疲勞斷面 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [láoduànmiàn]
疲勞斷面 英文
fatigue fracture
  • : 形容詞(疲乏; 勞累) tired; weary; exhausted
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (勞動) work; labour 2 (煩勞) put sb to the trouble of; trouble sb with sth : 勞您費心...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (分成段) break; snap 2 (斷絕;隔斷) break off; cut off; stop 3 (戒除) give up; abstai...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (頭的前部; 臉) face 2 (物體的表面) surface; top 3 (外露的一層或正面) outside; the ri...
  • 疲勞 : 1. (疲乏勞累) tired; fatigued; weary; become fagged 2. (機能或反應能力減弱) fatigue; strain 3. [物理學] fatigue
  • 斷面 : section; fracture surface; plane of fracture
  1. Through the research and analysis on the three aspects concerning the base interface of the pavement panel, crack accumulation, expansion in the pavement panel and interaction between spring plates on the road surface as well as its damage on the road fatigue, it is first brought forth that the process of fissures and breakage in the cement concrete pavement can be divided into three stages, i. e. stage of initial crack formation and damage in the bottom of the pavement slab, stage of accumulation, intensifying & expansion in ruptures from load during the time of use and stage of fissures & breakage in the pavement

  2. Though ferro - electricity was recognized in the early 1920 ' s, people still do not clearly understand even its basic characteristics and microstructure because descriptions of the behavior of ferro - electric ceramics remain in their infancy. the mechanism of damage, fatigue, crack and fracture of ferro - electrics should be studied more concretely not only in theory but also in application

  3. But, for the reflective cracking of asphalt pavement with half rigid base course and the cracking of the ac overlay above joints ( cracks ) in existing pcc pavement, the results of research show that the fatigue life of ac layer is mainly the life of the crack propagating stage. so the theory and method of fatigue destructive mechanics ( fatigue fracture mechanics and fatigue damage mechanics ) should be used to study and design the pavement structures instead of traditional fatigue mechanics

  4. Sem investigation shows that all the crack initiations can be traced back to the lateral sides of the sample, and the crack propagates along the direction normal to the loading axis

  5. The in - situ xrd results obtained during an electric fatigue process revealed that the numbers of a domain kept increasing, while those of c domain decreasing with the increase of the fatigue number ( n ) after the end of each fatigue cycle

    過程中原位xrd觀測結果表明,隨著電次數n的增加,在每個循環結束后試樣表a疇不增加, c疇不減少;在外電場作用下該材料發生a c疇的90疇變的能力不惡化。
  6. The research of high performance pavement concrete ( hppc ) is done in two sides. one is mixture design, the other is pavement performance. the mixture design and design flowchart of hppc is given on the base of nc with the consideration of characteristic of both hppc and nc. the grow law, influencing factor and formation mechanism of hppc strength is analisised by perpendicular experiment. in the same, the fatigue equations are set up for hppc and hppc i on the base of fatigue experiment. the fatigue mechanism of hppc is analysised by damage mechanics and fracture mechanics. brittleness, frost resistance and abrasion resistance of hppc is researched with the camparition to nc i. at last, the economic analysis of hppc is done by two kinds of way

    結合高性能混凝土與普通路混凝土的特點,提出了建立在普通路混凝土基礎上的高性能路混凝土配合比設計方法,給出了設計流程;通過正交試驗(強度試驗) ,分析了高性能路混凝土的強度發展規律、影響因素與形成機理;同時,根據試驗結果採用雙參數weibull分佈模型分別建立了高性能路混凝土和高性能路混凝土(沒有摻加硅粉)方程,應用損傷力學和裂力學,分析了高性能路混凝土的機理;並採用了對比分析方法,研究了高性能路混凝土的脆性、抗凍性和耐磨性等。
  7. There is a slight drop of the fcpr when the specimen s thickness increases. however, the thickness of the specimen exerts a great influence on kth and fatigue life ( n ) : the thicker specimen is, the higher fatigue life ( n ) becomes, and the greater kth shows. under control of the same conditions, the fcpr of am50 is not so high as that of az91. there are some correlations between load ratio ( r ) and the fatigue surface : when load ratio becomes great, small flat surfaces increase while dimples decrease

    試樣厚度增大,穩態裂紋擴展速率略有減小。但是,試樣厚度影響試樣的壽命和門檻值:試樣越厚,壽命越長,門檻值越大;在試樣尺寸和加載條件相同的情況下, am50的裂紋擴展速率較az91小,壽命則比az91長。載荷比r影響試樣的口形貌:載荷比r越大,對應相同k值出的口小平越多,韌窩越少。
  8. Studying the rule of geometric shape of surface crack during propagation by means of fracture mechanics theory, a predicting method of fatigue crack propagation life and it ' s numerical calculation theory are presented

  9. 4. based on the pavement mechanics models, fatigue cracking theory of fracture mechanics was used to investigate the rule of reflection cracking

  10. The application of this device will provide reliable and accurate scientific basis in order to analyze and judge the vehicle ’ s traveling state in dealing with traffic accidents. besides that, the over time driving and the driving disobey the rule of the drivers will also be reduced

  11. The fracture surfaces of multiaxial fatigue specimens under proportional and non - proportional multiaxial loadings were observed and analyzed by using a scan electron microscope

  12. According to the observed results near the fracture surfaces, the orientations of the fatigue crack initiation and propagation were investigated to study the mechanism of multiaxial fatigue crack propagation

  13. The cumulative damage modes and their distribution regions on 7t / 4 quasi - isotropic laminates were reasonably simulated and the predicted fatigue lives agree well with the test results. residual strength evaluation is playing a significant role in damage tolerance analysis of structures. chapter 4 describes a simple procedure for the evaluation of residual strength of metallic structures with cracks developed b

  14. The main conclusions are as following : 1. specimens have four kinds of fatigue failure characteristics such as normal section crack width and truncated section crack width beyond the limit, the fatigue damage of steel bars. specimens ’ fatigue life is from 15 thousand to 1800 thousand

    主要結論如下: 1 、試件出現了正截裂縫寬度達到限值、斜截裂縫寬度達到限值、鋼筋裂等破壞特徵,壽命介於1 . 5萬次180萬次。
  15. Surface discontinuities on bolts, screws, and studs in fatigue applications

  16. Meanwhile, the paper has analyzed the influences of fatigue, damnification, bend and liquid collision to sucker rod breaking as well, and suggested some positive measures to avoid sucker rod breaking according to the characteristics of sucker rod breakin in guangbei area of bamianhe oilfield

  17. Two different reinforcing methodologies are applied : modification of the overlay characteristics by adding chopped glass fibers to the hot mixture asphalt ( hma ) and reinforcing asphalt overlay with glass grids. theory of fracture mechanics ( fm ) is employed to determine crack growth rates for the suggested anti - cracking overlay systems. asphalt mixture designing tests, three point bending tests and fatigue crack propagation tests were carried out. the critical stress intensity factors kic are determined for plain and reinforced asphalt concrete. depending on the fatigue crack propagation, the crack growth rate is determined for each type of anti - cracking system and the cracking process is also analyzed. one of the significant points in this study is the attempt to give better understanding of the crack propagation for multilayer asphaltic overlay or what are suggested herein to be called composite structure anti - cracking overlay system. the results indicate that the reinforcing materials improve anti - cracking characteristics of the asphalt concrete. composite structure anti - cracking overlay gives a good solution for the reflective cracking phenomenon over old cracked pavements

    利用2種不同的方法加筋瀝青罩:在瀝青混合料中加入短切玻璃纖維改善瀝青混凝土的特性,採用玻璃格珊加筋瀝青混凝土.應用裂力學方法分析瀝青路裂縫擴展機理.採用瀝青混合料設計試驗、三點彎曲試驗和裂縫擴展試驗,確定加筋瀝青混凝土的臨界應力強度因子kic ,測量每一種瀝青罩抗裂系統的裂縫擴展速率.本研究的主要特點是提出復合型抗裂罩系統,分析了多層加筋瀝青罩裂縫擴展過程,推薦了若干瀝青路抗裂系統.結果證明,加筋材料可以提高瀝青罩的抗裂特性,復合型抗裂罩系統能夠有效地阻止反射裂縫的擴展
  18. When you are looking for new base with comfortable atomosphere, atc is the best place to settle down in where you can work effectively and efficiently without being bothered by big - city noise

  19. With the developing highway communications, the traffic is increasing and axle is becoming heavier and heavier, all of these demand the high quality of cement concrete pavement the experience of past ten years in highway construction shows that the practical life time of cement concrete pavement is far more shorter than anticipated. damages such as cracking are offen occurred in first serval years they caused direct and indirect economic losses and bad social influences. in addition to control overloaded vehicles by means of administration, the compressive strength, bending strength wear - ability should be improved to solve all these problems