium, titanium and barium metal powders, hydrides and metal alloys as well as minor metals for the manufacture of special alloys

  10. Abstract : the sintering experiment on brazilian concentrat e wa s made at hangang in 1999 to improve sinter grade. the benefits of adding brazili an concentrate to ironmaking are calculated

  11. Metallurgical, mechanical and equipment processing plant of the company can undertake design, processing, production and installation of various mechanical equipment, besides steel rolling machine, and also the manufacture of various mining, sintering, iron and steel - making, etc. metallurgical complete set equipment and spare parts