脈動負載 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [màidòngzǎi]
脈動負載 英文
fluctuating load
  • : 脈名詞1. (動脈和靜脈的統稱) arteries and veins2. (脈搏的簡稱) pulse 3. (像血管的組織; 連貫成系統的東西) vein
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (負擔) burden; load 2 (虧損) loss 3 (失敗) defeat Ⅱ動詞1 [書面語] (背) carry on th...
  • : 載Ⅰ名詞(年) year : 一年半載 six to twelve months; six months to a year; 三年五載 three to five ...
  • 脈動 : [物理學] [天文學] pulsation; pulsing; pulse; ripple; impulsive motion; pulsating; panting; loping...
  • 負載 : [電學] load
  1. In the positioning servo - system, which generally is configured by the d. c. pulse width modulator ( pwm ) velocity governing system and position servo - loop, the parameter perturbance of pwm velocity loop really exist by reason of such as the load behavior ; power voltage supply ; operating setting value, etc. 1, 2 , and it cannot be ignored. by using the identification technique to form the mathematical model of the system, authors have confirmed the facts. therefore, to design the discrete sliding mode controller ( dsmc ) of the positioning servo - system, the perturbed parameters value bounds of the pwm velocity loop, which is as the controlled plant of position servo - loop, should be accounted. consequently, the design principle of dsmc for accounting system with parameter perturbance is proposed by the authors. the proposed method can ensure the stability of system with parameter perturbance and the behavior of non - overshoot, fast precise positioning. in order to reveal the effects of the design method, the comparative research work is done by the authors. also, it has been tested in an industrial experiment, the results proved it is satisfactory

    由直流寬調速系統( pwm )和位置環構成的定位系統中,速度環的參數隨特性;電網電壓;給定工況而攝是不容忽視的.作者通過系統辨識建模也證實了這一事實1 , 2 .因此在設計位置環的離散滑模控制時,必須針對速度環(即位置環的控制對象)的參數攝范圍採用「對象參數攝離散滑模控制器的設計方法」 ,以確保系統在參數攝時的穩定性和快速、無超調、準確定位的優良態品質.為剖析該設計方法的控制效果,本文作了對比性研究,並將該設計方法用於工業試驗中,取得了滿意的結果
  2. The characteristics of high pressure gyratory sprayed pumping discusses is presented, which is applicable in wide range of scope and ground layers, convenient for construction, long durability, wide source of materials. mechanism for subgrade strengthening : complex foundation of cement solid and earth between piles was formed by pulsant load of flowing pressure and spraying flow, water wallop, cavitation phenomenon, water wedge effect, extrusion force and air flow agitation etc so as to enhance foundation bearing force and reduce settlement and deformation

  3. The purposes of the present study were to investigate ( 1 ) the hemodynamic effects of agmatine in anaesthetized dahl salt - sensitive ( ds ) hypertensive and dahl salt - resistant ( dr ) rats ; ( 2 ) the effect of agmatine on vascular tension in the isolated aortic artery of rats and the underlying receptor mechanism ; ( 3 ) the effects of local injection of agmatine on femoral, renal, and mesenteric vascular beds by constant flow perfusion method ; ( 4 ) the effect of agmatine on l - type calcium current ( / ca - t ) in rat ventricular myocytes with whole - cell configuration of the patch - clamp technique ; ( 5 ) the effects of agmatine on free intracellular calcium concentration ( ca2 + d of isolated rat ventricular myocytes

    ( 3 )採用後肢、腎臟和腸系膜在體恆流灌注法,觀察向灌流環路中直接注射胍丁胺的血管效應。 ( 4 )應用全細胞膜片箝技術,觀察胍丁胺對大鼠心室肌細胞l -型鈣通道電流( i _ ( ca - l ) )的影響。 ( 5 )用fluo3 - am分離的大鼠心室肌細胞后,由激光共聚焦法測定單個心室肌細胞[ ca ~ ( 2 + ) ] _ i的熒光強度,觀察胍丁胺對分離大鼠心室肌細胞內游離鈣濃度( [ ca ~ ( 2 + ) ] _ i )的影響。
  4. 1 m 0. 5, the phase - shifted angle 6 is controlled in term of sine law which makes the magnitude of resonant voltage track a reference sine voltage, and the resonant voltage is rectified, filtered, inverted and then the better sine - voltage output is obtained, theoretical analysis and experimental results show that for the resistive load and inductive load, the switches of leading leg of the phase - shift - controlled circuit are always turned on at zvs, and ones of lagging leg are turned on at zvs ( < 0 ) or turned off at zcs ( ( > 0 ), moreover, all switches in the low - frequency inverter are always turned on and off at zvs, the measured circuit efficiency for rated load reaches up to 88 %

    從功率單向流角度出發,提出了一種lcc諧振型恆頻移相單相高頻鏈逆變電路拓撲,在調制系數0 . 1 m 0 . 5情況下,控制移相角按正弦規律變化,使諧振電壓沖列的幅值追蹤參考正弦電壓信號,經過整流、濾波、低頻逆變,從而獲得正弦度較好的輸出電壓。理論分析和實驗結果證明對于阻性或阻感性,移相全橋具有超前橋臂零電壓開通,滯后橋臂或者零電壓開通( _ 0 )或者零電流關斷( _ 0 )的軟開關特性,而低頻逆變器的各個開關均實現零電壓條件下的開通與關斷。
  5. Electricity metering - tariff and load control - particular requirements for electronic ripple control receivers

  6. In chapter 3, the subgrid eddy - viscosity model for large eddy simulation is applied to calculate the three dimensions unsteady periodic turbulent flow in yantan francis turbine. the pulsating characteristics of some main physical parameters in flow field are found. the calculated axial water thrust of hydraulic turbine agrees with the model - test value

  7. Development of the digital dc - speed controller of the pulse load

  8. There are five parts are as follows : in part one, the concept of switching function is introduced first to establish the nonlinear mathematical model of the induction motor variable frequency speed adjustment system which is fed by a sine pulse width modulated ( spwm ) inverter and takes the effect of the main magnetic circuit saturation into consideration, then the low frequency oscillation of the system is simulated according to the model. next, from the view point of energy conversion of the inverter - induction system, a criterion for the low frequency oscillation is proposed to determine whether the system is in low frequency oscillation which is judged by whether the interval of the negative current component of the inverter input current is more than 1 / fc ( fc is the carrier wave frequency of the inverter ) or not

    首先引入開關函數概念,建立了正弦寬調制( spwm )逆變器供電異步電機,考慮主磁路飽和時的變頻調速系統整體數學模型,模擬系統的低頻振蕩;其次從逆變器-異步電機系統能量轉換角度出發,提出通過檢測逆變器輸入電流中電流的間隔時間是否大於1 / f _ c ( f _ c為逆變器波頻率)來判定系統是否出現低頻振蕩;最後的實驗結果驗證了系統低頻振蕩建模和判據的實用性和正確性。
  9. In order to avoid the current ripple and the high switch frequency of fixed - band hysteresis current controllers, two hysteresis controllers of change hystersis - band are proposed. one is the sinusoidal - band hysteresis current controller, the other is the adaptive hysteresis current controller based on fuzzy theory

  10. Firstly, under the assumption that the output driving torque generated by the stepper motor of the mirror is constant, such influence analysis is conducted. secondly, a mathematic model of the stepper motor is given. under the assumtion that the input impulse frequence is constant, the rotational motion of the stepper motor of the mirror with the mutual exertions of damping torque, friction torque and disturbance torque generated by satellite platform ' s attitude motion is simulated and analyzed

  11. 8. a pulsating torque minimization approach based on disturbance observer is proposed. the new disturbance observer is designed to observe the unknown torque disturbance caused by the torque ripple, the varying of the motor parameters, the changing of load torque and the not ideal performance of the inverter

  12. Besides, the properties of fibers carrying at different parts of the vascular prostheses differ greatly. it is predictable that the deterioration of prosthesis, under the physiological loads ( periodical pulse blood pressure etc. ), could happen firstly in the weaker zone in vivo. the deterioration shortens the life of vascular prosthesis

  13. 9. a fuzzy reasoning controller is designed to improve the performance of the mentioned disturbance observer. as the motor speed and load torque varying, the parameter of the disturbance observer can be changed by the fuzzy controller based on experiences. the pulsating torque can be compensated more strictly in a extended range

    9 、對基於干擾觀測器的轉矩控制系統進行了改進,設計了一種模糊推理控制器,根據電機速度和轉矩的變化調整干擾觀測器的增益,保證了轉矩控制系統的控制精度,並擴大了其運行范圍。
  14. In order to drive a high impedance load such as hpm sources, it is necessary to commutate fcg ' s long pulse width, high - current and low voltage pulse to a short pulse with high voltage

  15. Carbon nanotubes were separately synthesized by a new pulsed laser ablation ( pla ) for in - situ growth method and cvd support method in this paper. ft - ir, uv - vis, xfs, laman, tem, xrd, bet methods were used to characterize the sol, carbon nanotube and other products in the experiment. in the pla method, the sols containing carbon nanotubes were successively obtained by using 1064nm pulsed laser to ablate the interface of fe / c, or ni / c targets and ethanol under common temperature and pressure, and then carbon nanotubes were directly acquired by evaporating the ethanol

    沖激光轟擊原位生長法是在常溫常壓下使用1064nm波長的沖激光轟擊目標靶與乙醇流相的固液界面來連續制備含有碳納米管的溶膠,進而除去乙醇相得到碳納米管,其中目標靶為石墨與fe 、 ni等金屬催化劑混合壓製成的靶片; cvd基體法是使用自製的六方介孔mcm - 41多孔材料為基體,fe催化劑活性組分,通過cvd法催化裂解c2h2來生長碳納米管。
  16. The list betterments aimed at the properties of system : through the testing of dc voltage, pulse width and inverting voltage and frequency can be regulated online to fit for different steady load ; reducing speed ripples by compensating with nonzero voltage working proportional time ; adopting the technology of harmonics suppression. as a result, the high precision and wide speed control is realized and the step out is overcome

  17. For improving the load characteristics of stepping motor, a constant frequency pwm subdivision driver for stepping motor has been developed based on field programmable gates array ( fpga )