穩定短路 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wěndìngduǎn]
穩定短路 英文
steady short-circuit
  • : 形容詞1 (穩定; 穩當) steady; stable; firm 2 (穩重) steady; staid; sedate 3 (穩妥) sure; rel...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平靜; 穩定) calm; stable 2 (已經確定的; 不改變的) fixed; settled; established Ⅱ動詞...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(空間、時間兩端之間的距離小) short; brief Ⅱ動詞(缺少; 欠) lack; owe Ⅲ名詞1 (缺點) we...
  • : 1 (道路) road; way; path 2 (路程) journey; distance 3 (途徑; 門路) way; means 4 (條理) se...
  • 穩定 : 1 (使穩定) stabilize; steady 2 (穩固安定) stable; steady 3 (物質的性能不易改變的作用) stabi...
  • 短路 : [電學] short; short circuit; cutting out; direct short; short out; short pass短路保護(裝置) sho...
  1. A high weathercock frequency is essential for the stability of the guidance loop.

  2. Liupanshui beer co. ltd. has retrieved from bankruptcy to rapid development depending on technical innovation and improvement as follows : strengthening the control of saccharifying boiling intensity, the age of fermenting beer, filtration time, bottle washing of remnant alkali, sterilization intensity, and pressure prepare in nitrogen filling etc. ; making full play of employee ' s initiative and installing new equipments ; making control of filtration beginning time and keeping stable beer storage time at 0 ; settling the problem of beer species by high concentration dilution method ; applying low - pressure boiling system to increase boiling intensity, shorten boiling time, and increase beer non - biologic stability ; and making innovation of fermentation techniques to increase beer quality etc

  3. For multi - infeed hvdc systems, when the minimum eigenvalue of the system becomes zero, the voltage stability graph can be plotted effective short circuit ratio as function of coupling impedance

  4. For the high - class highways builded on the area of lacustrine deposits soft soil, because earth fill of subgrade is very high and construction period is very short, the controlling of subgrade stability and settlement are the two key techniques

  5. Transitional feature of the arc and metal droplet in the welding process with steam shielded arc is investigated by means of analysing the waveforms of welding voltage and current under different welding regimes and it is found that there are two types of arc process behavor ? " arc starting - arc blowing out - short - circuiting " and " arc - starting - short - circuiting ". under the condition of constant diameter of welding wire and its feeding speed, the arc process behavor can be changed by adjusting the inductance of welding circuit as well as the voltage of power supply. if arc process behaves as alternative process of " arc starting - arc blowing out - short - circuiting " with minimum time duration of arc blowing out and maximum frequency of short - circuit transition, the welding process will be stable with less spatter and smooth weld bead

  6. 3. we do short circuit analysis upon multiple magnetic circuit transformers by use of steady non - linear analysis and get the leakage reactance respectively between high voltage and high voltage 、 high voltage and low voltage 、 two high voltage and low voltage 、 low voltage and high voltage and low voltage and two high voltage. what ’ s more, we do finite element analysis upon the temperature field of transformers and according to its distribution we get the wind speed to forced air cooling

    3 、採用態非線性分析法對多磁變壓器進行阻抗計算,利用能量法計算出變壓器高壓與高壓、高壓與低壓、兩高壓與低壓、低壓與高壓以及低壓與兩高壓之間的漏感;對變壓器的溫度場進行有限元分析,確溫度場分佈情況。
  7. Randomicity amp; stability of short - circuiting droplet transfer in arc welding process

  8. The group considers this acquisition a long - term investment, as well as a means to enable it to secure a stable supply of ics and to reduce the lead - time in product delivery, helping the group to strengthen its competitive position as a leading ics trader

  9. ( 2 ) no matter what is the data condition, being in plentiful or shortage, the performance of neural network model showed being more or less the same both in calibration and verification stages, which means that neural network model is good at robustness and extension capacity

    ( 2 )不論資料是否缺,神經網模型在率期、在檢驗期的結果都很接近,這說明神經網模型,且泛化性和實用性都比較好。
  10. It is means that gahc would be harmless to the stability of other generators, when it is used to reduce the ste of local generator. the simulating tests of gahc used on steam turbine and hydro turbine had been done in single machine system and multi - machine system. the results of simulating tests show that the generator stability could be improved by gahc, it is harmless to the stability of other generators in multi - machine system

    在單機系統和三機無窮大系統中對汽輪發電機和水輪發電機的gahc控制進行了模擬實驗,模擬實驗結果驗證了: gahc提高了汽輪發電機和水輪發電機抵抗三相故障擾動沖擊的能力; gahc在多機系統中對其它發電機的性不會產生危害作用;水輪機的gahc克服了水錘效應對性的危害作用。
  11. After a simulated sample is given, we compute on this sample coupling analysis and steady non - linear analysis. by contrast with the experimental outcome of short circuit, we make certain that steady non - linear analysis should be used to analyze a true model. and then, we confirm the external conditions of finite element heat analysis after analyzing the cooling ways of multiple magnetic circuit transformers

    2 、論述了有限元分析的電磁場和溫度場的理論基礎;製造出模擬樣機,分別用耦合場分析法和態非線性分析法對其進行計算,計算結果與其實驗結果進行對比,驗證了態非線性分析法計算結果的可信性;分析多磁變壓器的冷卻方式,確有限元熱分析的外部條件。
  12. Calculation of checking conditions for dynamic stability three - phase and symmetric power system being shorted

  13. Many measures were adopted to decrease bombard in order to improve the solar cells propertivity, such as decreasing target voltage, increasing target distance, accelerating the movement of the substrate. by optimizing the experimental conditions, short - circuit current was increased by 3. 7ma / cm2, the conversion efficiency was increased by 2 %, the stability was improved

    在硅薄膜電池的zno : al al背反射電極應用方面,通過減小靶電壓、適當增加靶距和基片的運行速度來減小對電池的轟擊,改善電池性能,通過優化實驗條件,使電池的電流提升了3 . 7ma cm ~ 2 ,效率增加了2 ,性得到改善。
  14. Maintaining a forward ground - sole contact point improves directional control and ball flight by reducing the potential of the club to bounce or skip into the ball - especially from closely mown fairways, for players who play the ball forward in their stance or for players who sweep the ball from the turf with a shallow attack angle

  15. The injured had been hospitalized and were in a stable condition and the transportation of the railway had resumed after a short suspension, according to the ministry ' s office of publicity

  16. In this method, ga is used to optimize connection weights of forward - back neural network until the learning error has tended to stability, then we use sp algorithm with optimized weights to finish short - term load forecasting process

  17. The anti - lock brake system ( abs ) as an auxiliary brake system can avoid the tire locking and ensure the lateral stability and turning steering at the time of braking when the vehicle urgent braking. besides it can make the vehicle achieve the minimum brake distance on most of the road

  18. The main works and results we have accomplished are as follows : 1 ) red - detuned locking of cooling / trapping laser to the cycling transition of cesium cooling has been accomplished by means of a double - passed acoustic - optical frequency shifting system and the technique of saturated absorption spectroscopy. the short - term residual frequency jitter is less than 350khz ; 2 ) automatic controlling system by computer programs has been established for laser cooling and trapping and cavity qed experiment. the laser and magnetic fields can be controlled by the acoustic - optical modulator and the electronic - controlled logic gate respectively

    具體如下: 1 )採用了往返兩次通過的聲光頻移系統結合飽和吸收光譜技術的實驗方案,實現了冷卻俘獲激光頻率相對于銫原子冷卻循環躍遷的負失諧鎖期頻率度約在350khz以內,並可方便地調節其負失諧量而無須對后續光再作調整; 2 )建立了一套基於計算機程序控制的、銫原子激光冷卻與俘獲實驗所需的時序控制系統。
  19. This paper discusses the short - circuit verifying of wires in dynamic stability and heat withstand while the wires are chosen in the design of power system

  20. On - line monitoring of hvcb is the precondition of predicting maintenance, is the key element of reliable run, and is the important supplement to the traditional off - line preventive maintenance in fact, the faults are made by hvcb, no matter in number or in times, is over 60 % of total faults so it has determinative importance for improving the reliability of power supply and this can greatly decrease the capital waste used by - dating overhaul in this paper, the inspecting way of hvcb mechanism characteristic is discussed the concept of sub - circuit protector is presented, the scheme that we offered has been combined with sub - circuit integrality monitoring theory, to ensure that it has the two functions as a whole according the shut - off times at rated short circuit given by hvcb manufacturer, the electricity longevity loss can be calculated in each operation, and the remained longevity can be forecast too an indirect way for calculating main touch ' s temperature by using breaker shell temperature, air circumference temperature and breaker ' s heat resistance is improved in this paper, and main touch resistance can be calculated if providing the load current msp430, a new single chip microcomputer made by ti company, is engaged to develop the hardware system of the on - line monitoring device, and special problem brought by the lower supply voltage range of this chip is considered fully

    高壓斷器所造成的事故無論是在次數,還是在事故所造成的停電時間上都占據總量60以上。因此,及時了解斷器的工作狀態對提高供電可靠性有決性意義;並可以大大減少盲目期檢修帶來的資金浪費。本文論述了斷器機械特性參數監測方法;提出了二次迴保護器的概念,並將跳、合閘線圈完整性監視和二次迴保護結合起來,給出具有完整性監視功能的二次迴保護器實現方案;根據斷器生產廠家提供的斷器額電流分斷次數,計算每次分閘對應的觸頭電壽命損耗,預測觸頭電壽命;提出根據斷器殼體溫度和斷器周圍空氣溫度結合斷器熱阻來計算斷器主觸頭態溫升的方法,並根據此時的負荷電流間接計算主觸頭迴的電阻;在硬體電設計上,採用美國ti公司最新推出的一種功能強大的單片機msp430 ,並充分考慮該晶元的適用電壓范圍給設計帶來的特殊問題;在通信模塊的設計中,解決了不同工作電壓晶元之間的介面問題,並給出了直接聯接的接線方案。