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科克利圖 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : 克i 動詞1 (能) can; be able to 2 (克服; 克制) restrain; control 3 (攻下據點; 戰勝) overcome...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (繪畫表現出的形象; 圖畫) picture; chart; drawing; map 2 (計劃) plan; scheme; attempt 3...
  1. The text is under the direction of marxism and leninism. at the same time, it is on the bases of grand old men ’ s studying lessons from the older generation ’ s research results. the ways are demonstration between other countries ’ foreign policies and our country ’ s foreign policy, comparison among multi - national mythologies, and multi - disciplinary methods etc, and i attempt to probe into our country ’ s foreign policy in hope of having a further knowledge of the omnidirectional diplomatism strategem

  2. Fellow initiates have been encouraged to acquire additional airtime on local public access tv stations. thanks to viewer interest in master s teachings and the broadcast quality of our programs, the response has been overwhelmingly favorable. to date, master s world tour lecture program has been aired in many cities and counties across the nation, including seattle, portland, los angeles, orange county, san diego, san jose, sacramento, phoenix, houston, denver and boulder, colorado, frankfort, kentucky, sanibel, florida, minneapolis, indianapolis and new york city

  3. China has a vast population and a broad market, thus liquor consumption owns a considerably potential market in china. however, due to the intence yet disorder competition of the present market, the marketing of the liquor industry in china has fallen into an rather awkward dilemma. the hidden trouble, the lurking danger, cause the businessmen in this line unable to extricate themselves from a low - leveled ricious competitive cycle. such severe challenge also confronts yuechitequ company. therefore, the most urgent problems waiting for resdring lie in how to take advantage of the present resoures effectively, how to distinguish the market situation, and how to institute a scientific product - popularizing programme in order to keep the enterprise standing undefeated in the intense competition, and develop the enterprise rapidly, favorably. this thesis makes a thoughtful analysis about the external conditions of market and internal ones resources in the yuechitequ by means of inrestication through questionaire and scientific data processing. in the second part, with the application of stp system theory of marketing and new - product - pricing theory, it designs and further expounds the popularization of the new products of this company, then forms a excutable performance and makes a constant rerision via market practice. in this way can it explor a suitable road to popularize the products in the liquor market, help the enterprise to free from the difficulties and progress healthely, consitently

    本文通過在岳池特曲公司現有產品市場進行問卷調查,運用學的數據處理方法對所回收的658份問卷統計分析,以及用美國哈佛大學商學院著名教授邁爾?波特( michaelporter )提出的五種力量模型和價值鏈與vrio分析理論,對白酒市場的公開數據細致分析,以明確四川省岳池特曲酒業有限公司實施新產品市場推廣所面臨的市場條件和內部資源條件,在此基礎上,本文運用市場營銷學中stp系統理論、新產品定價理論等,對岳池特曲公司推出的白酒新產品進行市場細分、確定目標市場和市場定位,並根據市場營銷4p理論制定新產品的產品策略、價格策略、渠道策略、市場促銷推廣策略,形成最終整體完善的可執行方案,再通過市場實踐對推廣方案進行檢驗、修正,力在酒類市場中探索一條新產品市場推廣的適用道路,並幫助企業擺脫困境、邁開步伐、持續健康的發展。
  4. By taking advantages of epipolar line features and depth discontinuities in reference 中國科學院 軟件 研究所 博士 學位 論文 基于 圖 象 的 快速 繪制 技術 的 研究 images , an efficient inverse wmping algorithm is pfoposed in chapter 3 for gcnerating nagcs of novel views by combining multiple eference images 帆 enhm different vie 呷 oints because continuous segnents determi 。 d by pairs ofedge pixels at co 。 spending epipolar lines are order kept , only pairs of edge pixels in the reference 渝 明 e e necess 叨 口 cowute to obtain generalized disparity of all points in the desired image as a result , sighficant acceleraion could be made in the endering pfo 比 鴕 two accelerating techiq 此 s e presented in this algori 山 mb accelerate the hole illing process his algorithm extends the reference images rom projection of single col : ii ’ ected surface in previously developed nvnverse w 出 下 er to ima 驢 s captured rom complex scene in chapter 4 , an 《 dent ibr method is prese 庇 仙 y takn ull 訕 antage of 呷 bies c 咖 the method can simulate the 3d details on sllri : ace of object successfully he 。 叩 proach , called rered ature mopmp consists of two pans at fst , an origi 。 ltexture with orthogonal displacements per pixel is deco 啊 osed into a series of new t6 刀 mfcs with each 他 lug a given displacement per pixel , called ae , ea atures , or lt hen hese lt e used to render the novel view by conventional texture mapping d avoid gaps n the endered hlla 驢 , some phels are to be interpolated nd extended in the 廠 kaccoding to the depth differe eee between two neighbor pixels in the original texture as these ltlt fc … e much storage nd therefore much time is equired to install ltlt into the text ’ ufc buffec an 舊 thod is pfoposed to co 呷 fcss the ltlt , nd the cottcspondingfclldering method is given experimental esults show that the new method is efficient , especially n rendering those objects with a smaller depth rnge compared withtheir size , such as relief surfaces of building

    與己有的三維變換方法相比較,該方法不但成功地填補了由於投影區域擴張而產生的第一類空洞,而且成功地填補了由於空間深度非連續物體相互遮擋而產生的第二類空洞,從而方便地實現了虛擬環境中的漫遊;基於物體表面深度的連續性,本文提出了一個位移預測方法? ?此方法可以從單幅參考象獲得逆映射過程中所需要的目標象的位移信息,從而大大提高了演算法的效率:與通常的正向映射演算法相比,此演算法服了多幅參考象所帶來的計算量成倍增長等問題,而且誤差較小。 2 )基於極線幾何的快速逆映射演算法。用參考象的邊界信息與隱含的遮擋關系,以及極線幾何的性質,本文第三章提出了一個基於極線幾何的快速3 『一中國學院軟體研究所博士學位論文基於象的快速繪制技術的研究逆映射演算法,從多幅參考象精確合成當前視點目標象。
  5. Mr nikolic, on the other hand, agrees with mr kostunica that if most eu countries go ahead with plans to recognise kosovo, serbia should give up trying to join the club

  6. Now scientists are using multi - spectral imaging techniques developed from satellite technology to read the papyri at oxford university ' s sackler library

  7. The cosby show, " full house " ( 2 / 27 / 86 ). cliff tries to find a quiet corner of the house in which to read his newspaper on his day off

    斯比秀》之門庭若市( 1986年2月27日) 。閑暇日里,夫試在家中找個安靜的角落看報。
  8. They did so, first, in the fertile crescent, the sweep of productive land that ran through iraq, syria, jordan and palestine, from which jericho, ur, nineveh and babylon ( pictured above ) would emerge

  9. Mr kostunica ' s party is not offering a candidate, neither is it backing mr tadic ; many of the prime minister ' s supporters may rather vote for mr nikolic in the second round