結構有序 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiēgòuyǒu]
結構有序 英文
structural order
  • : 結動詞(長出果實或種子) bear (fruit); form (seed)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (構造; 組合) construct; form; compose 2 (結成) fabricate; make up 3 (建造; 架屋) bui...
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • 結構 : 1 (各組成部分的搭配形式) structure; composition; construction; formation; constitution; fabric;...
  1. This thesis attempts to have an analysis and study of the interior audit ' s functions in the basic point of fact, which also attempts to search after the hypostasis, the introversion of the service and structure of the auidt. it must be designed to the enterprise ' s flow to settle the matters of the interior audit in the luhua corporations and other corporations which have the same matters in our country. for improving interior control and risk management, this thesis makes research and design to the means and process to the system guiding and risk guiding audit using viewpoint of cybernetics and systemics into the enterprise ' s basic system and key flows ' design. for the sake of adapting new position of the audit, the auther bring forward many advices and plans to improve it. it may have helpful for the corporation to enhance and improve their management, perfect their structure too. in this thesis, the auther point out that it is not a perfect structure without interior audit. do more things about audit to the management of corporations and do less to financial affairs

  2. According to the program structure of ansi c, some syntax - tree - nodes are designed in front - end, including function, block, data structure, type, expression, identifier and so on. syntax tree is divided into three levels, namely program level, function level and block level, which are useful for analysis of syntax and semantic in compiler as well as transferring syntax tree into rtl. retargetable compiler mainly includes intermediate representation, machine description and interface technique between compiler and machine description

  3. The results showed that : ( 1 ) the models used by author and the analysis are useful and can be practiced. ( 2 ) after using isolation technology, the structure ' s period, earthquake response, base shear force and acceleration are all decreased markedly and the horizontal displacement focuses on isolation layer. ( 3 ) under frequent earthquake action, the shear force ratio between layers is close to 0. 35 ; in according with the provision in aseismic design code that the horizontal seismic reduction coefficient can choose 0. 53 and the upper building can be designed by decreasing one degree

  4. The ir sequence of mxmybl is most homologous with that of atmyb ( 86. 9 % ) and somewhat homologous with that of stmyb 1 ( 77. 0 % ) ; there is very low homology among n - and c - terminal regions outside of the ir regions of all of the mybs ; the protein mxmybl contains a proline - rich region as well as a serine - rich region near the c - terminus, such structure motifs are implicated in transcriptional activation

    9 ,與馬鈴薯stmyb的ir列的同源性達77 0 ,所這些nnrb蛋白除了瓜區具較高的同源性外,其c端和n端幾乎沒同源性。 mwyb蛋白的c一端還含一個富含脯氨酸區,這樣的可能具激活轉錄的功能。
  5. As increasing surfactant concentration, temperature or adding cosurfactant in certain range, the arrangement of hydrocarbon chains will change from sparse to dense which results in the structural transformation of lamellar phase from " flexible " to " planar " bilayers

  6. Liquid crystal crown ether is a kind of compound, which remains the liquid crystal property when the crown ether ring link or insert to the molecular structure of liquid crystalline compound. it is in fine - order structure and unite its function and character into together. so it is a kind of novel compound with the characterstic of liquid crystal and the selecting of the crown ether

  7. That causes new problems of construction on making use of or abandon old basis structure. based on the characteristics of the bridge foundation, this paper in detail introduces the design of construction procedures, construction methods and technological process for large temporary structures in foundation construction and driven or pull out steel casing pipe etc, which are seldom meet in common bridge construction. about digging and con struction of foundation piles, dynamic detection method of pile foundation etc. are also introduced and analysized

  8. The results show that the kaolinite with low structure order degree and relative large particle size is more easily intercalated under well dispersed

  9. The langmuir - blodgett ( lb ) technique has been shown to be a powerful and convenient method for molecular assembly and also been found wide application in fabricating ordered functional structures at nanometer scale to get some new type devices with fine properties

  10. The combustion conditions in a circulating fluidized bed ( cfb ) boiler are much different from a pulverized coal firing ( pf ) boiler. however, this dissertation has confirmed that coal char in cfb boiler will also experience reactivity loss and ordering of turbostratic carbon structure, which have been reported by many researchers whose work were mainly restricted to pf conditions

  11. Finite element analysis on application of sap5 program in wall structure of guigang shiplock

  12. 2. this paper colligates the grey system theory and the industrial economics, found the model which could estimates the developing level of industrial structure by the combination of the model of degree of orderliness and multilateral model of chenery, h. b

    2 .綜合運用灰色系統理論方法和產業經濟學理論,度模型和錢納里多國模型建立了能夠衡量產業高級化水平的測度模型。
  13. The method ' s main designed idea is that analyzing c + + source code file, finding class relation information, saving the results to database table, finally displaying class diagram as uml criterion. software tester can quickly and clearly to understand program structure and effectively to develop testing case

    此方法的主要設計思想是通過分析c + +源程文件,得到類內及類間關系的信息,將其保存到數據庫表中,最終用uml類圖的規范顯示出來,使測試人員能快速而準確地了解程效地設計測試用例。
  14. In this paper, i have analyzed the distortion of continuous rigid frame bridge at the condition of temperature uniform change by displacement method and finite element method computer aided design program - sap91. it included : the distortion and inner force condition at the bottom of single pier when it is consolidated, the distortion and inner force condition of thin double piers - rigid frame bridge ; the distortion and inner force condition of thin double piers - rigid frame bridge when the consolidation is elastic consolidation and confinement adopted different rigidity factor ; and the inner force condition of thin double piers - rigid frame bridge when the distance of piers is different

    本文利用位移法和限元電算程sap91 ,對連續剛體系橋梁在受到均勻溫變情況下:墩底固接單柱墩、雙薄壁墩連續剛橋;墩底彈性固接時的雙薄壁墩連續剛橋採用不同轉動約束剛度系數情況;以及雙薄壁墩墩間距不同的連續剛橋梁的受力情況進行了分析和比較。
  15. Combined with modem structural finite element analysis, modern structural optimization algorithms, composite structures mechanics and aeroelastic tailoring of composite wing as well as relative high performance numerical method, a system named the composite synthesis optimization for aircraft structures ( cosoas ), has been developed in this paper, which has own independent component of finite element analysis

    本文合現代限元分析方法、現代優化演算法、復合材料力學、復合材料氣動彈性剪裁設計方法以及相關的高性能數值計算工具開發出了擁自己獨立限元程的復合材料飛機綜合優化設計系統( cosoas ) 。在內容上本文突出復合材料應用特色。
  16. Development of frame structure finite element method software based on objectarx

  17. By numerical simulations the author found the eccentricity produces very large effects on the chaotic mixing. when the eccentricity is high, there always exist very large regular zones in time - periodic flows and these regular zones ca n ' t be removed in aperiodic flows. the optimal configuration is that the dimensionless eccentricity is 0. 5

    數值模擬發現偏心率對混沌混合很大的影響,偏心率很大時,常規區總是存在,而且非周期列並不能消除這些常規區,分析表明,偏心圓筒內二維時間周期和對稱破壞列混沌混合最佳的幾何條件是無量綱偏心率在0 . 5附近時。
  18. Based on g - w contact model, two rough surfaces in contact were simplified to a smooth one and a rough one which has regular rectangular asperities, and a three - dimensional transient thermal and stress coupled fem model was established using thermal - structure sequential coupling. the course of the sliding with friction was simulated using the nonlinear multiphysics field fem, meanwhile considering thermal - elastic problems of the two bodies, to calculate and analyze the temperature, contact pressure and stress of the sliding contact surfaces with frictional heating

    基於g - w接觸模型,將兩個粗糙表面簡化為一個規則排列的長方體微凸體的粗糙表面與一光滑表面,利用熱耦合建立三維瞬態限元計算模型,考慮兩個物體摩擦接觸的熱彈性問題,採用非線性限元多物理場來實現,對粗糙表面接觸模型的瞬時摩擦溫度場、壓力場和應力場進行了計算分析。
  19. For realizing above research, the computer aided design programs - sap91 and midas which are based on finite element method were also used to analyze the problems above. loads included : the first permanent load 、 the most disadvantageous symmetrical locomotive loads 、 the most disadvantageous unsymmetrical locomotive loads and so on

    為了實現上述研究,主要用限元電算程sap91 ,並藉助了midas程,分析了此類橋型在一期恆期、最不利的對稱活載、最不利的反對稱活載等主要受力工況下的受力特點。
  20. By using the structural analysis program ansys, seven finite elements models based on three long - span cable - stayed bridges " box girder with different lengths and dimensions have been built up, and the triaxial stress of them are analyzed

    利用大型限元分析程ansys ,對三座大跨度斜拉橋不同長度、不同尺寸的箱形主梁建立了七個限元模型,並對其進行了空間應力分析。