艦艇導彈 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiàntǐngdǎodàn]
艦艇導彈 英文
fleet missile
  • : 名詞(大型軍用船隻; 軍艦) warship; naval vessel; man-of-war
  • : 名詞(輕便的船) a light boat
  • : 動詞1. (引導) lead; guide 2. (傳導) transmit; conduct 3. (開導) instruct; teach; give guidance to
  • : 彈名詞1. (彈子; 小球形的東西) ball; pellet 2. (內裝爆炸物, 具有破壞和殺傷能力的東西) bullet; bomb
  • 艦艇 : naval ships and boats; naval craft; naval vessels
  • 導彈 : guided missile
  1. Aiming at the problem that the system of passive interference and photoelectricity counterdevice antagonizes the missile of resisting naval vessel, the paper expatiates main structure, work principle and used foreground speediness reaction capability of servocontrol system of photoelectricity interference applied to capital ship and medium - sized ship

  2. According to the officials, the submarine is equipped with russian - made wake - homing torpedoes and anti - ship cruise missiles

  3. In this paper, a space model of antisubmarine homing torpedo ' s trajectory has been established based on the surface warship attacking underwater target, a formula which can be used to calculate the trajectory length of antisubmarine horning torpedo is also given

  4. The only maritime force in asia with submarine - launched ballistic missile ( slbm ) capability, china is configuring its naval force levels around two aircraft carrier groups, with several new inductions ranging from nuclear - powered " type 093 " attack submarines to stealth frigates

  5. Then, putin, flanked by defense minister sergei ivanov, stood on board of the pyotr veliky cruiser to watch the sineva missile blast out of the water and vanish into the gray sky after being launched by the submerged nuclear submarine yekaterinburg near the kola peninsula

  6. Advanced weaponry and new tactical capability and communications combined with an increased weapons load of mark 48 anti - submarine torpedoes, harpoon missiles and tomahawk cruise missiles, which allow seawolf to operate from under arctic ice to shallow water close to shore. the seawolf was a product of the cold war, conceived to maintain the usa acoustic advantage over soviet submarines. with the end of the cold war and the change of emphasis to littoral operations, the cost of the seawolf submarines was judged prohibitive and the programme was curtailed in favour of the smaller and cheaper virginia class new attack submarines

    「海狼」級擁有強大的攻擊力:為了能夠獲得並保持戰場的主動權,該裝備有8具660mm魚雷發射管,攜帶的武器有: slam陸攻型戰斧式巡航,射程485海里, ssm反型戰斧式巡航,慣性制主動雷達反輻射制,航速0 . 7馬赫,射程250海里,魚叉反,航速0 . 9馬赫,射程70海里mk48adcap魚雷,直徑660mm ,有線制,航速55節,射程27海里。
  7. Every surface ship is not equipped with anti - ship missiles

  8. Installation requirement of missile launcher for naval surface ships

  9. In order to evaluate aiming error of missile on the warship or on the submarine, including the error of warship position, the error of reference azimuth and the error of transfer measurement given by the navigation system, and try to divided them from the general error, it is highly important that we estimate and evaluate missile system of mobile bedding launching

  10. The primary work of this thesis is as follow : ship motion is an important factor which effected missile initial disturbance

  11. This ship, zhu hai missile destroyer and nan chang general supplying ship have composed a fleet to execute a friendship visit to the u. s, mexico, peru and chile five countries, this voyage is a great milestone for chinese naval to surround the pacific ocean first time, and the voyage is considered as a great event for peoples navy in 20th century, this ship is given the name as china s no. 1 ship

    與「珠海」號驅逐和「南昌」號綜合補給組成編隊應邀前往美國墨西哥秘魯和智利等四國五港進行友好訪問,首次環繞太平洋的洲際運航,是中國航海史上一個新里程碑,是人海軍在20世紀的一個偉大壯舉,被譽為「中華第一」 。
  12. The emulation of the warship ' s optimal course in dodging anti - ship missile

  13. In view of combat requirement of the anti - ship missile, based on existing technique situation of the medium caliber naval gun system, this paper gives a solution to use the telecontrol fuse for raising anti - missile efficiency of the system

  14. However, because of high speeds and the low trajectories of modern asms the reaction times are reduced

  15. ( 7 ) the warships bearings - only passive location system and its engineering implement is researched, the operation flow and methods of over - the - horizon concealed missile attack using single and multi - warship bearings - only passive location system is presented. the direction finding data calibration and pretreatment based on uniform speed straight movement are also studied

  16. He fei destroyer is belonging to the north china sea fleet, this ship, no 132 destroyer and x615 general supplying ship have composed a fleet to visit pakistan, sir lanka and bangladesh from november 16th 1985 to january 19th 1986. this was the first time for chinese navy to enter into the indian ocean

    「合肥號」驅逐配屬北海隊, 132驅逐隊和x615綜合補給組成的友好編隊於1985年11月16日至1986年1月19日首次出國訪問南亞的巴基斯坦斯里蘭卡和孟加拉三國,這是中國海軍首航印度洋。
  17. The experience of the development of the ship to air missile system in russia is introduced, and the methods of constructing the hierarchical military defense of the warship boats and the fleets are also illustrated with examples based on the general integration of the existing ship to air missile system

  18. The results of simulation are analyzed in detail. the models which are established in the thesis are applicable to other style of missile. input parameters of engine, guiding rail, launch devices to model, you can gain the result what you need

  19. Abstract : anti - ship missiles threaten battleships severely, and tracking anti - ship missiles accurately is the requirement for defending them